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One Of Those Update Blogs · 10:16am February 22nd

I log back into Fimfic every now and again to clear messages, and sometimes I wonder if there's any point to me continuing the stories I have on here.

But I see notifications of people favoriting my stories and leaving comments, some asking for updates (a few I've replied to) and even DMs of people asking if I'm going to continue some stories, and not to give up on em.

Makes me happy that despite not updating as consistently as others, people still read my stuff.


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ABSOLUTE God bless. God loves you, now and forever.

Hey, will you be continuing “Tale of the lost?”
I’ve only read one chapter, but it’s interesting to read

:trollestia: Well, thank you kindly for the follow! The Filly Armed and Operational BattleStation welcomes you aboard.

  • Viewing 639 - 643 of 643
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Absolute Trash

Fun stuff!

I want them to go on tour together, under the name Falling Dragons.

Holy shit I love her, she's so cool.

This is catchy as fuck.

If you didn't laugh, you are a horrible person.

This deserves more views, because of what it is.

Dont lie, this plays in your head whenever a fight breaks out...

Music is good for the soul.

Long live Soviet Pone! )OoO)/

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