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A place where the most important question is "But what if noodlier?"

This group is dedicated to Pasu-Chan’s Noodleverse :yay:

The Noodleverse is a species-swap alternate universe, with the mane six and their families swapped with species that they interacted with in the show or comics. So instead of the pony mane six, we’ve got:

Currently, there is an ongoing series written by me (Krickis) about the discovery of the Elements of Harmony under the title Harmony's Chosen. While that arc will be entirely handled by me, others are more than welcome to write in this universe if they wish to! In fact, if you're interested and want to talk ideas, PM me and I'll gladly workshop anything Noodleverse with you :twilightsmile:

All artwork on this page was done by Pasu-Chan. You can see all of the Noodleverse artwork on her blog here or backed up onto Manebooru here :ajsmug:

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I'm very pleased to hear that! If you haven't checked the art, Manebooru currently has 263 Noodle images, so be sure to look there! As for fics, Call of the Mountain will update twice a week until it's entirely posted, and I'm hoping to start outlining a third Noodleverse fic this week. So there will be more noodles, that much I can assure you!

And for anyone who wants more noodle content, the best thing you can do is leave nice comments like this one :twilightsmile: If you have a Tumblr, sending in a nice ask to Pasu letting her know her AU is being appreciated might also encourage her to keep drawing the noodles!

I greatly enjoy your noodles and request more :)

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