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Lord Dragon

Long live the Bronies. Death to the haters. May they die by dragon fire. May they burn in Tartarus.


Hacked!!! · 5:15am Apr 2nd, 2017

I HAVKED MY DRAGON!!!!! It's Kitty Cheshire!!! I'm here!!!

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I tried several times. Skype even a texted but my old phone broke. So I can see why that would work. Thought you might have just got tired of talking to me.

Well, you should PM me, then.

Would have been nice to hear from you again. Never a easy one to get ahold of.

Hello! 'Tis my pleasure to accredit such a masterful piece of art, and I do so honestly.

Indeed... I am alive... And I'm staying here indefinitely...

  • Viewing 472 - 476 of 476
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