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my name is mitchell i became a brony after i watched the mlp equestria girls movie which in turn made me watch the FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC tv show my first episode i watched was DRAGONQUEST


I wonder · 5:56am Mar 20th, 2019

I just watched the new forgalorga video titled "pony and the magic artifact" it was hilarious and cute. Go watch it on youtube. i sadly don't know how to link it. But i'm curious "what would've happened if the artifact ran out of power while Twilight was possessing Rainbow Dash?" Maybe one you great authors can tell me through a story. I would really like to know i don't care about the rating you make it. But i'll say this the higher the rating the more interesting your answer would be to me.

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KACHOW! Lightning McQueen approves your favorite of A Human, a Pony Princess, and a Mistake

Thanks for adding my story.

Thanks for adding Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks to your faves!

Hello there and thanks a bunch for the fave on Somber Apple. :ajsmug::twilightsmile:

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