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A mistake with an ancient book of dark magic results in Twilight being 'living-impaired'. What follows is a series of (mis)adventures involving tax evasion and constant decapitation.

The chapters are short. I know. I like small bite-sized scenes, and it burns me out less.

Though this story is a comedy, please take note of the Gore and Dark tags. If that kind of stuff and dark comedy is unpleasant for you, I'd recommend reading something else.

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Looking forward to seeing more!

Well, that's one way to start an adventure. You have my attention!


Even Twilight can Dare to Be STUPID!!!!

Comment posted by MrKag deleted Feb 7th, 2022

well she did cast Starswirl unfinished spell without proper safety procedure up almost destroying the destiny of all her friend.
And that why Twilight is not the alicorn of wisdom.

this is by far the stupidest twilight sparkle has ever been portrayed.

i'm interested.

Interesting so far. I hope this story keeps going.

Is that line where I think it’s from

And this, Twi-twi, is why ALMOST isn't good enough!

A scientific pony would tell you that it was impossible for something to glow black, as black would imply the absence of light, but the book was unmistakably emitting an aura of darkness that seemed to suck away all the light around it. Despite the shadowy emissions, its cover was somehow still easily legible, the book emblazoned with blood-red lettering labelling it with the words 'Necroponicon.'

Are the photon readings negative?

Twilight really needs to stop casting spells without knowing what they do.

Well, you have my attention...
Love your style of humor!
See, this is why you don't tempt fate, Twi...


Yeah, this isn't the first time she's cast a spell resulting in her death…

"What is this, some kind of angsty teenagers diary?"

Not quite. It's actually Starlight's angsty teenage Homestuck fanfic, originally serialized on DeviantArt before later being published as one piece on AO3. Starlight later spent considerable amounts of money, time, effort, and questionably ethical spells erasing it from existence and memory.

Interesting beginning, let's see where this goes! :pinkiehappy:

I hate you so much, Dom. You didn't even offer Tiramisu.

no tiramisu until we get more horse words

Yeah that tracks. Though if she's a Lich now, what's her phylactery, the thing her soul is stored in?

Definitely has potential. I'll be reading.

To be fair this is the most realistic way twlight would die

every day you get more and more horse words famous, which means you have to finish this storys plot ;p

there have been a few stories before this to try this idea, some for serious some for comedic effect
the two that jump out at me are 'dead/light' ont he serious side and
fear me for i am twaith on the silly side
i hope this one is as entertaining as twaith was

(theres also technicly first rule of magic but it doesnt focus on her being undead any more then the plot demands, there are other plot points (some related to that) that are considered far more important)

Oh this is bound to be good. Also, you are looking kinda familiar... do I know you from somewhere?

Theres Nox a word you can say to convince me otherwise.

Oh, scratch that then, this is bound to be great.

Aww, cutest little undead abomination ever ❤️❤️❤️

imgur hasn't played nice with fimfiction in years. I've been using imgbb for equal amounts of time with zero complaints!

That claim is still in pending. So far, that title is belong to HERE.

:twilightsmile:: Aw come on, where's the fun in that? Can't you feel it? The thrill and suspense of fooling around with probability! It's like Russian Roulette, but better! Whether you would die or turned into an abomination or a lich! Who knows? Isn't it fun?!

You've given me an idea for a new dnd character. As I'm unfortunately the DM, this is a problem.

Accidental Lich is a perfect character for a D&D enemy... smatter the dungeon/castle/wherever with a bunch of pages of a diary of a happy, out-going person who found this amazing book, turned herself into a lich on accident, and uses her undeath to read more books... and each successive page they find gets a little colder, little more detached. Accidental Lich is content with her life now, she spends her time reading books, and only uses her undead hordes to go out and find more books, though maybe the wights get a little bitey when they "purchase" the books for their undead master.

Does the party kill her, as she is "clearly evil", what with raising the corpses of nearby villages to replace her servants as they get a little too decayed to help her... and the land around her is being corrupted by her presence. Or do they try and convince the lich the error of her ways, try to redeem her. Do they leave her be, as she is just going to be reading books... maybe they can organise a monthly delivery of new tomes from around the world, so that Bitey McBiteface the wight does not have to go out in public.

Okay, holy shit, I am going to use this as a plot in my campaign.

Ha ha! Nice! You got a good few chuckles out of me, even if it was short!
I'll keep on the watch for further chapters.

Books contained knowledge, and knowledge was good! That clearly implied that all books were inherently good. It was basic logic!


Sigh.... poor spike. This is way too much for a young drake like him to go through.

Well, for her first time clawing her way out of a shallow grave, Twilight's remarkably upbeat.

Very nice, she's got that optimism going for her.


her first time

...implying there'll be more times?


Surprisingly common occupational hazard.

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