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When you saw the ninth and final season, did you expect anything except Celestia and Luna's retirement? Didn't you like Twilight to look like Celestia? Didn't you like the fact that Twilight's friends got older and didn't become an alicorn? If you said yes, to one of these questions, this group is for you.

In this group, you can write and add stories where you can rewrite the ninth season, and you can also write that a reason for the ninth season has not happened. For example: The ninth season was nothing but a dream that Twilight had.


The stories must have as their main theme the re-writing of the ninth season, or else that the ninth season never happened for such a reason.

Be kind to everyone, do not insult any added stories, as much as some may have liked the ninth season, this group is for those who did not like it and would like the ninth season to be in another way or that did not take this direction that we saw. So, respect everyone.

In Forum, the topic has to be about your opinions about the ninth season, and you can even promote your stories, as long as they are to do with rewriting the season or if season 9 did not exist for such reason

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In my headcanon, I don’t believe its main story arch happened, but I do believe that some episodes of it did happen. It also has to be revised, and the revised version must not involve the ridiculous story arch of Twilight being forced to rule Equestria against her own will.

Here is an invite to my anti-S9 discord server if anyone is interested.

That episode was the worst piece of garbage I have ever seen, in any show. It's insulting, disgusting, and degrading. It has NO redeeming qualities whatsoever, and was made in bad faith. It's an example of this trope:

The idea was to provide a "hard stop" for fanfiction so the community would "move on" to G5. I ignore the entire S9 arc and anything even tangentially connected to it, so this means I will not EVER watch G5. It was originally supposed to be its own world...if they had stuck to that, I still wasn't really interested, but I might've watched it out of curiosity. But as it is, it is insulting to FIM (S9 took it out back and shot it int he head - this is like taking a dump on the grave). So not touching that with a 100 meter pole. I also completely ignore/disregard the "season 10" comics. There are not "multiple trees of harmony", there is only one, and it's fine.

Hasbro never liked bronies...we didn't make them any money, we just made our own cool stuff to sell to each other. They've ALWAYS wanted to get rid of the brony community, this was the way to do it. The shills that toe the line will "move over" to G5 (I've seen posts on Twitter that say disgusting things like "I'm deleting all my G4 OC's, I've moved to G5"). That means they were never a fan to begin with...sadly there were people who only called themselves bronies because it was "cool". But now I can't even use the term "brony" to describe myself, because people think it means MLP fan now, and I'm NOT an MLP fan. I despise the franchise, and I despise Hasbro. I am a fan of FIM ONLY, and even then only the first 8 seasons (with 3 exceptions in S9 as I said above). So I've gotta come up with a new term. Right now if people ask me if I'm a brony I can only say "sort of" and then add disclaimers, so my answer takes a sentence. Would be nice if we could come up with a new term.

Anyway...I took my leave of the fandom after S9, for the most part. I will still associate with the subset of the fandom that rejects S9. In fact, I've created a Discord server for people that feel as I do, we've gotten a few members. But as far as the "main fandom", I will NOT be part of a community that accepts S9 or G5.

I know There is nothing good about season 9!:facehoof:

I've gone on many rants about S9 in the past...I'll try to keep this brief here, at least for now. For the record, I will say that The Last Problem is the single worst episode of ANY show I have ever seen on TV. It's disgusting, insulting, and it makes the awful finale of Star Trek Enterprise look good in comparison. But for now, I'll post something I posted in another group here, that I think is a good starting point. Obviously I can write a Stephen King length novel on how bad a lot of S9 is overall, but I'd rather keep the novels to individual episode discussions...this is just how I want the season and finale to go in general.

I completely disagree with destroying the tree at all. Instead of "destroying" it, have the tree appear to have something severely wrong with it, and Twilight going nuts (like she always does), only to reveal that the tree has just gotten enough magic from the powered up Elements since the S4 finale, to grow. There can be some uncertainty about what will happen. The tree has been shown to be able to create detailed illusions in What Lies Beneath, so the "destruction" scene (sans Sombra) could be shown in Twilight's dream or something, to warn her something is happening to the tree. We can have all the fear of something happening to the tree still there, since noone knows it's going to happen, only to end in something like Uprooted, except with the Mane 6 instead of the students (the students can be there to help, but should not be implied to be new element wielders). Sombra is not capable of destroying the tree...he is nowhere near as powerful as Discord, and Discord doesn't even hold a candle to it (it withstood one of his attacks for 1000 years while depowered due to the elements being removed). I'm not really a fan of having a new "big threat" anyway...FIM Is not that kind of show. It's not like Stargate SG-1 where they have to have a new big bad every season. That's called serial escalation, and while it sometimes works for sci-fi, FIM doesn't need it.

My Rainbow Power is just the powered up Elements, after they were powered up in Twilight's Kingdom. They can't be destroyed, the very idea is ludicrous. It also makes sense for the Mane 6 to be closer to their elements after that, so they can just summon them, or even use their power "remotely" if necessary. The tree growing, would enable things like this.

While I'm not against the students themselves, the purpose of the students is to learn to take lessons back to their homelands. I don't even want it implied that they can or will replace the Mane 6 someday. They shouldn't be implied to have any connections to the Elements. There's no problem with them HELPING the Mane 6, there should be no mention of ever replacing them, because I plan for the ending to be in the present, looking opmistically toward the future. Leave the future to speculation, headcanons, and fanfiction. Don't say or even imply anything.

No shipping for any of the Mane 6 should even be implied. We don't need that crap. Leave that to people's headcanon and fanfiction, so that people can imagine what they want.

Some S9 episodes are ok as is (Point of No Return, Going to Seed, Common Ground). Between Dark and Dawn can definitely be salvaged with a few changes. 1) get rid of the "roll call" at the beginning (it takes a lengthy explanation to explain what that is). 2) make the plot "Celestia and Luna want a vacation". That's it. No implication of "retirement", just a vacation. 3) get rid of the stupid amulet that "gives Twilight their powers". That's ludicrous, drop it. Sparkle's Seven can be salvaged, if the reference to Sombra is removed, and make the security upgrade due to the Storm King instead. Also add a framing segment to it, where it's everyone telling their stories about how they tried to get around the security. And explain the silliness of the episode as all of the stories being embellished. Think Pony Point of View, but much more lighthearted. That allows the episode to keep the silly stuff without it breaking things.

Most everything else - REMOVE IT. FIM is not a show that needs big bad guys, big fights, and serial escalation. The world does not fit that kind of storyline. We had our big fight with Tirek, don't need more. Instead make the new S9 a smaller season, mostly slice of life stuff. The ending should be, in the words of a friend, "the least important day of your life". Just show everyone doing their normal stuff, along with a promise at the end that no matter how complex life gets, they won't move away from each other, and will always be best friends.

Instead of new villians, how about reforming Cozy? Cadance could semi-adopt her, and try to get to the bottom of what her issues are. It would be interesting if she had issues causing her to be the way she is, like Starlight. Tirek can just stay where he is, he's been there for a very long time anyway.

Also, the over the top/OOC stuff in S9 needs to be severely toned down. That's all I can think of off the top of my head right now, but I can go into more at some point if discussions about changes to specific episodes happen.

With how quickly Equestria seemingly fell apart in G5 with all of the Tribes segregated and filled with paranoia and racism, it shows exactly how much blind faith Celestia had placed into a mare that she had brainwashed from the very beginning and slowly warped to accidentally become her greatest sycophant. All of Equestria as it stood for the last 1000 years has been built around worshipping Princess Celestia and instilling love and obedience for Celestia above all others, even to the point where her own sister was left unloved (and that problem hasn't even been negated or properly addressed at all throughout all of the shows run with Luna barely getting anything except for two holidays that do nothing more than to demonize Luna and elevate Celestia even further)

Beyond that, Twilight Sparkle has again distressingly shown less and less natural curiosity or even initiative as the series progressed; she has no agency or desires all of her own, she is not a leader but instead a puppet that Celestia has taken away from her friends in Ponyville and dropped her in the middle of Canterlot where her friends wouldn't always be around to protect her from its greatest of enemies... and not just from the enemies that Equestria had made in lands beyond, but from those within the very nation they governed who would be vicious and greedy enough in power to try taking advantage of Twilights' position for their own selfish aims and goals. Look no further an example of this than in Chapter Seven of Alicornundrum: where Twilight's own father got drunk enough to have him unknowingly sign a marriage contract pledging a recently-ascended Twilight Sparkle to Prince Blueblood, and that if somehow her parents tried to back out of the deal or seek to renegotiate it with him: Duke Blueblood would repossess all of her families' estate and wealth as compensation. Eventually the matter was dropped, but it shows just how vulnerable Twilight truly even is when she is left on her own in a place of power.

Aside from issues with Twilights' own confidence and leadership skills being limited only to leading a small band and in dealing with a classroom of students, Equestria has very little of a track record when it comes to properly defending their territory and citizens from dangerous threats both internal and external as many a Brony would tell you: especially those fans that are in either active service or part of the reserves.

"I think only Caesar could lead the Legion. I've never met anyone who could take his place. I couldn't. I never had a mind for logistics. I don't know Lanius, but from what I heard, he has no interest in leading anyone unless it's in battle. No. The Legion dies with Caesar. What follows now are just the last steps of a man who does not yet realize... he is walking dead."

-Joshua Graham, Fallout: New Vegas

Believe me when I say that this quote best sums up everything I have already said regarding how Celestia has destroyed Equestria by leaving Twilight Sparkle in-charge of everything.

Season 9 as a whole was an animated atrocity!:facehoof:

Why did MLP have to suffer the same fate as Game of Thrones?!:fluttercry::facehoof:

Season 9 left me feeling empty and unsatisfied. Especially the final three episodes.

I am so unhappy right now! There was an user who replied to my comment. And that user used offensive words and kinda criticized my comment!:flutterrage:

Today, I had a strange dream about MLP Equestria Girls. It felt wierd, a bit shocking, and new. When I woke up, it was a dream but not watching an actual animation episode.

sorry I let my temper get the best of me!:fluttershysad:

I'm being honest. It's true. My younger friend told me that she really called Hasbro and they replied yes to her favor. I will call Hasbro ASAP to check and provide specific reasons.:ajsmug:

Please don't use offensive words. That would be the reason why your comment received many dislikes.

Comment posted by Writers Creative_0227 deleted Jan 29th, 2021

I hate season 9!(Especially the very final episode) Why did every characters became old? What happened to Princess Celestia and Luna? What about the villains? So what happens next? Is it completely the end? Seriously? I sent an email to Habro for making new seasons!

Season 9 was just unacceptable!:flutterrage::facehoof:

I hate you Season 9!:flutterrage:

Corona doesn't exist at all in Equestria or Equestria Girls. The show ended before it became what it has. And even with everything they did wrong with seasons 8 and 9.

Hasbro would never be that stupid to add it to the franchise. It's sick as f:twilightangry2::flutterrage:k fans who added it and started doing stories with the idea the virus exists in either world.

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