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Are you a pegasister like me who likes human in Equestria but wishes the girls got in sometimes? Well you have come to the right place!

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well everypony how are you today

need to ask why use pegasister. Bro and brony are uni sex words which is why both men and women can be bronies why would people then make a name that is only for females. That is kind of mean no?

358781 Yeah what you think I care about sexulisation I just love a good argument!

358780 .......................Are you serious?

You started an argument JUST SO YOU COULD WIN?!

.............Congrats. You have an ego the size of a fucking planet. Yay.

358776 I win = D another point to my internet argument board. Being honest, I don't actually care about winning the fact you are getting all bent out of shape over this is why I am here!

358770 ......Ok i'm done. Not only have we gotten completely off topic, but i am not going to argue this anymore. Especially not to cheer on your ego in that you "Won" this argument. I am out.


What I think you mean is over sexulastion or sexual objectification. which means when men or women are solely noticed because of there looks, or people desire to be them This is different to sexulastion. I fear i may have interpreted you wrong and over reacted . I though you had a problem with all sexulsation as a whole.

Read this it was a very good read and I think helps to illustrate both out points. I think this all may have been a bit of a misunderstanding!

"a person’s value comes only from his or her sexual appeal or behavior, to the exclusion of other characteristics;"

In porn, victory secrets and silly and old movies this may be true but you are hard pushed to find in any self respecting movie, game or book with this now, though they do still exist. Though manga I agree still has the lamp post with mellons attached as the average girl which is unfair standard of beauty but lets be honest no one on earth comes close to some of those girls. And to a degree that is the point to have a perfect girl or man in these comics/ mangas. What about he-man and Conan the barbarian and countless other heroes and protagonists. How many times do Jacob take his shirt of in the second to fifth movie of twilight how many times have men been forced to watch a movie with giant muscle men and felt really uncomfortable. My beef is not with sexulsation which as long as I said does not fall into the category of looks before intelligent or sex object I am fine with it. What I was annoyed at was that you were complaining about sexulasing women in general. Which is not a bad thing as long as they are not over sexulased and I agree some charachters are but even then they cause no damage to players male or female!

"A person is sexually objectified — that is, made into a thing for others’ sexual use, rather than seen as a person with the capacity for independent action and decision making; "

Every person does this when they see someone they are attracted to. It is instinct is this female/ male able to be a good mate and potential parent. But we are more evolved so when we actually get talking to the person we find that we like there personality and traits equally if not more than the in initial attraction or we don't and move on.

Everyone sexually objectifies at some point. When a girl sees a muscular guy her first though is not oh I bet he is great at having debates no it is sexual objectification. The exact same with men.

"when developers create a male lead they usually create one that we, the player would desire to be, and often they are either large, adventuress, muscular, grizzled, confident and/or capable, or a combination of any and/or all of the above. These attributes can be seen in many popular male leads such as Kratos, Marcus Fenix, Master Chief, Solid Snake and even Nathan Drake."
Men in games are often portrayed more or less as "ideals" something male gamers would want to aspire to be like.

358746 ....You are thinking i am wanting to WIN?

.....Fine then. Allow me to get you these.

These are reports. These are where i get that sexualization is wrong. Alright? Read these. I do my research. This is how i form my opinion. Read these, and tell me, in 100% honesty, that it harms no one.

Hell, just read the last one! I'm waiting.

358743 So rather than answering me you are using the avoid the question tactic! That is not how a debate works you have to provide the facts to discredit what I say, other wise you lose all credibility! Tell me why it is a bad thing or this debate is over and I win.

358740 ...........................Oh my god you were serious.

....Forget this, if you REALLY can't do the research as to why over-sexualization of women in the media can be negative to women...Then i'm not having this argument anymore.

358737 Personaly I think been seen as a sexual object is far worse. Look to this day far more males play games than females females don't even make up 20% of gamers. So what does it matter if women are sexulised. It does no harm to anyone. Let me ask you something what does sexulsing do exactly? Can you tell me how it effects women?

358736 ..................Ok, i think you're going a little crazy over this. That wasn't even my POINT, for god's sake. The point i was trying to make is that it is UNFAIR to women that MOST of the protagonists that ARE female are OVERLY SEXUALIZED in the MEDIA. Not just games, but movies, tv shows, AND some cartoons.

358729 Make up, getting buff, reveling clothing expensive and nice looking T-shirts, jeans and so on. Getting all done up to go to a night club and so on. That is all sexulising. Because we want to be seen as sexual to the opposite or in some cases same sex.

Not everyone is attracted to the same thing so, so what! It is when men and women are treated as sexual objects that is when it unacceptable. And don't you dare say they are the same thing. If my girlfriend puts on make up it is not because she wants to spend an hour doing make up and killing her heels in high heels it is because she wants to be sexually appealing to me and vise versa with me to her.

Humans all have different tastes it is just a man with a six pack or a women in scant clothing appeals to younger audience who are still at the stage where they have a similar mind. Also sexualising women what does it do to hurt women in real life.

I have never turned to my girlfriend and said how come you are not dressed in a skimpy outfit and don't have double D's. Why because body appearance is only a tiny fraction of what attracts me to her

It is retarded as well as stupid to make that argument and you suggest that men are so weak that we cant see past our dicks. That by seeing a women half naked with big tits we will what? maybe get aroused and that is it. what else will it do? Sexualising women in "GAMES" hurts no one niether does it hurt anyone in books, movies and comics" Why because the characters don't exist

358701 .......Are you serious?

Are you absolutely serious?

Sexualization is not a bad thing? You're serious?

358700 because it isn't a problem! No one gets hurt and if the games characters are not based on real people then so what. I want to know your evidence that supports that sexulising these characters is a bad thing!

358685 ..My problem? OK, that just angered me. You're the one whom brought this giant argument about a comment i made OVER EIGHT MONTHS AGO.

And i never misunderstood as to WHY sexualization exists. or how it works.Nor did i ever state that characters in books were sexy or that it was wrong for them to be otherwise. And i will not argue that the 80's/90's had far more male gamers than female. All i meant by my comment is that it is a problem that is MOST NOTICABLE amongst FEMALE PROTAGONISTS.

What I don't understand is how you got all of this from me saying that sexualization is a problem with female characters and it is less of a problem with male characters.

358679 So what does it matter. the guys making these people don't give a shit they are getting paid and would make them ugly as sin if told by there boss.

I don't get what your problem is. There is no problem I don't care who the main character is. I have never bought an album from a store and said "damn if only it was a man/women singing this instead"

sexualsation of men and women is because it makes the people more money. Would twilight have been as successful if Edward or Jacob, looked like your average guy. Fuck no.

Aragon was actually not attractive in the lord of the rings books and neither was hermione in harry potter books. Characters in books are allowed to be as ugly as they like because people imagine what they look like from the knowledge they get.

But when you have to sell visual material games comics, movies you have to have an attractive cast. and I am sorry every Tarzan movie every fighting movie you see big ripped guys with no shirts on. Males were equally sexulised as women.

Games sexuilsed women because of the audience and don't deny up to 1990s very and I mean very few women played video games. So why would developers bother when back then it was mostly young teens playing them adults gamer were not as big as they are today. So they had to keep in mind that young and in most cases horny teens wanted ogle at females tits. Now however we are far more fair letting both men and women ogle the other sex.

Also what does it matter if they are sexualised. If like bayoneta they are kicking waves after wave of ass why does it matter if they are sexy as hell. I would rather play that than a chubby pimply twenty something man/woman. And I can say with confidence that women feel the same! When we play a game we get into the character and put ourselves in there shoes not good when they are ugly as fuck.

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