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When you saw the ninth and final season, did you expect anything except Celestia and Luna's retirement? Didn't you like Twilight to look like Celestia? Didn't you like the fact that Twilight's friends got older and didn't become an alicorn? Or, do you want to imagine that the cartoon ended after the Mlp movie or in the eighth season, because you didn't like the ninth season? If you said yes, to one of these questions, this group is for you.

In this group, you can write and add stories where you can rewrite the ninth season, and you can also write that a reason for the ninth season has not happened. For example: The ninth season was nothing but a dream that Twilight had.


The stories must have as their main theme the re-writing of the ninth season, or else that the ninth season never happened for such a reason.

Be kind to everyone, do not insult any added stories, as much as some may have liked the ninth season, this group is for those who did not like it and would like the ninth season to be in another way or that did not take this direction that we saw. So, respect everyone.

In Forum, the topic has to be about your opinions about the ninth season, and you can even promote your stories, as long as they are to do with rewriting the season or if season 9 did not exist for such reason

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season 9 was an epic fail!:facehoof:

does anybody know how ponies and eq girls have coronavirua right now

i would make it with out many characters including getting red of characters such as flurry hear the young six and others out the season and school or twilight new castle is not need . i would keep the main six the princess discord big mac and others

I’m glad this group exists. Season 9 made me so angry and still does.

that somebody is petty. As if it's going to stop this group lel

Never really watched season 9 but from what I've heard is not to my liking.

I just joined because... why not to?

you're a bit late. someone already went through and downvoted all the comments here

I am going to say nothing substantial and see if this comment still gets a downvote just because it is a comment on a page somebody doesn't like.

Joined because of yours truly being a major hater of Season 9 and it's stupid arc. X3

I agree. There were some good things, but they were largely overshadowed by a lot of not-good things--which is a shame. Some ideas they put forth early on were promising, but something went horribly wrong during the execution.

I think everyone's main point is: This is the finale of a near-decade long series. It shouldn't be "okay", it should be "great!"

For me, season 8 will always be the last season and season 9 is an alternate timeline of future events.

i stopped at season 4

I really didn't like season 9 it was pretty rushed and Twilight's looks.... How lazy can they get? She's basically Celestia recolored. Everything I had hoped for season 9 was turned to dust. Glad this group exists! (No offense to ppl who actually like s 9)

I would say season 9 shouldn’t have been made, at all.

Some of the series does need a rewrite:ajsleepy:.

It was okay, but...messy. I just don't really know what to do with the canon we got, so I'm just kind of sweeping it under the carpet.

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