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A writer of various scribbles, I've recently become enamoured of Ponydom, and have done my limited best to write a few stories. I hope people enjoy them.

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2803376 Actually, at this point that's already been discussed. Now that Luna has been exposed to idea of non-magical flight, it's only a matter of time before she tries something. And there are people on Earth who'd gladly give her detailed instructions, It's one of the reasons they're rescuing her, to keep things under control.

I have about 3500 words done, and I'm just about to land Apollo 12.

Dude, it's a fiction. No one will complain if you don't make it truly accurate. I mean, they're already magic involved, Luna just need a saddle on a rocket to get out at this point.

2751140 I'm not promising anything, but I've recently started writing it again. The chapter involves Apollo 12, so I'd like to publish it on 14th November 2019, on the 50th aniversary of the actual lift off. But there's so much research to be done. I've been going through the flight log and checking documentaries to try and get a handle on the astronauts, not to mention reading on-line technical data for all the fiddling details.

I would love to see another Luna's Return Trajectory update if you still feel like writing it!

Do you ever plan on continuing some of you Fanfiction.net stories?

  • Viewing 53 - 57 of 57
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