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Brad the Browncoat Brony

Just a guy who's both a browncoat and a brony. YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE MEEEEE!! BWAA!!


Well Sh*t... · 2:04am Apr 7th, 2019

Says I haven't been on this site in over a year!:pinkiegasp:

...sounds about right...:twilightsheepish:

Reading Schedule (...Yeah, this thing is pretty obsolete by now.)

Not Final. Things may be pushed back if time dictates.

Be The Stallion! (Clop)
Legacy of the Dark (Regular)
Mid-Air Refueling (Clop)
Pretty Fly (For a Fluttershy) (Regular)
Rollin' in tha Hay: Mah First Hooman (Clop)
Applejack Goes Super Saiyen (Regular)
Feathers (Clop)

Apple Bloom's Folly (Regular)
Just For Tonight (Clop)
All the Pretty Pony Princesses (Regular)
Poolside Fun (Clop)

Rarity's Tue Nature (Alter Mare: Secret Masochist) (Clop)
Rarity's Carnation (Clop)

Screw the Magic, I Have Friendship! (Regular)

Stitching it Together (Regular)
The rest of this month may consist of Grimdarks

A Little About Me...

Hey everypony!
In my spare time, when I'm not working on my YouTube channel, playing Pokémon, or watching really cool stuff, I come here to read, and occasionally write, fan fiction. This account will be primarily used for blog posts to keep my YouTube following informed, but I do hope to post the occasional story here and there, as I have so many ideas. I hope you enjoy my stories and my readings of stories.

My Channel
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Thanks for the follow!

Majin Syeekoh

1991489 No problem; let's just try to keep the clutter off of his page, shall we?:twilightsheepish:

1991319 That may or may not have been directed at me, but since I am indeed following you: you're welcome. :twilightsmile:

Majin Syeekoh

1889836 Thanks for following me; I appreciate it!:twilightsmile:

1918528 Thanks! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! :raritystarry:

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