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I'm a shameless neckbeard who has a knack for writing a LOT of smut. I have an Official Patreon page (Patreon.com/TheVClaw), and I also take commissions to help support myself as a freelance writer.


It's been a week since the Royal Wedding, and Twilight and her friends are back in Ponyville, safe and sound. However, ever since they returned from Canterlot, all of Twilight's friends have gone through large bouts of guilt over ignoring her warnings. But of all her friends, Twilight is most concerned about Spike, who keeps waking up in the middle of the night with severe panic attacks.

Despite all her best efforts, Twilight hasn't been able to get her assistant to talk about his dreams, or make him feel better about himself since that day. But after another restless night, Twilight has had enough, and refuses to let him go until he talks about his dream.

However, when Spike finally confesses his recurring nightmare, he talks about what could've happened if Twilight never saved the wedding. And what she discovers, is much worse than she could've ever imagined.

I want to thank CYOA_Anon on 4Chan for helping proofread this. The original pic was made by sherwoodwhisper on Deviantart here.

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SO SAAAAAAAAAD :raritycry: :fluttercry:

This is how they should've apologized in the Wedding.

Also at her friends, mentor, and brother.

WE should be upset at the Changeling Queen instead, I hate it when ponies beat themselves up. It's as if you want Twilight hate them. This is one reason why I wrote Bitterness is that wangst and whining.

By the way, sorry if I sound like Squidward in this

But it'll been better if Twilight told this to everyone instead of just SPike.

PS: Everyone I apologized for making everyone cry, but this is how the reconciliation should've been.

JBL #4 · May 11th, 2014 · · ·

A well-known concept used quite well. :twilightsmile:

Over the past few days, the baby dragon has become more attached to Twilight than usual, going out of his way to help her in any way he could.

This could be developed into a story by itself. Spike running around, doing whatever Twilight wants and more, running himself ragged because that's the only way he knows how to make it back up to her

...after Rainbow Dash came by and practically begged the unicorn to punch her in the face to "call it even."

Another good idea for a story. RD following Twilight around, begging her to punch her in the face. :rainbowlaugh:


One thing. Got to try and keep those tenses consistent. You use past tense mostly, but sometimes it slips.

Over the past few days, the baby dragon has become more attached to Twilight than usual

Twilight is even more concerned over how the drake acted

Just a heads up :)

This story is very spot on.


4369533 :eeyup: Spot on.
I love Avatar the last Airbender.

Poor Spike... :fluttercry:
I gotta say, Spike's description of Chrysalis' triumphant laughter and her usage of "your precious Twilight" really reminded me of Maleficent after Aurora touched the spindle:

By the way, it's spelled "revealed."

This story touches me deeply, for I had a friend do that very thing in our apartment. She never gave one clue to her intention, she just waited until we'd all left for the day, and then hung herself off a ceiling fan. I was the first one to find her, and that's kind of a good thing, because if her boyfriend had come home from work and seen her, he probably would have joined her.
Suicide solves no problems. Friends and family are left empty, which turns into anger. A hole is created in their lives, which never heals over. It's been over 10 years since that happened, and all I can think is how very foolish she was to do that. She was only 20 years old.

Pleae write the dream sequence.


I've read some powerful stuff involving Spike and Twi...but this...man. Seriously, well done, VERY well done indeed! I don't think words I know will ever be enough, but I regard this as one of my all time favorites.

I don't think I could forgive them that quickly if I was Twilight, but when they beat themselves up so much over it, it does make it hard to hold a grudge...

I suppose the eventual comparisons to Post Nuptials and Families are inevitable, being based on the same episode and basic idea, but this does really seem to be its own thing, and a worthy addition to the array of continuations of A Canterlot Wedding.

Honestly, the only version of this story I like more is Post Nuptials, and that's just because that one goes into detail on everyone's perspectives, not just Twilight and Spike.

Well written, thumbs up.

What would have happened if everypony had agreed with Twilight, but it turned out she was WRONG?

I don't think this is actually that dark... well... sorry suicide is dark... and the thought processes are quite mature/grim... IDk. I was slightly worried about the Dark tag, but now that I think about it its deserved.

Haven't read this yet, but I just wanted to say congrats on the Feature! :pinkiehappy:

This is very well done, and a rather realistic look at what Spike might have nightmares about after the wedding. As someone who is both quite mature (he can't be younger than a teenager realistically) and quite young (still a baby in dragon terms), it makes sense that he would dream about a rather dark situation, yet still be innocent enough to be truly frightened that she might have committed suicide, rather than just being upset.
That Zuko and Iroh scene still makes me cry. Reconciliation done right.

This is something new. I've found many types of stories on this site. Some stories make my heart ache. Others make me sit there for a moment to register what I just read. This is the first one that made my heart bleed.
The frightening part is how realistic this is. If it weren't for the age limit and media watchdogs, I could easily see this fitting into canon. I'm not one for including pieces of fanon into the original work, but this is really tempting me to do so. I applaud this story with what little physical strength I have left. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find a good place to rest for the incoming heart attack.
You're not helping my condition at all! That Avatar scene is enough of a tear jerker on its own. The term overkill comes to mind.

4371334 I might have another one that falls into this category if you are feeling brave enough to read it.

As amazing as this story is, Black Kyurem is still extremely pissed off with the original episodes and despises them to no end. In Black Kyurem's opinion, they were the worst episodes ever created, maybe even on the face of this earth.

Wow, a sad fic I actually enjoyed? What sorcery do you possess, TheVClaw? Normally I stay too far away from anything tagged as sad to not be able to hit it with a ten foot pole but this was rather good. Have an upvote.

i cried so hard while reading this

JLB #24 · May 11th, 2014 · · 1 ·

4370699 Just general awkwardness and a couple of blames thrown around, nothing much.

I liked this. This is the reason I think everyone would feel so guilty, even though you could argue that they were justified: Twilight could have died. Even without suicide, if Chrysalis had had half a brain she could have ended Twilight right then and there. No wonder they felt guilty.

That would make the whole thing even more of a wall banger. Not only would it be even more OOC for Twilight to be jealous like this (over a brother we just heard about, no less) but everypony else just jumping on the bandwagon and acting like her? No thank you.

It's possible for her friends to be supportive of her without necessarily agreeing with her. There's a range between wholehearted acceptance and cold rejection. They know that she gets this way some times, they know how emotionally fragile she can be, and they can see how distraught she is, right or wrong. Celestia, at least, should've known better than to simply ditch her in her time of distress. It's not that they didn't believe her, it's that they abandoned her.

Magneficent story!

:ajsleepy:I can't help but feel...

...that I am the most evil person here because I found that bit with Chrysalis hilarious.:ajsmug:
But yeah, nice story you got here. I can tell it's sad. I understand where all the characters are coming from (silleh Ranbu:rainbowwild:) and I get why this is considered "heartfelt". I guess I'm just not able to feel sad.

Wow, that was powerful... I've read a lot of sad stories before, but this one is so very sad:fluttercry::raritycry::fluttercry:.

Not just Twilight but all of his friends got to promise that.

Ooh, I really like that picture. I think i'm gonna read this story after I finish posting my own fic around to get reviers :pinkiehappy:

You know, this story is great and all, but...wouldn't Luna probably take care of this? I mean, it's practically her job to get into her subject's dreams and help them with it, and if he'd been having these nightmares for a while, you think she'd notice, or Twilight would tell her that Spike had been having them.
But yeah, a fantastic story, nonetheless.

The feels man, right in the feels

This story was really awesome :pinkiehappy:

4372667 It's entirely possible a nightmare this persistent and traumatic would be impossible to enter safely for either Luna herself or for the subject, it's like that old superstition that if you wake a sleepwalker they'll die.

4369533 So "wangst and whining" is not okay, but "lashing out and acting like a complete bitch, thus being completely OOC" is just fine.

Sorry, but I can't take anything you say on this subject seriously after you wrote that piece of crap.

What always disappoints me about these types of stories is that no one ever looks at it from Shining Armor's perspective. He'd be the one most deeply affected by everything that happened, after all.

I'll check this out later.


Look what is your beef with me?

I had a reason why Twi is acting like that which I still need to update which admit but let's see you do it better. There, I said it. I never personally attacked you and if I recalled correctly, I replied back about you giving me your first thumbs down in the story but I was still courteous enough to let you know that I wasn't finished.

You know, I find it coincidental that I made Twilight a bitch when you're acting like her in my story. It's not like I had Twilight fucking killed everyone in the room or sold her soul!

4369533 That was truly a heart warming scene from TLAB. I do believe that a proper apologie like that would have been nice to see other than the 'Oh sorry Twi' half arsed one that only AJ gave. To me the biggest complaint wasn't so much that they ignored her and mis treated her, but the fact they were ready to go ahead without her the first time without even once thinking after everything she did for them was what left such a bad taste in my mouth about the moment. And to think, ACW was written by of all people Megan McCarthy who wrote two of some of my favourite episodes 'Party of One' and 'Lesson Zero' which both taught not to misjudge our friend's intentions and never take your friends worries to lightly. It was nice of her to redeem herself big time with the recent finale, but the questions raised from ACW still have yet to be answered.

4373636 Buddy, Meghan McCarthy didn't do any better with the Season 4 finale. She wrote the part where Tirek destroys a library! A LIBRARY!! That totally rapes the importance of reading and it's not cool to show to kids!


Although I should practice what I preach.

Right, I doubt no matter how angry they were at her, they never want her to die.

Although I do like to see CHrysalis rub it in their faces. Or Twilight saying this: (Shamefully ripped off from the Dark Knight)

:twilightangry2:: "What are you trying to prove? That deep down, everypony is cruel and selfish like you? YOU'RE ALONE!"

YOU. Are a very talented writer.

Wow, powerful stuff. Excellent portrayal of Spike's nightmare.

"That's right. I made a bride cry, and you all left to help her because of something I did. If that happened to somepony else instead of me, I doubt that I would've acted that different from any of you…"

You underestimate yourself, Twilight. You, being a GOOD friend, would have helped them to fix their mistake, instead of leaving them to rot.

She deserved to be REPRIMANDED, and given the chance to fix things, she did not deserve to be abandoned for the sake of hanging out with royalty.

Twilight and Spike are more than teacher and assistant; they are truly friends.

Beautiful :3
Makes me want to work on my Canterlot Wedding AU more, to be honest x3

Well... that was heart-renching.

There's so many stories like these from Twilight's perspective. Nice job on the heart-wrenching nightmare, though. It would be great if there was one from Shining or Cadence's POV.

spike speaking in italics was a little confusing. but aside from that. WOW, I mean seriously, wow. this was great. It's not the "sunshine and daises, things are all better now" that's seen in the show. This definitely took it a step further, a step deeper. It was emotional and real, and it got dark. Very well written, it didn't come off a cliche, which is what I was expecting. Awesome story! :ajbemused::fluttercry::pinkiegasp::raritycry::yay:

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