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Female in Equestria

This is officially a thing!

Everyone here knows of HiE, the stories where there is a human who is, through some form or another, transported through time/space/dimensions into the wonderful world of Equestria.
While that is all well and dandy, the unfortunate truth is that of all of the HiE fics out there, only a tiny percentage of those groups has a female human coming through to Equestria... why not?(Because most of them are shoddy self inserts by horny boys)

So, that brings us to the heart and purpose of this group; this is a group dedicated to both the few FiE fics out there and also to usher in a new era, filled with FiE!

If you know of any FiE fics, bring them here.
If you don't know of any FiE fics... write one
Or you can peruse this group for the current ones out there...
Have fun :pinkiecrazy:

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Interesting. I’ve not done a ‘HiE’ story before, but am intrigued now.

Is there a thing on who can join???:rainbowhuh:

So my story has not 3, not 4, not 5 count'em 2 female main characters. I actually have a large cast to work with, but one of the female leads has taken up a lot of focus as I've written out my story. The second has got some story time to help set up how the world she's now in works, and will soon start getting more attention as she helps to shape the outcome and integration of human and pony culture.

Sexy time is a theme in my story, but don't expect thoughtless smut and lewd behavior. Or maybe a little bit of lewdness from one of the ladies in question. Old habits and all.

I've got a female United States Marine Corps combat engineer corporal landing in Equestria equipped with nothing but a sidearm, the contents of her Tesla Model X, and her mind. She's read many stories with similar scenarios, and has all sorts of plans for Equestrian technology laid out(though of course she runs into problems). She vows to never give up searching for a road home, especially with all the anomalies she keeps finding that seem to indicate that possibility. It is a crossover with another fanfiction with the author's permission, so another more "classic" human is already in Equestria before her. However, he is far less genre-savvy than the marine and nothing close to a soldier. MLP does exist on Earth in this timeline, and the corporal has seen a portion of it. She is tight-lipped about what information she discloses, lest she be seen as insane or sought after by every bad guy from the show.

This group really needs more attention.

Personally, I am male, but I like female protagonists, generally, as there is generally less of a social stigma of what their personality is "supposed" to be like.

For example, it's almost required for a non-brony male human protagonist to initially recoil at the "girliness" of Equestria. But a female protagonist can do something "manly" and be praised for it.

The point is, I want to see more fics like this, and while I am ludicrously picky about the fics I read, I already noticed that two of my favorite HiEs are in this group.

I'll just leave this here...
Elves in Equestria!

Does it still count as HiE if she's an Elf?

My story has a female who gets transported to Equestria but she's not the main character. That being said, she's a major character, and is noted for her insane abilities to plot and deduct. She also plays a pivotal role in tracking down a psychic creature that can possess people.

395278 Did her parts change?

So I created a story where a human female was sent to equestria but she ended up looking like a male but she's still female, would that still count as FiE?

I'd like to read about Lady Lara Croft winding up in Equestria and teaming up with Daring Do, that'd be so cool y'know!^_^

374066 I say yes! I love essence of pure maddness!

Does a human male turning into catgirl count?

So I'm writing a story where a human female winds up in Equestria. So I'll just go ahead and join this group, mention that the human is a gadget loving electrician and link it here:

366499 The title's "Destination" in my folder and now waiting for your approval. And yeah, you might want to add a Male&Female folder. It looks like there's a little more mix then a simple, lone Females in Equestria stories. Just saying, please don't hate me, I promise I'll make a complete FiE story in the future. I just need time.:fluttershbad:

I'm thinking it goes in both FiE and HiE, as there are humans in equestria and there is a female.

I think we might need a male&female folder in the FiE group.

Also, I think I'd like to read your story, if that's ok with you that is...


366494 Oh, okay.
I started a story that has a female character, but also has a male. I'm not too sure if it should be in FiE. Not that I submitted it, anyways. Can you help me to answer that question?:fluttercry:

Not Safe For Work.
Usually applied to graphic material or things that would likely get you fired.

Worse is the NSFL tag, which ypu won't see much of at all. (Not Safe For Life).


What does NSFW stand for?:rainbowhuh:

Mouse. Story Folder. Done.

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