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my name is mitchell i became a brony after i watched the mlp equestria girls movie which in turn made me watch the FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC tv show my first episode i watched was DRAGONQUEST


Hallelujah. I just got my second shot · 9:13pm June 24th

Hello my fellow bronies\fembronies\Pegasisters and moderators i just got home from my SECOND COVID vaccine shot and over Luna's moon with excitement and relief i'm protected from COVID for a while. I'm happy that i'll be able to enjoy summer a lot better now. I wonder if Pinkie Pie might want to throw a party for all those who got it. Have a happy summer my fellow fans

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KACHOW! Lightning McQueen approves your favorite of A Human, a Pony Princess, and a Mistake

Thanks for adding my story.

Thanks for adding Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks to your faves!

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