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The Watcher's Blessing


This is my Watch, there are many like it, but this one is mine.
It is given to those who earn it, not all whom I read from do, but you, who received it, have earned the right to bear my Watch.
May it remind you to strive for your goals in literary endeavors, as that is what brought it to your possession in the first place.

(Not much) About myself

I read fanfics. I am an Otherkin. (Dragon, to be specific!) I tend to lurk instead of comment, though I've been breaking that habit more often, as of late. That is all.

To those who know, my Dragon Code:
DC2.Dw^Dc Gm L84i36a48l60t108w T300l Phv1kawlt Sks,wk Cbk^@gr--,hbk^,eau--',vgy--^,kgr-_&1gr--,wgr-_&1gr--,cgy--^,pgy-^ Bpl|/fl/he# A H-- $- F+o R++ Ac+ J+ S+ U I-# V+[weather/healing] Tc+[weapons] E+

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You're right, I'll apologize to George for impugning his sense of propriety.:scootangel:

How dare you imply that that pure little angel would get raunchy :twilightangry2:

Can't wait for their "herdfasting" ceremony, shit's gonna get RAUNCHY!

Thank you for choosing to add Mothers Do It Best to your favorites, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Post a second chapter, and it will likely garner a fave, as well.

I'm increasing my output these days, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to update each of my stories once a month at the very least

I'm quite eager for more of the story! Now, I know pestering authors for chapters is not the nicest thing to do... on the other hand, I confess you've hooked me so thoroughly, that I did some math for A Star Among Wizards. Upon averaging release date gaps for chapters, (sans beginning point, as I'm unsure of just when you started work on the thing as a whole!) I hope we hear more of your engaging tale before... April 23, 2021!

Thanks for adding A Star Among Wizards to your library!

Thanks for favoriting yet another one of my stories: Don't Feed The Bats. That's the fifth story of mine to receive the honor. As a reward for you and everyone following me, I'll be releasing a 40000+ word clopfic one my pre-reads/edits come in on it. Thanks for being such a dedicated reader of mine! People like you are why I do what I do. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you for listing up a tale like Velveteen Dream. Keep sticking around, you won't wanna miss a moment of Vis.

Lemme know in the fic's comments just what drove you to it: after all, the Filly Armed and Operational BattleStation is always looking for new targets to focus the writing on!

Thanks for the faves on The Crystal and the Mirage and Unbalanced Scales.

Doing good, got my desktop set up again. you?

How have ya been?

Otherkin? Cool! I'm an Artic For Therian.

Thanks for choosing to favor Lustful Dreams and Rainbow Family Fun, I'm glad you enjoyed them.

Glad to see that you enjoyed You Can't Eat Gold! Would love to hear what you thought about it!

  • Viewing 117 - 136 of 136
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