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Been away for a while. Figured I'd give writing for this fandom a shot.

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Chrysalis Joins the Rebel Alliance. · 11:29am Aug 5th, 2017

So what do you guys think? I have a ways to go on A Battledroid Saves Equestria but I was thinking this would be good as a sequel. Let me know what you guys think.

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Er yeah it was one of the mods that pulled it. It was up for several hours this morning as I had used the feature that lets you skip moderation. It probably wasn't smart to do so but i thought I had covered all my basses.

Apparently not.

Gonna be working hard to bang out a seccond chapter over the next few days so it should be going back up after that's done.

Have you asked one of the admins about it then? Usually, they let you know if there isn't enough MLP content to warrant being added. Maybe there was just a misunderstanding.




Hey guys. Yeah sorry about that. The password is avbs the mods pulled it. Not a high enough fraction of pony in the first chapter apparently

I know that, but why is it there?


Has a password lock on it. :facehoof:

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