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I'm an author, more specifically an author with far too many ideas than it's healthy to have.

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Real Name: Dustin Morin
Handles and Nicknames: Dustchu | Hunter | White Latios | Dee | King of Goobs
Age: 22
Birthday: 3/7/1995
Sex: Male
Appearance: Something that is a crossover between Pewdiepie, and several famous murderers... so I'm told.
Relationship status: Single
Species: Human
Occupation: Author, Artist, up and coming Youtuber, Gamer.

Nothing but Rainbow Dash

Fun stuff!

I want them to go on tour together, under the name Falling Dragons.

Holy shit I love her, she's so cool.

This is catchy as fuck.

If you didn't laugh, you are a horrible person.

This deserves more views, because of what it is.

Dont lie, this plays in your head whenever a fight breaks out...

Music is good for the soul.

Long live Soviet Pone! )OoO)/


A Doggo In Need · 2:42pm December 1st

There's a doggo in need of assistance!

Help the Puppers!

The link above is to a GoFundMe for a cute husky named Harlow, and the puppers is in need of medical help, but it's too much for the owners to afford on their own. I can't donate but I can spread the word, and so can you! So if you can, check the page and spread the word about Harlow, and if you can, donate a buck or so to help out.

A little can go a long way.

Dustchu's Sodding List of Things To Accomplish

[X] Become a Brony

[X] Find favorite Pone: Rainbow Dash
(She's my one and only~)

[x] Reach a 100 Story Views

[x] Reach 500 Story Views

[x] Reach a 1,000 Story Views

[x] Reach 2,500 Story Views

[x] Reach 5,000 Story Views

[x] Reach 10,000 Story Views - 11/6/2015

[x] Reach 25,000 Story Views

[x] Reach 50,000 Story Views

[ ] Reach 100,000

[X] Have a Story reach a 1000 views : http://www.fimfiction.net/story/254322/a-night-with-rainbow-dash

[x] Reach 10 Watchers

[x] Reach 25 Watchers

[x] Reach 50 Watchers - 9/2/2015

[x] Reach 100 Watchers - Tavern of the Goobs is Built - 12/9/2015

[x] Reach 250 Watchers

[x] Reach 300 Watchers

[ ] Reach 500 Watchers

[ ] Reach 750 Watchers

[ ] Reach 1000 Watchers

[ ] Reach 1500 Watchers


[X] Become Well Known

[X] Become Mildly Famous

[ ] Become Famous


[X] Write a story that hits the Popular Stories List

[X] Write a story that hits the front page

[ ] Write a story Worthy of Becoming One of 'The Big Ones'


[ ] Get Interviewed by someone

[ ] Get Interviewed by Someone On the Site

[ ] Get interviewed for a story


[X] Get Fan Art for a story: Achived, but I lost the links.

[X] Get cover art drawn for a story: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/266383/vengeance
Thanks again to the artist for drawing that, you beautiful person you! :D


[ ] Create a Universe that becomes popular

[ ] Read a story someone wrote for my universe

[X] Create a Group for said Universe


[ ] Get Shortskirtsandexplosions to watch me

[ ] Get Regidar to watch me


[X] Wonder why I wrote this crap

[X] Keeps it up anyway

[X] Smoke Weed Erryday


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The Starfire Legacy Series
In the coming darkness, heroes will arise from the ashes of their old selves, they will take up arms against the forces of evil and protect the realm. For this story of heroes... is unlike any other...
Starfire Journals - 1015 AX

Obvious Porn is Obvious

Other crap people like for some reason

A Night With: Rainbow Dash
A Night With: Rainbow Dash 2
A Night With: Fluttershy
A Night With: Vinyl Scratch

Top Priority
A Night With: Pinkie Pie - Coming Soon - 1 Vote - 4% Done
A Night With: Rarity - Coming Soon - 2 Votes - 2% Done

On The Backburner
A Night With: Twilight Sparkle - Coming Soon - 1 Vote
A Night With: Applejack - Coming Soon - 1 Vote
A Night With: Derpy - Coming Soon - 1 Vote
A Night With: Berry Punch - Coming Soon - 1 Vote
A Night With: Luna - Coming Soon - 1 Vote
A Night With: Celestia - Coming Soon -1 Vote
A Night With: Sunset Shimmer - Coming Soon - 1 Vote
A Night With: Octavia - Coming Soon - 1 Vote
A Night With: Gilda - Coming Soon - 1 Vote
A Night With: Cadence - Coming Soon - 1 Vote

My Best Work... So You Guys Say.

Big works

  • What It Means A human from our world is sucked into a world of magic and fantasy, and goes on the adventure of a lifetime! by Dustchu 39,697 words · 1,701 views · 114 likes · 21 dislikes
  • Return: Tales of the Lost After six years of being missing, the CMC, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom have finally returned home to Ponyville, but not without a story to tell. by Dustchu 49,742 words · 2,222 views · 127 likes · 14 dislikes

Muh Blessings

Dustchu's 'UBERAWEPICDARY' selection of sex in the form of words

Orgasmicly Delicious

  • Camaraderie "All wars are civil wars, because all men are brothers." - Francois Fenelon by walk-in closet brony 58,155 words · 3,289 views · 152 likes · 8 dislikes
  • Endless Joy Pinkie continues to try to make her human friend smile. Nothing's worked, yet. by Soul_Seeker 12,453 words · 1,779 views · 92 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Pinkie's Sweet Tooth Pinkie Pie travels through the Mirror Portal...But she doesn't return alone. by Atreyu 17,337 words · 984 views · 21 likes · 6 dislikes
  • For Lack of a Better Word Human-in-Equestria, 1st-Person present time. A love story. by Gunsmith 89,267 words · 13,359 views · 816 likes · 29 dislikes
  • Night Mares Drafted into the defense of Equestria, the Crusaders volunteer to embark a series of dangerous operations behind enemy lines to cripple one of their chief technological advantages, a revolutionary spell matrix that Twilight refers to as the "radio." by NCMares 34,609 words · 9,559 views · 1,038 likes · 23 dislikes

Even More Favorites! Because Orgasms... eue

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I’m so into Rainbow Dash too she’s the best, the best out of everything.

i con so cute must not d'aww but I must d'aww but I cant but I must

Really? Huh... that's interesting.


Huh. You are among the few to answer with neither, and the only one to give either/or a try.

I would give you a internet high five if I could.

Never had either actually, though I'd try either one, depending on how it was made.

  • Viewing 540 - 544 of 544
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Hey look... stuff... how exciting *squee*

Favorite Ponies, in order of Best -blank-

Best Flyer: Rainbow Dash
Best DJ: DJ PON-3
Best Tomb Raider: Daring Do
Best Farmer: Applejack
Best Filly: Scootaloo
Best Princess: Luna
Best Cook: Pinkie Pie
Best Fashion Designer: Rarity
Best Badass: Lyra (That's right, dontchu deny it, she's got that swag~) *hnnnnnnnnggggg*
Best Librarian: Twilight Sparkle
Best Vet: Fluttershy
Best OC of Mine: Blue Jazz

NOTE, below can be either sexy fun times or just something so sweet and fluffy it rots your gawdamn teeth out and chokes you to death just reading it!

Best Pairings:
- Applejack X Dash
- Scootaloo XDash
- Daring X Dash
- SweetScootaBloom (Best fucking ship name ever and hell yeah I ship em together. FOALCON FTW)
- CMC x Human
- Scootaloo X Human
- Apple Bloom X Human
- Sweetie Bell X Human
- Diamond X Silver Spoon
- Diamond X any of the CMC
- Silver X any of the CMC
- Fluttershy X Dash
- Derpy X Dash (Fuckin hell I love Derpy so much)
- Derpy X Daring
- Derpy X Human
- Derpy X Dinky
- Derpy X Myself...
*giggles maniacally*

Hey look, some awesome shits.

*Grabs whip*