• Published 7th Feb 2022
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The Sparkle of Unlife - Semivivus

Twilight never does anything wrong. Until she accidentally becomes undead overnight.

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Rise From Your Grave!

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Only a day had passed since Spike had gone running to Fluttershy's in tears, yet the funeral was already being held. Nopony wanted to sit around with thoughts of Twilight's accident on their minds.

The funeral was a quiet affair. Despite the hundreds of ponies that Twilight's life had touched, her friends agreed that it was best not to make it a big public event. She never did like attention. The only invited members were the five of them, Spike, her immediate family, and the three other princesses.

Not a single eye was without tears during the entire ceremony. Even Celestia had to stop for a quiet sob halfway through her speech, comforted by an embrace from her sister. Twilights parents looked like their very hopes and dreams had been shattered, and her brother's eyes were dull and unfocussed. Each pony came and said their words, the thick mahogany coffin being stained even darker with the tears of the ponies that came to speak above it.

The burying itself took place in the Ponyville graveyard. As much as Twilight's family would have wanted her to be buried where she grew up, everyone agreed it would be best for her to be laid to rest near her friends.

Before long, the sky grew dim and the air grey cold. With one last goodbye, and a promise to stay in touch, the Princesses and Twilight's family travelled back to Canterlot and the Crystal Empire, leaving a small group of ponies and a single heartbroken dragon to keep each other company for the rest of the night.

Twilight yawned, blinking her eyes blearily as she awoke from what was quite possibly the most restful nap she's had in years. Gone was the ever-present fatigue from one too many all-night study sessions. "Well, that was certainly quite a spell, wasn't it?" She asked, expecting to see her number one assistant waiting nearby. When she was met with nothing but silence, she attempted to look around, only to see nothing but darkness. With a grunt, she pushed her hoof forward, the hard tip of it coming into contact with some sort of hard wooden surface. An experimental push with her leg brought the sound of cracking and splintering wood, along with the feeling of dirt falling down onto her body.

"That's strange..." She mumbled to herself, attempting to push outwards with her other hooves to dislodge whatever wooden board was blocking her. It must have been made of surprisingly cheap lumber, as it cracked and buckled instantly at even the slightest pressure. With one more hard shove, there came the sound of splintering hardwood, and a sudden downpour of soil. Spitting and spluttering, she pushed herself up through the pile of dirt until she was at last graced with the presence of a starry moon-lit sky.

She stopped for a moment to wipe the dirt and wood fibers from her coat before looking around. By the number of rounded stones and the wrought-iron fence, she was clearly in a cemetery of some sort. Ponyville, most likely, as she could make out the dark form of the Everfree forest a short distance away. She pulled herself up onto her hooves and looked closer at her resting place, noting that she had come up from some sort of (now destroyed) wooden box, still half buried in loose soil. "Did... somepony bury me alive? I thought that just happened in mafia stories and to rival politicians." She mumbled to herself, before noticing a headstone planted on the opposite side of the pit.

Glancing closer at the tombstone she found that she could quite easily read the epitaph, despite it being so dark at night. In fact, she seemed to be able to see better than she could even in broad daylight.

Here lies a good pony, a good mentor, a good princess, and most of all, a good friend.

RIP Twilight Sparkle
982 - 1004 ACR

Friendship Castle was almost dead quiet, despite the six individuals currently sitting around the living room across from the front hall. One might think a party had been happening, had it not been for the dreary mood that blanketed the place like a thick fog.

As a cold breeze blew through the window, Spike shuddered. Struggling to pull the quilt tighter around himself, he continued to stare into the fireplace, as he had for the last two hours. He could vaguely hear Rarity and Fluttershy talking softly behind him, but the words were too faint to make out. It didn't matter anyway. Nothing they said would bring Twilight back.

He was never quite sure what his relationship with her was. Sometimes she felt like his sister. Sometimes she was closer to a mother. Her being the pony that hatched him didn't make it any less confusing. He whimpered. None of that mattered anymore. She was gone. He felt a soft hoof patting his back but he didn't bother to look up and see who was trying to comfort him. It didn't matter.

Pinkie Pie sighed and walked away, her hair awfully deflated. She loved parties, but a funeral after-party wasn't nearly as upbeat as she was hoping. With a soft whimper, she sat herself down in the corner, pulling her legs up to her chest.

At a small table set up on the side of the room, Applejack took another swig of cider, Rainbow Dash sitting beside her in silence. For once, the two of them could put aside their petty rivalry, arguments, and everything else. All of those things seemed silly in the face of recent events, like every moment of fighting was a moment wasted, that they could have spent with their now departed friend. Eventually, Rarity came strolling over to them, pouring herself a mug of cider. Normally she considered herself far too ladylike for such a mundane and low-brow drink, but she wasn't drinking for pleasure tonight. She was not going to make it to morning sober. "I feel like we should be more upbeat. More happy. I'm sure she wouldn't want us to just be hanging around moping. She'd want us to tell stories and laugh, wouldn't she?" Rarity offered, taking a seat beside them.

Applejack looked up solemnly, tilting her hat up and staring at Rarity with her red, tear-streaked eyes. "Well, ah don't feel much like laughing. Don't know bout you." Rainbow just grunted in agreement and took another draw from her own mug before placing it on the table with a clatter that seemed to echo in the quiet chamber, the only other audible sounds coming from the crackling fireplace and the softly mourning dragon.

Rarity pursed her lips and sighed, shaking her head softly. "I suppose you are right. It's hard to be happy for somepony else's sake at the best of times. But when dealing with this... this travesty. There's nothing to be happy about."

The three ponies all sat in contemplative silence for a while, watching Fluttershy hug and comfort the poor drake alone without his guardian. The hearth was slowly dying down but nopony made any effort to put in more firewood. The slowly settling cold breeze was almost comforting, a grounding presence that kept them from drifting off into worse thoughts.

Rarity sighed once more. "Do you... do you think-"

Whatever she was about to ask was cut off by the sound of the door cracking open and being slammed shut. Shaking the freezing rain off her coat, Twilight walked herself into the living room and looked around at the startled expressions on her friends' tear-streaked faces. Thinking back to Step 26 of How to be a Normal Functioning Member of Society, she attempted to break the tense atmosphere with a harmless joke. "What's wrong? You guys look like you've seen a ghost!"

Spike screamed. Again.