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Um... welcome to my group! first time doing this, so... this is yet another FOE group, but i'll also allow other post-apocalyptic settings like My Little Metro, but nothing too crazy, alright?

And please, no flame wars over which FOE fic is better. the original is good, and Project Horizons is good, and practically everyone loves Pink Eyes, so why fight?

also, try to contribute to the forums! all your comments help! and be sure to add stories to the right group, but make sure none have the "Human" tag.

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Prologue is finished for my fan-fic Fallout Equestria: Unwanted. come on over and look at it! :D

Hello Everypony. I have some news on my Fan-Fic. My Prologue and Cover art are now finished. But there's a snag in the works. I have yet to complete the first chapter of the story so please be patient while I work on it some more. I might be able to get it posted either around Christmas time, or next year somewhere.

Hopefully it will be worth the wait.

Now until then my ponies of the wastes, Take plenty of Radaway.:raritywink::raritystarry:

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He said still working on it. Sorry for the late post. Between work and trying to establish a social life in my new town I've had no time to work on Fallout: Equestria: Failure.

Just starting up a new fic,

Fallout Equestria: Failure.

Expect the prologue in the next day or so.

New here :)

666 members...

We're on the highway to hell now boys and girls :pinkiecrazy:

That moment when your story gets featured at a group and you did not know it until you joined said group.

Author of Fallout Equestria: Surviving Light here.
And I'm in huge need of an editor. Anyone who has read my story can tell that things aren't even near to perfect. So, I need help. Please, if you're willing, and you have proof of your skill, contact me.

Anyone out there free for proofreading my story?

Not to sound mean or anything but who discovered my story and posted it in here? I'm happy for it, no thanks to my shyness but I just wanted to know...

So, Starlight Glimmer's town of Cutie-Markless Ponies huh? Wonder what happened to this place if Twilight and the Mane 6 never been there in the Fallout Equestria Universe. I have one theory of what might have happened to it. And it's in my story "Fallout Equestria: Morals of the Wasteland"

Well i know how to survive the fallout i mastered fallout 3 and vegas with ease

Question: Who the fuck put my newest story in this group without my permission? :unsuresweetie:

I wonder why a lot of writers that write stories with clop in it but have an actual story line do a Fallout Equestria story I mean if I was a writer I would try my hand in it

Or you know I could be an idiot and not be looking in the right places giggity

378934 I assumed the avatar was what you meant, but I wanted to be safe and mentioned the likely characters you'd see in FoE.

As far as potential candidates for the FoE: World avatar go, it's either Ditzy or a random character that's at least cross-eyed (I think the further one points slightly up, too).

Not terribly ghouly, though, although if you apply imagination to those two patches of pink and the way the hair is drawn you could call that a ghoul.

Author Interviewer

I just meant the avatar. I wouldn't have guessed it was Derpy though, she doesn't look anything like a ghoul, given other art I've seen. :B Oh well, now I know! Thanks.

I believe this is Ditzy Doo. Arguably the character with the most appearances in FoE writings, it's either her or Homage. Littlepip, the star of FoE, is mentioned often but rarely appears. Her FoE wiki page (Don't know why the picture for the page is the picture for ghouls, since there's plenty of Derpy FoE pictures) and her very own FoE Fic. Frequently appears in non-FoE works.

This is Littlepip, protagonist of the original FoE. She's a stablepony & pipbuck technician, and of course is the hero. She goes by several other names and/or titles.

I can't say much on Homage without significant FoE spoilers. Don't know if you've read it or not, and I definitely don't know if the random passerby has read it. She appears more in text and less in images, though.

See the wiki page of characters for more.

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