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Stainless Steel Fox

A writer of various scribbles, I've recently become enamoured of Ponydom, and have done my limited best to write a few stories. I hope people enjoy them.


In a distant time and far away place, the planet of New Texas floats deep in space. World of three suns, land of precious ore, the Kerium rush brought outlaws, by the score...

The 80's cartoon Bravestarr is my favourite space western. However I always felt sorry that Thirty Thirty, Bravestarr's 'big pard' seemed to be the last of his kind. Maybe if he met the right filly...

(Custom cover art by the amazing agonizingapollo_14.)

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I read this on fanfiction.net, and always wanted to see it continue as either part of a whole or a series of stories.

They needed a thousand honest mares. They got one. She was enough.

5748312 Well put.

And Bravestarr was one of my favorite cartoons back in the day, tied the Blackstar.

Geez, I really miss those.

if i remember well there was a chapter where it was told how bravestarr and thirty-thirty meet, thirty was the last guardian of an equesteroid (yes that is how they refer to his species way better than techno horse) where sarah-jane was housed, the fought and the rest is history, dunno if the equesteroid name is canon since i watched a dubbed version, but again it sounds way better than techno horse, maybe thirty will clear it up on a further update

5749465 You're right. I used the term Equestroid originally, but when I was checking something against an episode for this reposting on FIM fiction, I heard him refer to himself as a techno-horse. I've changed the references back, I like Equestroid better anyway.

Now I'm thinking...

Equestroids! Cybernetic steeds!
Equestroids! Do heroic deeds!
Auto-Trots fight there battle to defeat the evil forces of the Decepti-corns!
Equestroids! Cybernetic steeds!

This so totally needs to be a thing. After all, if Angey Birds can do it...

I started writing something like that myself, but for an excellent Transformers MLP crossover, I recomend Apple Bloom: Transform and Roll Out!

Should be an interesting conversation with her friends when she wakes up back in Equestria.

They were out of the canyon now, and had circled around to head across the flat plains towards Fort Kerium. J.B looked surprised. "My, little ponies!"


"For your work today, I'd like to make you a deputy for New Texas, same as Thirty Thirty and Fuzz.

Finally the big guy gets acknowledged for his work; this never happened in the cartoon series as far as I know!

I remember this from fanfiction.net.I always wondered if you would continue the story, I would have loved to see the rest of the Mane Six on New Texas.

I think the rest of the mane six should pop into New Texas every so often and maybe later on down the road have thirty thirty pop into equestria.

5758821 i approve of this

If Applejack was part knight, Pinkie Pie was part 1950's Cadillac.

I would have thought Pinkie would be more of a Mustang... *rimshot*

It would be cool if they found a spell that would follow Applejack through her day so they were dreaming and watching Applejac. You know what I mean?

Okay now this is getting really good. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.:rainbowdetermined2:

5758821 That would be hilarious. I'd also like to see how the Mane 6 would look as Equestroids.

Maybe Twilight will end up following Applejack accidentally.

5749895 Equestroids: making a bigger mess than Michael Hay

Umm, its been a while. Are you still working on this or has real live being a B*$&# right now?

is this story dead

This is a crossover I never expected to see. But the first chapter has my interest and I will read the rest tomorrow. :)

Strange but interesting story. I definitely would love to see more chapters. Bravestarr is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me so it is fun to see it crossed over with MLP. I wonder if Pinkie Pie could work her talents the other way and pull Thirty Thirty over? Questions, questions.
I'll just add this story to my list and will keep an eye out for when it is updated.

I found this story thanks to A Different Bridal Path and I gotta say it makes me happy to see it here. I was searching for fics with Thirty Thirty but none ever popped up before in my search.

When is the next chapter going to be posted?

It's great to see this story up and running again! I'm really looking forward to more.

Nice to see this story again!

Great to see this story updating.

Sweet, good to see this pop back up in my list.

Woooooo you're back! Glad to see Bravestar and the gang back in action!

I'm glad to see you back and the story up and running again. I'm loving ever moment of it. I'm just worried about Hex and Stampede trying to push into Ponyville at some point. How am I kinding it'll be fun as Pinkie will be waiting with her cannon.

This is a wonderful story after just after reading it and watching some of the Bravestarr episodes yesterday. Just keep up the good work and this story will be a good one.

I like the story please continue with the story 😁

I love this story and Stainless Steel Fox I was wondering if I could read it on YouTube. Bravestarr's a pleasure to watch and I love the idea or Thirty Thirty finding love. I'd like to read it for the world to hear😁, please👏!

9977975 I'd be only too pleased to have a reading done of one of my stories. Just mention my name as author.

Yes Ma'am/Sir. I honestly can't tell on this, lol
Also my channel on YouTube is the same as this. Just a different pic of my dog😂

9981265 Just one question. How are you at accents?

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