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I'm a gay nutjob that writes whatever weird ideas come to his head. I like M/M ships, odd pairings, zombies, and drinking. I also hope to be a contestant on Survivor one day.

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What should be next for SlutSpike? · 2:48am June 20th

As you have have seen, I haven't touched my Chronicles of a Sluttified Spike story in a couple weeks due to other projects like Shut Up And Dance, as well as the two commissions I wrote/finished (and BTW, I can take others if anyone is interested. Prices are still $6 per thousand words). Well, I tried to write out a new chapter last night, and it turned out that I got myself in a bit of a rut because of it. I certainly have a few ideas of what to try, but I'm not sure which one is the most concrete to go with. I also had an idea for something especially daunting, but it might be better for a spinoff story or even for a different writer (basically, it'd be Spike sluttifying the rest of his friends as advised by Celestia). But since that idea is definitely not what I wanna try next, I was thinking of maybe seeing what you guys think of the ideas I currently have for consideration. For the moment my options are:

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Slot One: Available
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If anyone is curious about buying a commission for a fic (SFW or NSFW), I'm willing to accept payment through paypal. My rates start at $6 per thousand words, although that price may vary depending on length/content. With that being said, here are a list of things I am NOT willing to write about:
-Futa (nothing wrong with it, I'm just sick of seeing futa on this site)
-Anthro (same as above, but EQG is okay)

Anything not in that list is up for consideration, so if you have a story idea you want to commission, just PM me with the specifics and the price range you're willing to pay. If the story seems interesting, I can work something out. :raritywink:

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After two years I finally managed to come back to read Brushed Away 2. I love Lyle. Thanks for writing such entertaining stories :)


Speaking as the evil breeding bastard i am, one of these is supposed to offend, but is funny, and one is supposed to be funny, but is offensive... and i feel like a bastard either wayy:raritydespair:

I've already gotten a lot of requests and suggestions in the comments, as well as PMs, but I'm always open to hear more!

I'm loving your " Sluttified Spike" story so far! Do you by any chance take requests?

Damn, I never noticed you had over 500 followers, go you! :raritystarry:

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