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I am a master of self-inserts and self proclaimed lover of Rainbow Dash, I'm also cringe as fu-

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The Solution to Zebradom, Fall of Equestria, and the False Changelings.

Step One: Lock 'n Load

Step Two: Open Fire

Step Three: More Guns

Step Four: Old School Guns

Step Five: Shoot the Runners

Step Six: Burn the Stragglers

Step Seven: Sanitize

Final Step: Dispose of the Remains in a Friendly and Safe Manner

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Finally stable, an update · 3:07pm Dec 10th, 2023

Thanks to everyone who helped me out, really and truly, I appreciate it. I'm set for the month going onward into 2024. I lost my old home, but I closed a toxic chapter of my life and started a new one.

Cheers to everyone, happy holidays and here's to the new year!

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well, thought yu might like this song of it.

and...The voice acting is amazing. Like, when you first see a clown zombie, or a flamer, even a revived zombie that mutates. sorry if I spoiled it

hey, you saw dead island 2 yet?

I know right? lmfao

god fucking bless the united states of america.

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