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Okay, New Story, New Content... · 3:47am Nov 13th, 2022

I'm calling on all of you lovely weirdoes to come up with some character names for me. I have a story a-brewin', and I need your help to come up with Pegasus-type names for who would be in it.

Several character slots have already been established:

  • Bold Atreus Freefall
  • Clarion Raindancer
  • Sunbright Break
  • Acorn Branch
  • Fiscal "Swindle" Effort
  • Nimblest Wave
  • Mocha Smooth
  • Hot Shot
  • Patchwork Quill
  • Tender Care

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Sorry about the way JimmyHook19's been acting towards you. I know we disagree on a lot of things but it's no excuse for a person to be rude to you.

I'm ready to put all of this nonsense behind us.
I am willing and able to part ways with this in an amicable fashion, since you have twelve stories underneath your belt and I don't have any particular reason to seek quarrel with you. I barely even know you. All I do is just call things as I see them, and from my perspective; G5 is just going to get lousier and lousier, where it will follow the same tired route:

  • Sunny Starscout will somehow connect the dots back to Opaline.
  • Opaline will get power at the cost of Mistys' allegiance.
  • Misty will turn her back on Opaline to join the Heroes.
  • Opaline will be defeated by the end of Season One.

If the story somehow manages to turn itself around to have its setting and characters become decent: I'll give credit where its due.
If Netflix and Hasbro decide to prematurely put the kibosh on this project to start over from scratch with G6: I won't be entirely surprised.
If you decide to give me more of your own misplaced blame for people in-general not liking G5: that will be at the cost of your own dignity.

"They want to blame all the worlds' problems on a single enemy they can fight, instead of a complex network of inter-related forces beyond anyones' control."

-Pearl, Steven Universe

I'm just a lowly "Never-Finish Nathan" that in this moment has 0 Completed Stories to my name on this site. You have no real pragmatic reason to get so worked up over me not liking G5 and my coping mechanism to bring levity through the power of Memes.


You will regret it.

I'm just a lad who knows how to call Quality when I see it.

And in my personal experience, "Quality" requires Time as its payment to make a Series stand out on its own to be a timeless classic that is fondly remembered. Time is that currency which G5 was given none of and instead relies on surgically inserting itself into G4 to drag down the Quality of both shows based on how G5 is doing nothing more than repeating the same sort of narrative backpedaling mistakes that the Star Wars Fanfic Trilogy has been guilty of.

I may not be able to properly convey it into words, but I can't be the only one here who isn't blinded by how this shows' lazy attempts at piggybacking off of G4s' success by inserting it into the same universe and invalidating EVERY. SINGLE. VICTORY. That the G4 Cast did by having the entire world reset to Square Zero: torpedoing Twilight Sparkles' hard-fought ideal future that she had created over the course of the last Decade, along with bringing back division between The Three Tribes that had previously been resolved before Twilights' predecessor Celestia had ascended the throne.

You're a G5 ranter and nothing else.

Comment posted by Solar Rocker deleted January 11th

MLP Comic Races: summed up in three short sentences.

Some Are Good...
Elven-like Deer living in the Everfree Forest? Great concept.

Some Are Odd...
If there's a village of Dragons living in Fillydelphia alongside Ponies, why aren't they interviewed by the Ponies to update their info on them?
Aren't the Thracians technically classified as Earth Ponies? Why are they treating themselves as a 4th Tribe?

But Most Just Plain: Suck.
Not too crazy about how too similar Zebra Culture is to Pony Culture. The only thing that the Fallout: Equestria Sub-Fandom was able to do right in showing how distinct the two races are from one-another both physically and culturally.

What are your thoughts on other characters from the comics?

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