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Greetings, I am Merlos the Mad. I am a dabbler of both words and wizardry in my free time. I also invite you all to partake in my musings. Take care though, as they are the product of a madman.


There are few rivalries as anti-climactic as the one that exists between Twilight and Trixie, two mares from very far-flung backgrounds. At least, the rivalry exists in Trixie's mind, whereas with Twilight, she just wishes she could get even just a month of being Trixie-free! Now, Trixie has shown up yet again, leaving Twilight to wonder what she could possibly be intruding for this time.

Author's Note

Hello, folks, and welcome. If you're in the mood for some good old fashioned Trixie and Twilight rivalry, then this is for you. This story does ignore that silly event with Trixie begging for forgiveness. Trixie does not beg! She is the Great and Powerful! Right? And she is finally going to get her revenge on Twilight Sparkle... Probably.

So, this one is just for silly fun. And honestly I've been poking at this story for a long time. Easily since I started writing in 2012. It's gone from being a story idea on a long list of ideas, to being half written, to being a full story. I hope you all enjoy!

Artist(s) of the cover art is a frankenstein mix of work from two artists, [redacted]'s Twilight and drewdini's Trixie (and a screencap from the show). Sorry it's so slapdash and amateur! :twilightsheepish:

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It's time for Pinkie Pie to get a manecut once again, that time when even her own gravity defying hairstyle can no longer support its own weight.

But, something goes wrong.

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In commemoration of four seasons of Pone
The Mane Six Meet Their Fans!

Twilight and her friends, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Pinkie, are all out enjoying a picnic. That is, until a big black portal swallows them up and spits them out Celestia knows where!

Wherever the portal is taking them to now looks a little bit like... a little blue marble?

Things just go from bad to worse, even after their hooves are back on the ground. The girls all can't help but wonder, just what is going on here? Stranger still, Twilight really thinks she recognizes that announcer's voice, but she can't quite place it.

Authors Note

Just a couple chapters of nonsense for a silly joke premise. I like the idea of ponies actually encountering us, and I love self deprecating humor, as well. This is a very lighthearted tale intended purely as a short read pick me up and to get you, the readers, giggling like madmen (and women). Please enjoy, everypony!

Special Thanks
I got a lot of help from all of my friends once again on this story. Thank you all fellows, you're something else. Thank you especially Ludicrous Lycan for drafting framework! Lastly, thank you everypony for sticking around for so long in the fandom. This story and many others like it and better wouldn't exist without you!

The artwork is by Guardian-Core

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Lyra and Bon Bon are dressed up and ready for a night on the town of Ponyville! However, it also just so happens to be Nightmare Night. They have their costumes and adventures planned out in advance; everything is shaping up to be a lot of fun for the couple. They even see a chance to meet Luna this year, and more.

Still... there is an awful lot of fog rolling through town. The sky has grown dark quite early, as well... And those timberwolves howling in the distance are a lot louder than usual on top of that...

This is just a Halloween Nightmare Night story to get everypony in the mood for ghosts and ghouls season. We aren't getting another Luna Eclipsed this year, either, but I wanted to give everypony something like it. Consider this canon for the year after if you would like, that is where I placed it in the timeline. The tale is light on the horror side, if that's not your thing, (though still a little scary). I encourage everypony familiar with dark fics on this site to approach this one as you would a more traditional horror story/movie, rather than your typical fimfiction fair. (Not to say that Dark stories are bad by any means, but... most of the pony ones I've read at least, are pretty weird...)

So, without further ado... Lyra and Bon Bon's Nightmare Night story...


Author's Note
Normal stories resume soon, everypony. Assets used are SqueakAnon's Nightmare Night, Wooden Toaster's Nightmare Night and Unoservix's This Is Nightmare Night artwork.
Contributors and Editors
A huge thanks to Ludicrous Lycan, Firebirdbtops, Cold Spike, and finally Kaitou for help with the art.

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A Sweetie Bot Story

Stephanie enjoys a lot of things: reading, engineering, programming, advanced physics, and, of course, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The result of these hobbies and habits is a little robotic filly, named Sweetie Belle. It was a pet project, something she started for herself on a whim one night, and worked on since before she started college. She has a job now, and is a young adult with everything in order the way it should be.

That is, until something unexpected happens.

Author's Warning
I have been informed this story contains deadly levels of cute. Continue at your own risk. Those with weak hearts may wish to avoid.

Fan-art contributed to the story.
Sweetie Bot does not like cats! by Cannibalus

Author's Note

Greetings one, greetings all, greetings none, and some; greetings, everyone.

So, new story, folks. It's not a Madverse fic, just another little story I cooked up. It's sort of like an old movie called 'Short Circuit', but isn't a crossover or a remake. The only real similarities are of course there's a robot and a girl named Stephanie. Of course it is centered around Sweetie Bot. Please do enjoy!


Art is by the illustrious Cannibalus. Thank you for allowing me to base this story off your wonderful art, sire! By all means, I owe you.

Chapters (13)

What does it mean to be an earth pony? Or even a unicorn pony? Or a pegasus pony?

By definition, a unicorn pony is proficient with curious magic, sometimes capable of extraordinary feats. The pegasus ponies are manipulators of weather, and nature anywhere in the world. An earth pony is a keeper of the soil, a tender of the earth, which helps to nurture and grow the plants around them. All three are balancers of Harmony, an extension of magic itself.

These abilities for each pony race are often associated with their special talent... but not always.

How do three uncertain fillies learn about how to be a proper pegasus, unicorn, and earth pony respectively, when they don't even have their special talents yet?

Consistency of the world and rules follows that of A Twilight Landing, Contrail, My Little Marriage, So Many Wonders, and Friendship is Free Magic.

Basically I'm just doing a little side fic to give a firsthand account look for you guys into what ponies in my stories are capable of. Four chapters total planned, including the prologue!

Chapters (2)

Outer space is a quandary for Celestia. She has existed for a long, long time, but even she doesn't know everything. She owes it to her little ponies though, to protect them from every possible threat that could arise. To that end, she explores far and wide as the years go on. During her everlasting quest for knowledge, she meets somepony she did not expect.

The two of them have a nice, long, philosophical chat.

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle has been on Earth, and human, for over two weeks. It wasn’t planned, but the human girl that she stays with is at least very helpful. Helpful enough even, that when Twilight mistakenly stumbled upon a certain human passed time, she gingerly explained everything there was to it. It hadn't gone tragically well...but Twilight now understood what it was humans found so fascinating about pornography at least. Now, she also wants to do something about it, but what? And can anyone talk her out of assaulting the internet single-handedly?

This ‘one-shot’ story is the direct sequel to Twilight Watches a Porno and is an offshoot of the story, ‘A Twilight Landing’. It's a fair bit sillier in tone and takes place thirteen days into the story, just after chapter fifteen. If you read this story by itself, the jokes will still make sense. This may also be considered canon.

Cover art is by megasweet.

Co-writen with my friend by the name, Alex Nuage.

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It has been eight long years; the world stands, but in ruins. The Elements of Harmony were powerless to stop them, magic is powerless to stop them. The only line of defense remaining, are the Jaegers; great war mechs designed by the greatest equine minds alive. The greatest of these, is Twilight Sparkle. Helping her save the world, one slain Kaiju at a time, are her friends; and races from around the world.

Author's Notes. This is a crossover story including Pacific Rim and MLP. This is not a retelling, nor are there humans. The concept is preserved, however, there are new exciting twists, as well as an original cast. Twilight and the other characters you know and love will not be filling the roles of characters from the movies. This is an original re-imagining and will tell a different, unique story.

Please Enjoy.

The Cover Art was done by a brilliant, mysterious man named CorneliusEdmond on Derpibooru.

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The grinding gears of fate have been set into motion. One by one, the mane six have been plucked from their lives in Equestria and cast into the unknown. All except for Applejack and Rainbow Dash, that is. Now it's up to the only two remaining Elements of Harmony to uncover the dark machinations behind their friends' disappearances. Will they put aside their differences and work together?

Originally co-Written by Alex Nuage (now Ludicrous Lycan) and MerlosTheMad

This story runs parallel to the other stories in the "Madverse." Those stories are A Twilight Landing, My Little Marriage So Many Wonders, and Abhorsen by MerlosTheMad

Cover Art done by AeronJVL

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