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Please Read my Carrd before interacting: https://larrydog.carrd.co/. Just a guy addicted to shipping and Next gens and shipping Svengallop with every Male and my oc

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    story ideas

    I have no idea I'm gonna write any of these I'm just writing these here for later if I get inspired later

    -Featherbangs x Big Mac x Cheese Sandwich x Sans Smirk poly story
    -Bright Mac x Burnt Oak AU story
    -half gender-bending popular straight ships gay writing challenge
    -gay Spike harem story
    -Svengallop x oc Series
    -Svengallop x Troubleshoes story
    -Double Diamond x Svengallop x Party Favor poly story
    -Sombra x Shining Armor x Spearhead story

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Writing Staus and To do list

To do list:
Button Mash x Rumble x Tender Taps Fanfic (Sfw)
Svengallop x Daunting Ship (oc) fanfic (Sfw)
Flash Sentry x Sunburst Fanfic (Sfw)


Story Trades


Stories I'm currently writing

Things I will Write:
Things I Might Write:
Things I won't write:

Top 25 Favorite Ships

A little bit about me (will update later):

Favourite Pony:
Favourite Pairing:
Favourite Non Mane Six:
Favourite Villain:
Favourite CMC:
Favourite Fimfic:

Least Favourite Pony:
Least Favourite Pairing:
Least Favourite Non Mane Six:
Least Favourite Villain:
Least Favourite CMC:
Least Favourite Fimfiction:

1.SvenFlamshoes (Svengallop x Flam x Troubleshoes)
2.CheeseSmirk (Cheese Sandwich x Sans Smirk)
3.ShiningSombra (Shining Armor x Sombra)
4.Flashburst (Flash Sentry x Sunburst)
5.FeatherMac (FeatherBangs x Big Mac)
6.Soarlane (Soarin x Thunderlane)
7.Cabuizotl (Dr.Caballeron x Ahluzotl)
8.NeighRider (Chancellor Neighsay x Windrider)
9.BluePants (Blueblood x Fancy pants)
10.Diamondfavor (Double Diamond x Party Favor)
11.DumbHoops (Dumbbell x Hoops)
12.TrenderDisBreeze (Zephyr Breeze x Discord x Trenderhoof)
13.BrightOak (Bright Mac x Burnt Oak)
14.NightOrange (Nightlight x Uncle Orange)
15.GentleIgneous (Igneous Rock Pie x Gentle breeze)
16.CarrotRich (Carrot Cake x Filthy Rich)
17.TimeJeff (Dr.Whooves/Time Turner x Jeff Letowski)
18.DonutGrand (Donut Joe x Gustav le Grand)
19.NeonHorseshoe (Frederick Horseshoepin x Neon Lights)
20.QuibbleBriar (Quibblepants x Mudbriar)
21.PharyLock (Pharynx x Shadowlock)
22.FlimShill (Flim x Silver Shill)
23. JackBucks (Jackpot x Big Bucks)
24. FIreWheat (Firelight x Cracked Wheat)
25.RockFlash (Rockhoof x Flash Magus)

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I added you back

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Sure. Whatโ€™s your discord?

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