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Author of self inserts and lover of Rainbow Dash, never regretti your spaghetti. Patreon

The Solution to Zebradom, Fall of Equestria, and the False Changelings.

Step One: Lock 'n Load

Step Two: Open Fire

Step Three: More Guns

Step Four: Old School Guns

Step Five: Shoot the Runners

Step Six: Burn the Stragglers

Step Seven: Cleanse The Land

Final Step: Dispose of the Remains in a Friendly and Safe Manner

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The Side Box

Owner and Founder of:
Fallout: For The Background Characters | The Kickassverse | Tavern of the Goobers | The Caribou Hunters Club | Remnants of Humanity | The Pun Army

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Dustchu's Stat Screen
Handles and Nicknames: Dustchu | Hunter | White Latios | Dee | King of Goobs
Sex: Male
Appearance: How do I describe the dirtiest possible trashcan in thirteen words or less?
Relationship status: Existing
Species: Human
Occupation: Author, Artist, up and coming Youtuber, Gamer.

Nothing but Rainbow Dash

Fun stuff!

I want them to go on tour together, under the name Falling Dragons.

Holy shit I love her, she's so cool.

This is catchy as fuck.

If you didn't laugh, you are a horrible person.

This deserves more views, because of what it is.

Dont lie, this plays in your head whenever a fight breaks out...

Music is good for the soul.

Long live Soviet Pone! )OoO)/


Want Some Aids? · 11:45pm February 11th

You guys should totally join my buddy Intricate's server.

Disguise's Playground

Lots of fun times to be had.

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Dustchu's Front Page

Even More Favorites! Because Orgasms... eue

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*puff puff pass*

Psst... hey, yeah you. *passes you a lit joint* Take a toke, inhale the smoke, and lets get this chain a rollin’
Pass it to another person and let’s keep the chain going.

my computer is acting retarded, it keeps on randomly saying...

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Absolute Trash

Dustchu's Sodding List of Things To Accomplish

[X] Become a Brony

[X] Find favorite Pone: Rainbow Dash
(She's my one and only~)

[x] Reach a 100 Story Views

[x] Reach 500 Story Views

[x] Reach a 1,000 Story Views

[x] Reach 2,500 Story Views

[x] Reach 5,000 Story Views

[x] Reach 10,000 Story Views - 11/6/2015

[x] Reach 25,000 Story Views

[x] Reach 50,000 Story Views

[ ] Reach 100,000

[X] Have a Story reach a 1000 views : http://www.fimfiction.net/story/254322/a-night-with-rainbow-dash

[x] Reach 10 Watchers

[x] Reach 25 Watchers

[x] Reach 50 Watchers - 9/2/2015

[x] Reach 100 Watchers - Tavern of the Goobs is Built - 12/9/2015

[x] Reach 250 Watchers

[x] Reach 300 Watchers

[x] Reach 500 Watchers - 1/27/2018

[ ] Reach 750 Watchers

[ ] Reach 1000 Watchers

[ ] Reach 1500 Watchers


[X] Become Well Known

[X] Become Mildly Famous

[ ] Become Famous


[X] Write a story that hits the Popular Stories List

[X] Write a story that hits the front page

[ ] Write a story Worthy of Becoming One of 'The Big Ones'


[ ] Get Interviewed by someone

[ ] Get Interviewed by Someone On the Site

[ ] Get interviewed for a story


[X] Get Fan Art for a story: Achived, but I lost the links.

[X] Get cover art drawn for a story: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/266383/vengeance
Thanks again to the artist for drawing that, you beautiful person you! :D


[ ] Create a Universe that becomes popular

[ ] Read a story someone wrote for my universe

[X] Create a Group for said Universe


[X] Wonder why I wrote this crap

[X] Keeps it up anyway

[X] Smoke Weed Erryday

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