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I'm a shameless neckbeard who has a knack for writing a LOT of smut. I have an Official Patreon page (Patreon.com/TheVClaw), and I also take commissions to help support myself as a freelance writer.

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Post-Moving Update: One Week Later · 2:09am May 9th

Hey, everybody! The last time I made any announcements on my social media, it was about how my Boyfriend and I were planning to move cross-country and live with a friend in a new state. The decision was both really difficult, and strangely easy for the two of us to make; since "inflation" was causing rent at our previous apartment to rise, and the place itself was getting way too problematic to justify the higher price each month, we decided to put all our cash into a UHaul and drive over 800

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Schedule and Commission Info

Slot One: Gallus/Terramar clopfic (October Poll Winner)
Slot Two: Robin Hood's Late Night Plan (June Poll Winner)
Slot Three: Celestia vs. Celestia's Clone at Riverside Station (May Randomizer Winner)
Slot Four: Miles Edgeworth Bondage Fic (July Randomizer)

I also have a Patreon page if you want to contribute in that way: https://www.patreon.com/TheVClaw

If anyone is curious about buying a commission for a fic (SFW or NSFW), I'm willing to accept payment through my paypal. My rates start at $15 per thousand words, although that price may vary depending on length/content. I'd prefer to take oneshots only, as those are easier to process and finish. Also note that I WILL NOT accept any requests regarding unaired/leaked episodes that have not been released yet. Fimfiction doesn't allow them anyway, and I do not want to be spoiled after avoiding them for so long. Here are my rules and prices in regards to various commission types.

Hard No's (no price will make me say yes):
-Bestiality (this includes Human/Pony)
-Gore in a Sexual Manner
-Stories connected with the Fall of Equestria universe
-Racist, Transphobic, or Nazi-affiliated themes

Iffy Requests ($20 or more per thousand words):
This is for stories that either have really iffy kinks I don't normally write, or themes I feel are overdone (diapers, futa, anthro, F/F, etc.). This is also for things that might border on Hard-No's, but not enough to be on the list if the setup is interesting. Keep in mind that writing commissioned stories is more of a hobby than a job, so I don't feel like I should be pressured into writing anything I don't want to do. If the story or setup itself has me intrigued I might do it; just expect it to be a bit pricier than the commissions I usually take.

Standard Commissions ($15 per thousand words, like usual):
This is for stories (SFW or NSFW), that I'm comfortable with doing, and themes I've done before. I specialize in M/M works and occasionally comedies, so those things are fitting for this category. I can also try newer things at this price if the idea is appealing/comforting enough.

Art/Story Trades:
If you're an artist who wants a story, I would be open to accepting a commission in exchange for art (specifically, artwork of my OCs Troy and Canvas). However, I would need to talk with you privately in terms of what can be done/what both of us would want. But if your art is good, and your commission idea is worth doing, I'll keep an open mind. ;)

Anything not in that list is up for consideration, so if you have a story idea you want to commission, just PM me with the specifics and the price range you're willing to pay. If the story seems interesting, I can work something out. :raritywink:

Art and Stuff

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If you ever do a teleplay of Brushed Away I think I found the guy who could do Troy. Jonathan Allen from America's Got Talent. He sang opera and he was great. He is also gay.

Thanks for the follow :D

Hey, are you and your boyfriend doing okay?

Next time you're taking commissions (and I have the funds to buy one) have you ever considered an alternate timeline where Shining Armor basically inverts the showing his place series, bringing Sombra in his and Cadance's relationship as a vouyer, before taking Sombra along the same chastity to gelding route that Shining underwent?

(sorry for not responding sooner, I've been busy with writing and IRL stuff)

I'm currently working on a commissioned sequel to Unfamiliar Patterns, which will feature some comedic (SFW) shenanigans between Rarity, her family, and her girlfriend Zecora during dinner.

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