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Yoso, From The Ohvist~! · 12:30pm Apr 2nd, 2014

...huh, I have absolutely NO IDEA what I am supposed to do here in the Blog Post section. Is it supposed to be like a video channel trailer for Youtube? Or a Journal Update from DeviantART? Ah well, I'll figure it out with given time... okay, things to talk about, things to talk about. Oh, I got one! Why am I still stuck with the Hearths-Warming Eve pic of Fluttershy for the Fimfiction selection whenever I get on this site? Nah that's a bit cheesy, dig deeper man.

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MLP Comic Races: summed up in three short sentences.

Some Are Good...
Elven-like Deer living in the Everfree Forest? Great concept.

Some Are Odd...
If there's a village of Dragons living in Fillydelphia alongside Ponies, why aren't they interviewed by the Ponies to update their info on them?
Aren't the Thracians technically classified as Earth Ponies? Why are they treating themselves as a 4th Tribe?

But Most Just Plain: Suck.
Not too crazy about how too similar Zebra Culture is to Pony Culture. The only thing that the Fallout: Equestria Sub-Fandom was able to do right in showing how distinct the two races are from one-another both physically and culturally.

What are your thoughts on other characters from the comics?

Helljumpers establishes that Scootaloo was suffering from a rare Unicorn-only disease that was affecting the flow of Magic through her Wings that left them heavily-diminished and unable to fly with, and that the only way it could have been picked up was through the advanced medical equipment that the UNSC has available to them. After surgery was performed, Scootaloos' wings managed to grow to their respective size and allows her to fly.

The Great Alicorn Hunt has Scootaloo having a difficulty understanding the three-dimensional variables for flight while still allowing her two-dimensional mobility; rated as being strong enough to pull at least three grown Pegasi who were members of the Wonderbolts due to the fact that Scootaloo was a Nascent. Following a Supercell-empowered Ascendancy Spell being cast upon her by Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo immediately became aware of the 3rd Dimension and could fly after ascending to Alicornhood.

Nightmare Night and Nyx Scootaloo has a conflict of desires to be more like Rainbow Dash and was afraid that by admitting to Rainbow that she liked the "Lame Girly Things". After clearing up that even though Rainbow Dash didn't care much for the girly stuff it didn't mean that Scootaloo was "Lame" at all since it was good that she had interests of her own, filled with this reassurance and embracing her talent for Ballet at long last, Scootaloo managed to fly and earn her Cutie Mark.

okay let us then have a look at a character in the show who is friends with at least two of the four princesses scootaloo a Young Pegasus fhilly who's physically unable to fly and yet no help the only reason I can think that they do nothing is because they are incapable of doing anything

Thanks for the fav!

1102355 Star Wars. Plain and Simple.:ajsmug:

Comment posted by FenrisianBrony deleted Apr 14th, 2014

Thanks for the fave my good sir.:moustache:
May I ask what drew you in?

1064833 Here's to a soon-to-be-released second chapter. If you ever need anything...

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