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Strawpoll Time- If You Want Some More MLP Stories, Now's Your Chance to Vote · 11:40pm Nov 3rd, 2017

First, let's get the self-promotion out of the way (actually, it's all self promotion, but this one isn't related to MLP).
Got a new Zootopia incest story completed recently. If you want to see Nick have an orgy with his mom and Judy, read it here or here

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Yup. That's been me in a nutshell for the past year.
Thanks for that. :twilightsmile:

That comic there is ancient. Still enjoyable though.

Favorite MLP story written: Finding the Spark Within. I originally planned for that one to be just a one-shot chapter that wouldn't be anything special, but once I started writing it, just felt the urge to make it something more special. And it paid off; it's my third highest rated story.
Favorite MLP to read: Complicated Relations. Except for one chapter that even the author admitted wasn't really needed in hindsight, the whole pace of the story was nailed perfectly, and the characters were presented in a very likeable way. They also took a kink that draws a lot of controversy and presented it in a way that didn't look creepy at all (as in, not like a cheap porno). It's really a story that's after my own blood.

And my favorite non-MLP story I've written is Burrowing Under Barriers, a Zootopia fic I wrote about Nick and Judy a few months after the movie came out. There's a couple things I probably could have done better, but I feel like I really captured the first-date jitters of the two characters really well and gave them a real reason to feel attracted to one another.

  • Viewing 160 - 164 of 164
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