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Most days, Princess Celestia loves her job as the ruler of Equestria. Other days, it really grates on her nerves. Between frustrating council meetings, bothersome appointments with greedy subjects, and paperwork addressing countless issues from all across the country, Celestia deals with more than her share of stress in the span of a day. After an unannounced visit from Discord, Celestia suggests an idea for how she can not only get away from her job for an afternoon, but leave behind the stress and anxiety that it comes with, completely forgetting that it even exists.
She wants to be a dog.
While such a thing might not even make sense to the reformed master of chaos, Discord grants Celestia's request. The idea may seem fun to him at first, but before the day is over, Discord may learn that being a pet owner comes with its own set of headaches, especially when that pet is the princess of the sun.
Cover art used with permission by mickeymonster
Big thanks to Red_Rover for proofreading this story of mine in such a short amount of time.

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What is this nonsense? A non clop story?

I know, that fucking asshole Cloperella is blue-balling all of his readers!

that is what i might have sounded like if i was "bot" or a idiot...which im not....right?

I have to say if I was discord I would create a clone to record the embarrassing parts while fixing the mess.
I have to say good story, I especially enjoy the reaction from the mane 6 when they found out. Plus, I think twilight would enjoy a obediant celly dog. However, the ending when luna had a WTF face at celly bird chase.:pinkiehappy:

So weird... so weird...

Some of the typos really threw me off at points, but otherwise this was a fun read, despite lacking any sexuality.

Can you point out just a few of them so I can make corrections?

This was surprisingly sweet.

That's certainly what I was going for. Thank you very much, glad you enjoyed it.

Very good story, can't do more than fav and like, so I guess I'll recommend it to some friends.
Also, very good thing you made Discord swat her with a newspaper, it's the only "acceptable" way to physically punish a pet

Thank you very much. Don't make it a mission to spread this around or anything. I know I made a big stink about it in a few places about not getting very much attention, but I'm just going to have to accept that my SFW stories just aren't going to do as well as my mature ones.
I do somewhat miss the days where clopfics were considered "underground" in a sense.

That. Was. Awesome!
Seriously, it maybe wasn't the kind of story which kept me laughing at top volume time and again - but! - it was that kind of story that keeps me smiling way after I finished reading. And giggling a lot throughout the action. Your portrayal of each character was beautiful and spot-on, the pacing was magnificent... I just don't have anything to nitpick about.

This made my eyes sting a little bit when I read it, especially after I was a little disappointed in its reception so far. I'm at the very least glad that you and others were able to offer this kind of praise. That lifts my spirits quite a bit. :twilightsmile:

After reading your answer, I thought about reading other comments and finding out for myself what others criticized. Buuut... then I thought back to the days when I let the opinions of others spoil my fun. Your story was a great and entertaining read - I don't know why others don't think so, I don't know what they nitpick about, and to be perfectly honest... I don't care, too, since I had a ton of fun with it - and neither should you care all that much if you had fun writing it and if you're still satisfied with how the story turned out to be.
You maybe can't satisfy everyone everytime - but that works in both ways: There's always someone enjoying what you worked so hard on.
I have two bookshelfs. One for the stories I liked - my favorites. There are 280 stories in there at the moment. And then, there are my recommendations. I'm not famous or anything, really, it probably isn't effective in the slightest, it's more about the thought behind it: Those stories I didn't only 'like', but I found to be so good that I would recommend them to everyone without second thoughts or any hesitation. Given that I don't put stories in my favorites I didn't like or at least up-voted, only something around 1/5 to 1/4 ends up being recommended by me. For the moment, that means 76 stories.

Dog days of Celestia is one of those. :pinkiesmile:
This is a beautiful tale and you have a gift for writing - you gave us proof in written word. Don't worry too much. :twilightsmile:

:twilightoops: My mistake! It's not that people who read it don't like it; so far I've gotten positive comments all around.
The problem is that it seems nobody's reading it. This story of mine has gotten about 1,000 views, compared to my last clopfic (the one with sunset shimmer) which has gotten 18,000. That's ridiculous that I put the same amount of effort into both stories, and the only difference between them is that I used the word vagina in one. :ajbemused:
Oh well, not gonna keep making a stink over it, it's not good for me. At any rate, I'm glad that I've got you following me now. I certainly did make a point to put some sentiment in a lot of my erotic stories, so you'll hopefully get some enjoyment out of those as well.

this. this is good. i shall keep reading.

“Wait wait wait, time out- so, not even twenty minutes ago, I had to beg you to tell me how your day was. Now suddenly, you think it's a good idea for me to brainwash you?”

Things are very bad when Discord, the Incarnation of Chaos itself, is the voice of reason.
Very good Cloperella.

This can't be good...

6060427 there aren't many stories i read on this site. this is one of the few that i really enjoyed. thank you for this wonderful story.

My thoughts when Luna entered the room based on how pissed she was.

Also... Two things about the coffee

1. Luna has NOTHING on a guy (me) that takes in a Double-Shot of espresso whenever he feels like it.

2. For the comment on the veins, I have a quote from my friends: "I have too much blood in my caffeine-stream."

P.S. As a teeny request, could you do a thing like this for EACH of the princesses? I came up with a funny one for Cadence!

Comment posted by VaeVictis deleted Mar 24th, 2016
Comment posted by Cloperella deleted Mar 24th, 2016

A joyful little story with an interesting twist. Discord writing a friendship report, who knew he had it in him (well other then Fluttershy).

Instead of brainwashing her, Why didn't Discord just turn Celestia into a dog completely?

Who would ever pass up the chance to watch Celestia in her real form act like a dog?

strange that Luna doesn't know dogs. I would imagine that dogs have existed for over 1000 years by now.

In this story, canines hadn't been domesticated to household pets when she was around. So she knows what wolves are, just not aware of the concept that they've been groomed into pets over the centuries.

Oh man, poor Discord.

You should make a fanfic where Discord tickles Celestia.

Sounds like it would be a rather short fic

That was super-fun. Almost episode-like in its pacing, well-intentioned antics, and conveyance of a solid moral.


Thanks. Glad people are still stumbling across this story after its initial lukewarm publishing.
I was definitely going for something to replicate what I'd see done in the show, with the 3-act structure, and the mix of humorous dialogue and physical comedy, plus the moral lesson at the end. Kind of wish this story had gotten more attention when it first came out; I feel like it's one of my most underappreciated SFW stories.


Two years later, and I STILL love the idea of Celestia with a dog personality. If I can't get a real episode to do this, I'd love an artist to make a comic about it, or an ask-tumblr.
I wonder if she'd be fascinated with the ice machines that some freezers have equipped on their doors.

8164586 imagine this as an actual cannon story in the show!

I would think Celestia would schedule this in so that the kingdom doesn't suffer because of her absence. To just do it in the middle of the day while ponies are depending on her seems somewhat OOC.

I would think Discord would know that Celestia has enough strength to rip her post apart.

OOC is a term that fans use to describe behaviors in fanfics that don't fit their own personal headcanon, but thanks for sharing yours with me regardless.

It just feels too irresponsible for Celestia

She's not perfect. She can overlook things from time to time. If you're expecting me to apologize for how I wrote the story, it's not gonna happen.

I'm not expecting anything.
Anyway she is indeed imperfect however that was clear already from how she had trouble with her day.

May as well add a comment in 2017 as well, shall we?

Lovely story and quite original!

When I initially made that comment, I still hadn't read anything past the prelude. Having finished it now, I can easily say that this is one of my favourite stories on this site (which says something seein as I've been around since S2). It is well written, original and definitely had that MLP episode fibe. Initially I was somewhat unsure of the whole prelude+a big chunk of the frst chapter acting as a set-up for the story but in hindsight the pacing felt pretty on point. The story didn't feel tiresome or slow and once Celly did turn into a dog I was amazed by how accurate you managed to describe the dog mannerisms. I was also quite happy with how Discord somewhat turned into the main character once Celly was a dog, that definitely added to the story. (Also, Celly getting all excited at the prospect of meeting Twilight was just too cute <3)

All in all, I won't forget this experience anytime soon, so thank you. I've noticed you mainly write r34 but don't ever feel discouraged to write more slice of life like tales, you can definitely be proud of this one.

Thank you very much for the praise. I don't like to toot my own horn, but I feel like this is one of my most underrated stories with my name on it, and I think it deserves a little more attention than its gotten over the years, so I'm always thrilled when someone stumbles upon it and likes it.
Unfortunately, I've stopped writing MLP stories regularly in favor of focusing on Zootopia instead (also doing a mix of Explicit and SFW stories). Not sure if that's of any interest to you, but if it is, you can find my stuff on Archive of our Own if you just want to see my more recent works. :twilightsmile:

I might check them out sometime, not a big fan of the Zootopia's main characters (And definitely not in a sexual way :twilightblush:) but their world is lovely for sure. I can definitely see why people have fallen in love with that movie as much as they have. I'd love a sequel of that movie sometime, see some more of the world.

Also, if you end up writing another MLP story, I'll be sure to read it ^^. I never realized you'd also written Burning Desire. You really do live up to your name with all the smexy stuff.

2017 - Man, Miss fun stories like these

This is amazing :rainbowlaugh:

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