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A writer of various scribbles, I've recently become enamoured of Ponydom, and have done my limited best to write a few stories. I hope people enjoy them.

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why do u keep saying retard (i've seen u comment it twice now)

Also, Trump appealed to the racist and sexist part of America that never went away. He appealed to voters who wanted to own the libs no matter the cost

So is Luna Apollo story dead or cancelled? If so could any future plot points be told here. Only if its cancelled or dead

those were long proven false


So the fact that a significant minority – perhaps a third – of Americans look at what he does, listen to what he says, and then think ‘Yeah, he seems like my kind of guy’ is a matter of some confusion and no little distress to British people, given that: • Americans are supposed to be nicer than us, and mostly are.

I think I can explain this.

From my point of view as an American, British politeness is largely motivated out of fear of being perceived as impolite. As a people, the British profoundly value face, and anything that would impugn upon that is a thing to be avoided.

In America meanwhile, politeness is born of the fear that somebody might shoot you in the face, so you should probably be nice to them. Not in a day-to-day practical matter, but rather as a point of historical origin. Remember that current day Americans are the descendants of people who decided that, rather than partake of tea and biscuits while chatting about the weather, it would be preferable to cross an ocean in a death barge to live in cabins made of trees and shoot bears to cook over an open fire for dinner and bathe in a lake every couple weeks.

Yes, Americans are nice. Comically so, in some cases. But American niceness isn't born of fear that one might be thought a barbarian.

American niceness is born of the barbarian.

But over over centuries, the wilderness has been tamed, and the rugged individualist proudly telling himself "it's you and me against the whole world!" has instead put on a suit and tie and lives in a cubicle. It's like keeping a wolf in a cage in a zoo while children laugh and throw him bits of meat. Even if he's well fed, he's still unhappy about it. Instead of being free to roam and hunt...and yes, maybe even to die...he's stuck in a metal box , humoring and entertaining the humans who captured him.

It gnaws at him.

His very nature fights against it.

Go ahead and tell him that he's safer in the cage, that his food is assured, that medical attention is avaialble and that he'll live longer...but his heart cries out against his captvity, and he would cast aside those comforts in an instant if it meant he could be free again.

"Freedom!" has always been the cry of the American, and a cage cannot replace that no matter how well gilded.

Trump appeals to something very central to the American identity. He's uncouth. He's irreverant. He's indelicate. Rather than thinking before he speaks like a good, proper Brit might advise, he speaks first and then maybe doesn't even bother to think about it later. He speaks his mind. And maybe someone does or doesn't like what he has to say, but that doesn't matter. He said it.

To a large segment of the population, that's refreshing. Those who feel at some core level of their being that they're the descendants of those rugged frontiersman, feel that these very nice, very gilded suits they're wearing are stifling, to those people, Trump's roughness around the edges speaks to the core of their being.

Try to understand that a lot of people who vote for Trump...don't even like him. He's not the king of the prom with a charming smile who says all the right things and does what he's supposed to do, he's the guy who goes up to the podium and says "This is dumb. This whole thing is utterly stupid and you're an idiot for participating."

Some people don't want to hear that. Some people do.

All our heroes are plucky underdogs: Robin Hood, Dick Whittington, Oliver Twist.

And who are American heroes?

Rambo. Dirty Harry. Well intentioned, but not people you would invite to tea. Davy Crocket..."king of the wild frontier."

Not plucky underdogs, and not people particularly well known for humor. Lone wolves and rugged individualists who resist convention, and who are not adverse to fighting in the mud.

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