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I'll eventually get some FiM fanfic over here. For now, my writing can only be found on my FA page. For those few that may be interested, most of it is dealing with a macro story that's been on hiatus while I've been trying to finish college. (For some reason, hyperlinking won't accept the page address, so it is www.furaffinity.net/gallery/timuri/ )

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2192893 No problem at all, I'm really enjoying your The Witching Hour stories as I move up towards what's current.

Thanks for the fav!:moustache:

2155353 It's not a problem, it's just different, I've only seen new guys with blank pages, or guys that have been off for 18097239847+ years.
Just thought it odd:twilightsmile:

2155185 Yeah....need to fix that....

your page, it's blank.

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