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¢===⊙===> Who's Watching?

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The Watcher's Blessing


This is my Watch, there are many like it, but this one is mine.
It is given to those who earn it, not all whom I read from do, but you, who received it, have earned the right to bear my Watch.
May it remind you to strive for your goals in literary endeavors, as that is what brought it to your possession in the first place.

(Not much) About myself

I read fanfics. I am an Otherkin. (Dragon, to be specific!) I tend to lurk instead of comment, though I've been breaking that habit more often, as of late. That is all.

To those who know, my Dragon Code:
DC2.Dw^Dc Gm L84i36a48l60t108w T300l Phv1kawlt Sks,wk Cbk^@gr--,hbk^,eau--',vgy--^,kgr-_&1gr--,wgr-_&1gr--,cgy--^,pgy-^ Bpl|/fl/he# A H-- $- F+o R++ Ac+ J+ S+ U I-# V+[weather/healing] Tc+[weapons] E+

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Thanks for the faves on The Crystal and the Mirage and Unbalanced Scales.

Doing good, got my desktop set up again. you?

How have ya been?

Otherkin? Cool! I'm an Artic For Therian.

Thanks for choosing to favor Lustful Dreams and Rainbow Family Fun, I'm glad you enjoyed them.

Glad to see that you enjoyed You Can't Eat Gold! Would love to hear what you thought about it!

The name of the folder is a personal joke, but the criteria for entry are; the story is not complete, has more than one chapter, is one that I have favorited, and am caught up on reading. As soon as I am aware of story completion, I remove it from the shelf, and am oftentimes saddened slightly by doing so. I use the tracking shelf for incomplete stories of only one chapter, that I have read and found interesting, as I do not favorite such works, and so needed to create a new bookshelf for the purpose. This is actually explained in the descriptions of my public shelves, but I think you deserve a more in-depth response, as you were the first to ask about it.

Thanks for the attention on Lovesucker. :) BTW what is the meaning of the trickle down fiction folder?

Glad to see that you enjoyed Autumnal! Feedback is always appreciated!

I said I'd get to it eventually, it's just that time got away from me a bit.

Thanks for the Fave on The Phoenix Foal. :scootangel:

Thanks for the fave on "More than Just Sisters"

2414496 Which is good, since things are going to be slow for a while, alas.

Yep, and I'm thirsty for more! Though, I'm like a camel; I won't need a drink until an oasis is in sight.

Long time, no see! I'm glad you liked Milkmade. :)

Thanks dude. I really appreciate your favourite. It tells me I was at least satisfactory enough in my writhing skills to please you. Thank you again.

Thanks for the favorite on "The Reunion". :yay:

I'll keep that in mind, and mark those two for later reading.

2355800 Lola. I just like how you went about giving watches, not necessary saying I wanted one. Unfortunately, I haven't shipped Spike with Rarity just yet, but have done so with every other mare.

"The Day Spike Stopped Caring" and "Spike's Temporary Stay" are the best places to start if you're interested in my works.

Keep it flowing mate.

I confess, upon seeing your name, I went to your page and read your latest work. On going through the comments, I found out it was written due to a lost bet. If I was looking for good Sparity writing, where amongst your stories should I look? I'd like to see you earn a watch from me, but, so far, I'm worried for the chance.

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