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Explaination · 8:26am Sunday

Honestly, I'm just tired as hell right now, dealing with work and just life in general.

My drive to write has honestly gone out the window and I've been taking a hiatus for the time being.

I'll get back to it one day, I just don't know when :/

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Even More Favorites! Because Orgasms... eue

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No idea, if I'm being honest. My focus has been elsewhere due to dwindling motivation for some older stories.

Any idea when it's going to start up again?

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Absolute Trash

Fun stuff!

I want them to go on tour together, under the name Falling Dragons.

Holy shit I love her, she's so cool.

This is catchy as fuck.

If you didn't laugh, you are a horrible person.

This deserves more views, because of what it is.

Dont lie, this plays in your head whenever a fight breaks out...

Music is good for the soul.

Long live Soviet Pone! )OoO)/

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