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Yoso, From The Ohvist~! · 12:30pm Apr 2nd, 2014

...huh, I have absolutely NO IDEA what I am supposed to do here in the Blog Post section. Is it supposed to be like a video channel trailer for Youtube? Or a Journal Update from DeviantART? Ah well, I'll figure it out with given time... okay, things to talk about, things to talk about. Oh, I got one! Why am I still stuck with the Hearths-Warming Eve pic of Fluttershy for the Fimfiction selection whenever I get on this site? Nah that's a bit cheesy, dig deeper man.

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Thanks for the fav!

1102355 Star Wars. Plain and Simple.:ajsmug:

Comment posted by FenrisianBrony deleted Apr 14th, 2014

Thanks for the fave my good sir.:moustache:
May I ask what drew you in?

1064833 Here's to a soon-to-be-released second chapter. If you ever need anything...

Thanks for faving Worlds Intertwined. I really appreciate it!


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