Earth pony OC's Rule!! 36 members · 49 stories

This group is made for earth pony OC's, that are the mane pony, or play a big role in a multi OC story.
This group is also a call to arm's for earth pony activist/lover's.
Who see alicorns, unicorns and pegasuses as over used in the fandom, so come along my fellow ponies,
let us show them the true strength, resistance and engineering of the earth ponies,
So Telly Ho!
(edit, the main six alone are to be used lightly)

Group Rules
1. Add stories to proper folder's.:twilightsmile:
2. Creative criticism is allowed .:trollestia:
And last, but not least.:ajsmug:
3. The improbable is always possible, no matter the odd's.:pinkiehappy:

live long and prosper, and may the force be with you.
Sir, Geboren. ;)

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Guess I need to be here too.
I just added a story in the E section, hope it was right.
May be an idea to add further explanation as to how you intend the folders to work?

Awesome, thanks for the invitation!

Thanks for the invite. :pinkiehappy:

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