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We all have bad dreams. They can be unsettling. Thankfully when Twilight has a very specific recurring bad dream, she has her Royal Adviser and good friend Spike to remind her that her dream isn't real and will never be real. Ever.

Hope everyone's coping with the post-finale blues well enough. We'll get through this, I promise.

Edit: for those of you who aren't understanding it and are telling me this clashes with canon, yes, I am aware of that. I did that intentionally. This is basically my way of saying that there were certain things I didn't like about the finale making canon, so I made my own canon.

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Most days, Princess Celestia loves her job as the ruler of Equestria. Other days, it really grates on her nerves. Between frustrating council meetings, bothersome appointments with greedy subjects, and paperwork addressing countless issues from all across the country, Celestia deals with more than her share of stress in the span of a day. After an unannounced visit from Discord, Celestia suggests an idea for how she can not only get away from her job for an afternoon, but leave behind the stress and anxiety that it comes with, completely forgetting that it even exists.
She wants to be a dog.
While such a thing might not even make sense to the reformed master of chaos, Discord grants Celestia's request. The idea may seem fun to him at first, but before the day is over, Discord may learn that being a pet owner comes with its own set of headaches, especially when that pet is the princess of the sun.
Cover art used with permission by mickeymonster
Big thanks to Red_Rover for proofreading this story of mine in such a short amount of time.

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On the most important day of Princess Celestia and Twilight Sparkle's lives, Princess Luna finds herself as busy as ever making sure all of the arrangements go according to plan. The last thing she needs to worry about is one of the brides having second thoughts about the decision looming around the corner. After some words of guidance from the princess of the night, the mare in question knows what she needs to do. But will she be able to walk down the aisle if her hooves are still too cold?
Written as a (late) birthday present for the lovely and talented artist bri-sta, who is also the artist of the image I'm using as a cover, since it's what I used as inspiration for this little story.

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A weary stallion wakes up on the shores of Horseshoe Bay, battered and weary, with not a trace of his memories left. As he struggles to remember who he is and how he wound up in such a place, he catches a glimpse of a mare off in the distance, standing on a cliff by herself, staring out towards the sea. Though the mare seems unfamiliar to him, something in his heart tells him that she holds the key to unlocking his memories.

Based on the song Tha Mo Ghao Air Air'd Chuain, by Julie Fowlis

Also, no questions about the character tags please

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When Twilight discovers a mysterious crown in the caves underneath Canterlot, it quickly becomes apparent that the item has a bit of a history between Princess Celestia and Luna. Whoever wears the crown will be the one true queen of Equestria. After a lengthy feud, the two reach an agreement.

The fate of the crown, as well of Equestria itself, will be decided... through combat.

Which alicorn will triumph over the other? Who will be the sole ruler of the nation? Can Twilight stop them from pushing each other too far?

It's the battle of sisters in a fight for supremacy!

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Scootaloo's wings have been in severe pain, and she decides to ask Rainbow Dash to help her out. But Rainbow Dash might not actually be the best candidate to solve her problem. Will Rainbow Dash let off before some permanent damage is done to the poor filly? Guest starring Cloud Kicker and Berry Punch as well.

written for the great ECMajor, based on a picture drawn by Gavalanche.

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