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Greetings, I am Merlos the Mad. I am a dabbler of both words and wizardry in my free time. I also invite you all to partake in my musings. Take care though, as they are the product of a madman.

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A Pony's Guide To The Madverse and Merlos

The Madverse : A Contemporary Series of My Little Pony Fanfiction Stories, connected and interwoven with one another to follow several pivotal members of the show, as well as to share an original fantasy tale of an adventitious design.

My Little Marriage : Mary is a Mare
A Twilight Landing
The Mane Two : Contrail
Abhorsen : Friendship Is Freemagic
So Many Wonders
They're all up now!
Recommended Order : We have No Idea!


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Greetings, Lords and Ladies, I bid you welcome to my humble home. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Merlos, Merlos the Magnificent, of mystery and merriment, master of magic and today of literary device... Alliteration not withstanding of course. I greatly enjoy relaxing before a warm fire with pipe and a flagon of brew. Also and more recently, writing, song crafting and even some artsing. If you by chance have heard from, I likewise ask that you ignore those philistines claiming myself and my mind are mad. I'm not mad, I'm a magus. Moreover however move aside and allow an arcane analytically articulate artisan such as myself to magnanimously magnificate my most mysteriously magical mastery of word wizardry and worldly wisdom.

And done.

Want a friend? Message me on skype! I'm Merlos The Mad
Don't worry, I won't turn you into a newt or anything.

Allies and Assistants: Ludicrous Lycan, Foals Errand, Hoopy Mcgee, Cold Spike, Firebirdbtops, Stormy Weather, MrPockets, RainbowBob, theRedBrony

Pictures made for me and my stories.

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*Cruises through* · 2:05pm Feb 19th, 2021

I was going through an old hard drive and found this sound file I never uploaded. If anybody likes listening to nerds from ten years ago talk about fanfiction with little ponies in it here's one I recorded with Hoopy Mcgee and Mrpockets at our heights of fanfiction. (Warning there is a little vulgarity. I was just out of the army when I recorded this I think. lol)

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May there be more cruises, and may there be many cruise missiles.🙃

Good to see you around. I still habitually check this profile every few months hoping for updates but no pressure. :derpytongue2:
I can understand life getting in the way and it's not like there's tons of us around to read anymore but if you ever end up getting that writing bug I'll be around sooner or later to read it.

No worries on my front, just a tad worried about ya and all. Glad to see you stompin' around :rainbowkiss:


Hello, wolf! Sorry to you and everyone else I didn't respond to. I'll partially blame the notifications system that doesnt hold onto the author page comments for very long anymore, but I also could have just scrolled down and looked back at them. x.x

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