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Dragons. Beings with incredible power and fire, yet most of them are peaceful creatures. But some of them have not accepted the peace. Some of them are as savage as they come. And with a dark force that sits behind the shadows and pulls the strings of these ferocious beast, chaos and destruction will come for all ponies. Desperate and afraid, Twilight uses her magic to reach out across time and space to find the greatest dragon fighter known to history!

That is not who she gets.

I own nothing. Written after season four and HTTYD 2. And despite what the title says, there will be no ponified characters.

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You know the other dragon riders are going to be needed too. But I can wait to see how this goes. You have me fully hooked.

6223035 You beat me to it, good sir!

YES! ITS HERE!!!:yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

A HTTYD crossover:rainbowderp:? .......Yet another Onomonopia fic to favorite:pinkiehappy:

Another HTTYD crossover?


Desperate and afraid, Twilight uses her magic to reach out across time and space to find the greatest dragon fighter known to history!

And he is, the Dova—

That is not who she gets.


Huh, never heard of a HTTYD crossover before. Me thinks I'll read this later.

I can tell this is gonna be good. BTW what's the romance between who? Hiccup and astrid or hiccup and twilight.

What if this story later crosses over with Onomonopia's Emerald Dragon story? I think it would be interesting to see Hiccup interact with Green lantern Spike. Maybe pony Robocop and superman would be there too, as they also didn't have any major parts for a large scale crossover.

Oh....please, please, please, please write in this scene:pinkiehappy:

Is this going to be based off the books at all, or just the movies?

The summary sounds interesting and I love HTTYD, so I'll follow this and await more chapters before reading it. I hope for future updates to come quickly.

Wonder if Hiccup will think he's in Valhalla once he sees the pegasi (Valkyrie rode winged horses too). :derpytongue2:

The movie, the books one are different though.

Twilight wants a Dragon Slayer, instead she got Dragon Trainer. Gotta train them all. :trollestia:

6223763 The books and the movie are incredibly different. I didn't see the second movie because I couldn't stand to watch something that would be that different from the source material.

Well atleast it ain't so bad. Unlike Eragon. :twilightangry2:

Ladies and Gentlemen, here we go.

I have no idea how they could have messed up so badly with that movie. I'm almost certain that the director never even glanced at the book, rather just heard from someone about the main plot.

YES!!! YES!! YEESSS!!!:pinkiehappy:

6223802 don't mention that movie I believe that movie is a disappointment. The biggest one ever.

Huh. Interesting.

6223035 All my yes! :D WAT THIS GUY SAID AUTHOR!
An Httyd crossover... lordy lordy this sounds amazing, good going Author.


faving because I want to see where you go with this.

*heavy breathing*
As someone who is a near-obsessive fan of both How To Train Your Dragon and My Little Pony, when I saw this in the feature box my breath caught in my throat.
I'm gonna keep my expectations at an average level, just in case this doesn't end up as good as it looks, but my hopes are high.
You, sir/madam/insertrespectfulpronounhere, have earned a like and a favourite.

:yay: yes this story is starting to get good. One question is astreth in equestria? :rainbowhuh:

I thought this wasn't a HTTYD crossover before I read it, I was pleasantly surprised.

Well done! Tracked and up-voted. :twilightsmile:

This was amazing. Please continue.

I am... interested.
This has potential for amazing work or amazing fail.
You have a good first performance and I look forward to a great second act.
Of course this can also be run to the ground by too long an upload time between chapters.

The real question is: did he come to Valhalla shiny and chrome?

Well, I guess his mechanical leg did. :twilightsheepish:

Ooh! This is gonna be really, really, REALLY interesting.:pinkiehappy:

Now this fic holds alot of promise, looking foward to the next chapter.

Dragonball Z movie.
The Last Airbender.
The Medallion. (how do you screw up a movie with Jackie Chan in it?!)
Jurassic World.
I could go on. :raritycry:

Instant fave and like for you. You are on of the best authors on this site.

This looks interesting, I thought. Then I saw the romance tag...

It's going to be the dragon, isn't it?

Also, I think in this scenario book Hiccup + Toothless would have been better. Here it's going to inevitably be a 1v1 with Toothless VS the Puppeteer (because the princesses are going to be incapacitated or working on weakening it so Toothless can do the sweg). Using the books you could probably have a different, less cliché, route. Toothless and the Windwalker are basically misfits, so it would support the "not a dragon fighter". Unlike in the films, where he literally does fight dragons, the books show him as a pacifist. In the films, he's killed dragons by fighting against them. In the books, he's only been able to do so with wit and intelligence and shows a lot better ability to track and communicate with dragons.

Film Hiccup is a warrior.

But I will read this nonetheless.

6223779 I don't hate it because it's different from the books. I dislike it because it's sub-par in comparison. The second film was OK, the first was 'meh' and the TV series only serves to kill time when you have to watch daytime TV.

Where's Spike?

To be fair, it is allways very difficult to adapt a bookfrancise into a movie.
And personaly i think it was a good thing for the movies, and by extansion the series, that Dreamworks took the sourcematerial, acknowledged it and than created a complete seperated universe around it.

I don´t think, they could have kept the quality, if they had stayed strict to the books.

Thats however only my oppinion.

HTTYD and MLP are my two favorite things! /)^3^(\

6225618 you know I've never heard of the medallion movie maybe I should see before I form an opinion.

6225618 Jurassic World was good. Even if you didn't like it, though, it doesn't need to be lumped in with those three atrocities.

6223779 I get that the movies stray very far from the source material. But wouldn't it be better to see a new story than to see one that you already know? IDK it might just be me.

Well, I foresee this going very badly for everyone involved. Except for the reader, that is. :pinkiehappy:

This has a lot of promise, and after finishing reading it I cannot remember seeing any grammatical/spelling errors so if there are any they are infrequent and don't interrupt the flow. Based on the other comments here, though, you're apparently a pretty prolific writer so that explains that. Tracking this now, and looking forward to what comes next.

Good start, dude. Although I do think it's a bit obvious who the Puppeteer is...I mean, come on; a villain that causes its victims eyes to change under its control, can call them away so they don't get captured, and uses strange powers to do so? Considering dragons are significantly more intelligent then they are in Berk, all one would need to do is look at the second movie and put two and two together.

Sorry if I'm not that talkative people, I'm having a hard time getting the other story published.

More, please. I've love to see more of this.

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