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A weary stallion wakes up on the shores of Horseshoe Bay, battered and weary, with not a trace of his memories left. As he struggles to remember who he is and how he wound up in such a place, he catches a glimpse of a mare off in the distance, standing on a cliff by herself, staring out towards the sea. Though the mare seems unfamiliar to him, something in his heart tells him that she holds the key to unlocking his memories.

Based on the song Tha Mo Ghao Air Air'd Chuain, by Julie Fowlis

Also, no questions about the character tags please

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whoops! fixed that

it's not an incomplete story; it's one chapter

5542545 Seriously?
It's only a One-Shot?
Man, I thought it could have lasted a few more chapters.

Well, I didn't want to write that. Sorry.

5542614 It's OK. I understand.

It was a pleasure to pre-read and edit this story. Reading it again, you capture the same charm I first saw within it and still create a wonderful short tale for readers to enjoy. It's always nice to see a captured moment of a reuniting of lost lovers like these two, and you displayed their emotions very well. I'd suggest doing more pieces like this, to illustrate emotional depth in characters. Perhaps as practice for future stories, even?

Definitely. I'd like to see if I can convey emotional depth and intimacy without using sex as a crutch

No words...just likes.

It's short, but sweet. I like it. :twilightsmile:

anyone else notice the typo in the title? sorry to knitpick but it just stood out to me

If you could tell me what that typo is, I'll decide whether or not it needs correcting, as opposed to staring at it with a dumb look on my face. :applejackunsure:

5564611 then again, im not sure if this is a typo or not, but theres no s in between the horse and shoe. so its horsehoe

Fixed. Thank you.

Can anybody tell me what song was that inspired this fic?
Nice fic, btw?

7171979 Songs beautiful, by the way. Thanks for giving me something beautiful to read (and something great to read while listening to it).

So I was just scrolling through your stories and saw 'Horseshoe Bay' which freaked me out cause I live 30 minutes away from a Horseshoe Bay and I was excited for a moment. Thought you oughta know xD

:applejackconfused: That actually is kind of funny. I'd be weirded out by that too.

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