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Not here as much as I want too at the moment if you wanna Chat with me for any reason send me a note and we can talk there or Discord if you wish.

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    More updating

    I've been up to a lot the past few days, it's the new year, and despite this year already starting off rough for me, I've been making an effort to draw every day. its been going well I mean I still don't really like my art at all but it feels nice to commit to something again and if you wanna see all my art progress I might show it here in future blogs or you could send me a note asking for my discord and we could talk there and I can show you my art progress as I do it daily.

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Top 25 Favorite Ships

1.Svenshoes (Svengallop x Troubleshoes)
2.CheeseSmirk (Cheese Sandwich x Sans Smirk)
3.ShiningSombra (Shining Armor x Sombra)
4.Flashburst (Flash Sentry x Sunburst)
5.FeatherMac (FeatherBangs x Big Mac)
6.Soarlane (Soarin x Thunderlane)
7.Cabuizotl (Dr.Caballeron x Ahluzotl)
8.NeighRider (Chancellor Neighsay x Windrider)
9.BluePants (Blueblood x Fancy pants)
10.Diamondfavor (Double Diamond x Party Favor)
11.DumbHoops (Dumbbell x Hoops)
12.TrenderBreeze (Zephyr Breeze x Trenderhoof)
13.BrightOak (Bright Mac x Burnt Oak)
14.NightOrange (Nightlight x Uncle Orange)
15.GentleIgneous (Igneous Rock Pie x Gentle breeze)
16.CarrotRich (Carrot Cake x Filthy Rich)
17.TimeJeff (Dr.Whooves/Time Turner x Jeff Letowski)
18.DonutGrand (Donut Joe x Gustav le Grand)
19.NeonHorseshoe (Frederick Horseshoepin x Neon Lights)
20.QuibbleBriar (Quibblepants x Mudbriar)
21.FlamBurn (Flam x Braeburn)
22.FlimShill (Flim x Silver Shill)
23. JackBucks (Jackpot x Big Bucks)
24. FIreWheat (Firelight x Cracked Wheat)
25.RockFlash (Rockhoof x Flash Magus)

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