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Perpetually Confused

I can say in no uncertain terms I have no idea what any of this or why I'm doing it

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Summarizing space pones. · 8:05pm Sep 9th, 2020

Apogee is best filly and is not for lewds.

Delta vee needs to get the fuck over herself.

That is all.:twilightsmile:

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thank you for the fav

I see that you are one of my people! I too, am Perpetually Confused.

Curse the futacorn, they drive me too

I love the combination of your user name and profile picture.

Huh? The hell:rainbowhuh: How'd that happen?

Anyway, the video was about some twerp getting upset because he/she/self identified bowl of macaroni salad had to go through the horror, the tribulation of getting a haircut.

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