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This story is a sequel to Past Sins

Side-story to Past Sins - Slowly, the wounds inflicted by Nightmare Moon's reign heal. Ponyville is being reconstructed, and the last refugees are leaving the castle. Nyx is with Twilight. Celestia and Luna rule Equestria and guide the sun and moon once more. Everything is as it should be.

But some things are never washed away. These are the things that remain to remind us of the past. They remind us of the good times we've had with friends and family. They never let us forget the mistakes we've made. Everyone has them. Twilight has them. Nyx has them.

And, on occasion, when you share your scars, your photos, and your trinkets with another, they just might share theirs in return.

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I hope if a few folks don't mind if I answer a few questions early.

Yes, this similar in nature to Nightmare or Nyx. In truth, this story was written before Nightmare or Nyx and the pair are sort of sister stories. They both are meant to provided a bit of background into the events after the end of Past Sins, and they help set the stage for the third story in what I've just recently decided to call the "In The Family" side-story mini-series.

And yes, perhaps I could have woven all three stories into one big tale, but, to be honest, that didn't feel quite right to me. This story and Nightmare or Nyx are, at best, things that would be mentioned as past events in what will be the third story in this mini-series. At the same time, I felt like these deserved to be explored to at least a minor extent. Each of these two sister stories also have enough content to stand on their own. So, in the end, I decided to let them be separate.

So, I hope that answers the big questions I see popping up, and I hope everyone enjoys this short, but hopefully sweet, story.

New side story! :twilightsmile:

EDIT: this story does not disappoint. Another one of those one-shots that makes me wish there was more.

I just read Past Sins yesterday. And now this??? YESYESYESYESYESYESYE....*sits down to read*

Also Feature Box: BRACE FOR IMPACT!!!

EDIT: Awwwww, that was so sweet. The ending of Past Sins was, to put it simply, the best possible ending imaginable. It's the little back stories like this that make that infinitely clear. Thanks so much for sharing more of your prodigal talent with us. Simply wonderful, keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:


7k words? I wish I could operate off of your definition of 'short.'

Dropped everything and read this, and in the end it was good and all was well in the universe.

Thank you Penstroke for another wonderful piece of art!:twilightsmile:

Another Past Sins side-story?

I came.

To read this story.


I came.

Daw that was cute. Poor Big Mac didn't get to keep Smarty Pants though. lol

The end lesson was kinda funny for me. I used to have a stuffed animal named Charlie. My favorite stuffed animal and took it everywhere with me, kinda like the relationship between Twi and Smarty Pants. For whatever reason, I gave charlie to one of my girlfriends. We are now broken up. lol, screwed myself there. I miss Charlie :(

lol anyway, thought I would share. Great job Pen Stroke, Batty Gloom and team!

cute, can't wait for more. And who is disliking this? I WANT THAT MAN/WOMAN BROUGHT UP RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!:flutterrage:

That was so adorable, a big part of the "magic" of Past Sins for me is the mother-daughter moments they shared.

No of course i love this one too. :pinkiehappy:

If only Nyx was canon in the show.:pinkiesad2:

You never disappoint us, dear Author!:pinkiesmile::pinkiehappy:

Let me get this straight,
1. a new story from Pen Stroke
2. a squeel to "past sins"
and after 1 hour it hasn't reached the Feature Box on first place.
There is something not right here.


I still think Nyx would actually fit into an episode quite well :pinkiehappy: Keep up the good work Pen Stroke!

Dawww. so cute.:rainbowkiss:
I have been waiting to see if you would make a side story to Past Sins.:pinkiehappy:
Thank you.:ajsmug:

Now aint that adorable!
I can safely say Nyx has become one of my favourite charters on Fimfiction.


As much as I love Past Sins and Nyx. I have to say when I saw this update, I was hoping for something new. :pinkiesad2:
OH WELL! I liked and favorited before I even read the description :pinkiehappy: I'm sure it'll be great. *read later*

Twilight is best mommy.
Aw, yeah, Past Sins slice of life. :rainbowdetermined2: It was the SOL (HA! :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:) bits that were my favorite in Past Sins, though I loved the whole thing. So more of it is ALWAYS appreciated. :pinkiehappy:
Oh lord, the amount of rustled jimmies that would occur if that happened. :twilightoops: Not MINE, but there would be many.

That's adorable. Although the trilogy being called "In the Family" reminded me of the current Batman event: "Death of the Family". Slightly different tone there.

Good stuff, though.

Glad to see this up here, was a fun little exploration of Twilight and Nyx's post-PS life :twilightsmile:

So adorable! I cant wait for more stories

So should I read this before or after Nightmare or Nyx?

Sweet story!

Could someone tell me what this jumpsuit Nyx found in the chest was? I try to remember something like that in the series but all I come up is 'Future Twilight' (the one that looked like she was through a war in distant future but it was only a next Tuesday), 'Dragon' (when Spike went to dragon colony and his friends disguised themselves as one of the dragons to follow him), and 'Starswirl the Bearded' (Twilight and Luna's first Nightmare Night in Ponyville).

Other than that I have nothing...:rainbowhuh:


The coupling between the two of them doesn't demand it. But, yes, this one comes chronologically before Nightmare or Nyx?

I thought Past sins as a whole was an interesting story, (granted it was the second story i have ever read besides MLD, so i could have been naive), but after reding it a second time, I hd to change my footing.
I liked the story for the wolrd that was made, but personally I though Nyx was an incredibly weak character. I do understand the purpose that this story was about choice, and how things in the past can limit that, but seriously, she had several chances to straight up run away or just NOT make said choices.
Also, its just the fact that I say terrorism is terrorism, even if you didn't think it through, she still did it.

now, after saying this, I can garuntee that my time left on this earth has been decreased significantly being that the Past Sins/ Nyxian empire mega fans are going to come to my house and rake my face across the keyboard
Who the fuck is kocking at my door a 3 am in the morning?

i want someone to make a list of the nyx stories in what could be seen as a chronological(hope i spelled that right) order.

Keep ik up Pen Stroke... oh, i have a question. Could I use Nyx in a massive fic Im writing... she will be an important character...:pinkiehappy:

And the featured box shall tremble.

That was excellent. I can't wait for part 3, and I would love to know the story of how Twilight got Smarty Pants back from Big Mac.


Totally forgot about Mare Do Well! Thanks for clearing it!


Little Nyxie! *huggles* <3

1625633 It might be that, but I thought it referred to the Mare Do Well outfit, especially the mention of the hat.

Really hoping the third one of these is gonna cover Twi introducing Nyx to the rest of her family. Been looking forward to seeing how that went down.

Great story, as always. You've got me wondering, though, how Twilight got Smarty Pants back. That would be an awesome story, and I do hope you plan on writing it.


I hope everyone enjoys this short, but hopefully sweet, story.

this short, but hopefully sweet, story.


Dude, I never made it past 6500 words with my longest chapter. Our definitions of "short" vary greatly.

I thought it would be Trixie because of the hat in the picture..oh well this is good to :)

You know, now that I think about it, Nyx's temper, if refined into a jet of flame rather than a torrent, would be deadly against those who would hurt others.

1625122>>1626035 You have to remember, this is the guy who wrote 'Past Sins'. Penstroke's shortest chapter was the prelude/prologue at around 4,000 words. The next shortest is in the area of 7,000.

And now top of the featured list. Not big surprise.

1615578 You just made me freaking the happiest Nyx fan ever

Beautiful slice of life and D'awww fic. Nyx is cutest filly.

1626283 Ditto. Saw this and went :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::raritystarry::twilightsmile::yay:.

With all this D'aw in the air, I wonder how Nyx will take Twilight's passing when Twi finally dies from old age.

Well, someone had to say it, and I'm pretty sure some of us are thinking it. Maybe a possible future fanfic? Or fan made fanfic? What would that be? Fanfanfic? *continues on like a pinkie like fashion :pinkiehappy: *

Still, great story.... even though I haven't really read Past Sins.

That was sweet.

I have a question though, after Twi made Nyx apologise to Tiara and Spoon will she request Nyx does the same with Miss Lulamoon? :trixieshiftright:

1615578 That reason Twilight had for hanging on to Trixie's hat and cape...was that foreshadowing?:trixieshiftleft:

1625659 The image isn't showing for me. Could you try giving me a link? Oh and why in the subject of Discord too mature for Nyx?

aww i like this one :)

1625514 Let them do what they want. If something is canon, it's canon. No one liked the fact that Cadence is an alicorn during the Season 2 finale and called her a Mary Sue because of it, but, too bad for them, it's still canon, and she'll stay that way.


A very nice story. I've read Past Sins as one of my first big fanfics (there were others before but they were just signle chapters.) I like how you kept the flare of the series while adding in your own touches to them.

Great job!


Um, forgive me, but it sounds like you think Past Sins was written by someone else. If you check my profile, you'll find I am it's author as well.

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