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Twilight Sparkle was born on the moon, 999 years before the 1000th summer sun celebration. Her mother, Princess Luna, trains her and teaches her to be the perfect ruler. Her plan is to stop this Nightmare and be happy.

Of course, Twilight gets released early, and has to face this whole new world without her mother. At least it will be a while before Celestia finds her and finds out her motives, or will it?

Twilight will have to deal with things she definitely wasn't trained for, including a possible love interest?

New cover art made by Nablyudatel, my editor!
Link to their Kofi where they take commissions!

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Well, well, well An idea from Family from the Moon?

I feel like I have a competitor to my fanfic.

Personally I never totally agreed with make your unappreciated sister be forgotten so she get a fresh start. Be realistic here. She is a thousand years out of date and sooner or later the news of what she will come out and although they might respect her because she is your sister they didn't care then so why are they going to care now. She needs to feel appreciated so don't erase her celebrate her and change the story so everyone believes it wasn't totally her fault. Politics is half lies anyway so her saying a demon of doubt and anger has taken Luna and forced me to send them to the moon for a thousand years. So we remember her each year for all she did for us and when she returns the demon will be defeated. She no longer feels unappreciated by everyone including her own sister who should not have been such a glory hog.

This fic was inspired by many others. Your fic was one of them that inspired me. Thank you for that.

no problem. I'm happy about it.
But since I have an opposition I must write.

How did Celestia know from the cutie mark that Twilight was an element of magic? Moreover, wasn't Sunset destined for the exact same role until Celestia realized that the student did not meet the required requirements?

Celestia knew because the symbol of magic is the star that is Twilights cutie mark, and the element of magic was that shape when she banished her sister in the show.

Furthermore, this is an alternate universe story. But that doesn't mean Sunset Shimmer can't make an appearance.

I look forward to continuing, the story is very interesting.

why is the next chapter coming

[Growls through gritted teeth warningly] Celestia? What did we talk about concerning Dumbledorian plans? :ajbemused:

Celestia isn't here right now. However, Daybreaker is here to answer all of your questions...by horribly mutilating you, and setting you on fire while ensuring that any chances of recovery are slim for questioning her Dumbledorian plans when everything she does is for the Greater Good. :twilightsmile:

[As Dr. Wolf]: "Are. You. Quite. Finished?" :twilightangry2:

"Silly mommy, of course it isn't, because I do!"

she makes a good point. Has to be possible if it is right infront of you

[Me]: "Luna, could you smack Nightmare one for me, please?"
[Princess Luna]: "WITH PLEASURE."
[Me]: "And while you're at it, smack Celestia too, if you please."

Here comes a good ol' 3-way war.

This is happening extremely fast, don’t get me wrong good story but fhere is no meet to it. Its just so dry and bare, there isn’t really any development for any of the character except for the the flashbacks

this was a great end i hope to see sequal

Great story. Looking forward to reading more. This AU is interesting. :twilightsmile:

great story i too hope for a sequel where the family bond more and ironically Discord helps Twilight's rule be fair and just, but in his own chaotic and trollish way

I love the concept but execution was the killer

Chapter 2: Do alicorns need sleep, food and water?

well, your explanation seems a little bit like it had been taken from my story.
But I'm waiting for more.

I've seen this concept in a few fanfics and it's really my favorite concept for alicorns. It makes sense for them to be like Wolverine and Deadpool with regeneration, whilst being immortal and not needing food or water since Nightmare Moon survived a thousand years without any canonically.

In fact, this concept makes life easier for alicorns, because any animal has a peculiarity: during prolonged starvation, the body begins to "eat itself", spending the accumulated reserves of carbohydrates, fats and, finally, proteins, after the depletion of which the body slowly and painfully dies. If alicorns had to eat, then prolonged starvation would be the worst possible torture for them, in which the body would eat itself only in order to restore the part of itself that had just been eaten, and so on ad infinitum.
However, I stick to my concept, which is based on spirits and more suitable for the answer "we live a very long time due to the connection with our celestial bodies"

:pinkiecrazy: It is going according to plan.

Um idk its kind of an interesting story and people like it so the author is motivated to make another lol

Honestly I'm glad that both Celestia and Luna understand the threat that they're darker halves pose and surprisingly both Luna and Celestia's plans are coinciding in this case

Finally found a story, that is about Twilight being daughter of the NMM that isn’t dead

"Should I be worried about your... Dark side?" Celestia cautiously asked


She needed to let off some steam, but what could she do? She could eat cake till the day ends, but where would she get it all.

Maybe you can duel Twilight in the arena

:trollestia:: "Just some friendly sparring. Nothing serious though."
A few minutes later:
(Note that I wrote this before reading what happened after this paragraph. I expected she would just chuckle and dismiss the whole idea.)

Great story so far.. looking forward to more

I have a very strong feeling that Luna's "daughter" will be jealous of the princess for Twilight.

God dang it Chessmaster Celestia is in play noooo lol

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