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Twilight Sparkle was born on the moon, and her mother, Nightmare Moon, is hell bent on revenge against her sister for banishing them.

Of course, Twilight gets released early, before her mother, and Beautiful chaos ensues.

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Well, well, well An idea from Family from the Moon?

I feel like I have a competitor to my fanfic.

I will be watching you

Personally I never totally agreed with make your unappreciated sister be forgotten so she get a fresh start. Be realistic here. She is a thousand years out of date and sooner or later the news of what she will come out and although they might respect her because she is your sister they didn't care then so why are they going to care now. She needs to feel appreciated so don't erase her celebrate her and change the story so everyone believes it wasn't totally her fault. Politics is half lies anyway so her saying a demon of doubt and anger has taken Luna and forced me to send them to the moon for a thousand years. So we remember her each year for all she did for us and when she returns the demon will be defeated. She no longer feels unappreciated by everyone including her own sister who should not have been such a glory hog.

This fic was inspired by many others. Your fic was one of them that inspired me. Thank you for that.

no problem. I'm happy about it.
But since I have an opposition I must write.

How did Celestia know from the cutie mark that Twilight was an element of magic? Moreover, wasn't Sunset destined for the exact same role until Celestia realized that the student did not meet the required requirements?

Celestia knew because the symbol of magic is the star that is Twilights cutie mark, and the element of magic was that shape when she banished her sister in the show.

Furthermore, this is an alternate universe story. But that doesn't mean Sunset Shimmer can't make an appearance.

I look forward to continuing, the story is very interesting.

why is the next chapter coming

Thx for the update

great chapter and story

At the begining you got me, but now i can't wait for more.

For the previous two chapters, "thee" and "thou" aren't just old-timey words for "you" and aren't just freely interchangeable. You might know other languages like French and Spanish and formal and informal versions of "you", it used to be the same in English. "You" is the formal way to address someone and "thou/thee" are the informal way to address someone. In general, someone of high station (like Twilight or Nightmare Moon) would use "you" to address equals and superiors and "thee/thou" to address people of lower station (like a peasant, or Nightmare to her daughter). Someone of low station would use "thou/thee" to address people they're familiar with and strangers if they're rude and "you" to address superiors or strangers if they're polite.

The difference between thou/thee and thy/thine can be read here: https://www.differencebetween.com/difference-between-thee-and-vs-thou-and-vs-thine/

kicked around a similar idea myself. One where Twilight, and Trixie are twin sisters born shortly before Luna becomes NMM and are put in magical stasis along with their older brother, a Threstral.

well celestia just made a mistake if her intention was to manipulate twilight to make luna be peaceful. In the end it should not be up to twilight or cadnce if peace can be achived and i hope this story has to be so celestia ends up unable to do anything but face her sister head on insted of trying what she was with twilight

Celestia, stop. Nothing good ever came from claiming something was for "the Greater Good." Just ask Dumbledore. All in all, great chapter! Love to hear from you again sometime, just remember; "It was all for the Greater Good."

And considering it be more responsible to get Luna side of the story from twilight considering she probably told her everything from her point of view and sometimes fights have both parties at fault. Celestia is so busy with her plans that she hasn't even bothered to get to know her niece.

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