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All is well in the Pineapple Nation. Everyone is equal. No enemies. :twilightsmile:

No we are not communists.


Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT necropost on the forums. That means don't reply/comment on a thread that's been dead for months (Remember, weeks are different from months). The only thread(s) I will allow you to necropost in is the FAQ or any other sticky thread.

Failure to follow this one simple rule will result in a warning through PM. Repeated necroposting will result in a 3 day ban. That is all.


The War: 12.19.15
Duration: 4 hours
Winner: None

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404511 I was promised handling the enjoyment of pickles situation in one week.

That week has passed. :V

404499 That's a situation we'll be talking about later in the week. :moustache:

Maybe :trollestia:

B-But what if I like pickles!?


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