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Despite the series having ended, Seasons 8 & 9 introduced so many new characters and open-ended plots that were extremely late for the party. In addition to that, some episodes hardly aligned with many of the non-Season 8 and 9 predecessors and were rather questionable in terms of being canonically correct, such as “Daring Doubt”. The fact that Allspark is hardly stepping up to fill the many gaps and holes that were left behind as if they don’t care doesn’t make things any better, that’s for sure.

But, that’s actually where we can come in.

This group here is not only made to be a place where people can come together, whether they like the two seasons or not, but...

It’s a group where stories that expand on what the eighth and ninth seasons introduced can be made, and where what was started by the show-runners behind them can be finished by us. In this case, it’s where we can create our own sequels to the individual episodes and seasons and tackle opportunities that the show team didn’t take at all. A prime example comes from the Student Six, whose stories appear to be far from over.

It’s also a place where people can make alternates, such as stories where the events of the eighth and ninth seasons never happened or a different take of one of the episodes.

All in all, even though “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” ended a while back, that doesn’t mean that the journey started from the last two seasons isn’t over for us or that we can’t create new ones.

It’s time for us to let our imaginations soar the MLP characters to new heights. After all, what fun is there in not doing anything right after the end of the show?
~~~~A Man Undercover


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I'll just FanonDiscontinuity them. I have a feeling G5 will do the same but even if it doesn't, an attempt at friendly discussions turned into heated debates making me feel depressed for liking any part of those seasons besides Silverstream and Ocellus, and think that it's not worth it in the end.

No problem. Welcome to the group.

Ummm.... thx for the invite, even though I didn't ask for this, but thx anyway.

No problem. Welcome aboard.

Thanks for the invite!

Hi I decided to finally join this group.

I here now, lol!

sorry to hear that. I just gave my opinion.

My last thread got a terrible reception so I not only deleted it, but left this group. I guess from a combination of hearing someone complain about the Grogar thing and possibly my satisfaction at Chrysalis's fate wearing off, kinda triggered it. Sorry for annoying all of you.

Hi! Happy to be here!

Why in hell was a diaper fetish story added to this?

Expansions, Reinventions, and Alternates of Seasons 8 and 9.

Seasons 8 and 9 are forgettable. Sometimes when a show lasts for that long, the ideas and concepts can wind up being recycled.

Short for tender loving care.

I sometimes look back on the final two seasons, and try to see them not as complete and utter failures, but challenges. Like a rusty, old hotrod that's lost all its luster because the owner just stopped caring about it. Just needs a little TLC from someone who knows what they're doing, and has the time to do it.

  • Viewing 102 - 121 of 121
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