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I'm an author, more specifically an author with far too many ideas than it's healthy to have. Also help support me if you wanna.

The Solution to Zebradom, Fall of Equestria, and the False Changelings.

Step One: Lock 'n Load

Step Two: Open Fire

Step Three: More Guns

Step Four: Shoot the Runners

Step Five: Burn the Stragglers

Step Six: Cleanse The Land

Final Step: Dispose of the Remains in a Friendly and Safe Manner

Funded, approved and provided to you by the Administration of Dustchu Inc™

The Side Box

Owner and Founder of:
Fallout: For The Background Characters | The Kickassverse | Tavern of the Goobers | The Caribou Hunters Club | Remnants of Humanity | The Pun Army

Important Links:
Twitter | DeviantArt | Patreon

Dustchu's Stat Screen
Real Name: Dustin Morin
Handles and Nicknames: Dustchu | Hunter | White Latios | Dee | King of Goobs
Age: 22
Birthday: 7/3/1995
Sex: Male
Appearance: How do I describe the dirtiest possible trashcan in thirteen words or less?
Relationship status: Single
Species: Human
Occupation: Author, Artist, up and coming Youtuber, Gamer.

Nothing but Rainbow Dash

Fun stuff!

I want them to go on tour together, under the name Falling Dragons.

Holy shit I love her, she's so cool.

This is catchy as fuck.

If you didn't laugh, you are a horrible person.

This deserves more views, because of what it is.

Dont lie, this plays in your head whenever a fight breaks out...

Music is good for the soul.

Long live Soviet Pone! )OoO)/


New Collab - Reflections of Lyler · 6:20pm August 29th

Reflections of Lyler

I helped co-author this cancerous chapter of The Lyler Archive alongside several other degenerates, do give it a read :heart:

Report Dustchu · 34 views ·

Dustchu's Sodding List of Things To Accomplish

[X] Become a Brony

[X] Find favorite Pone: Rainbow Dash
(She's my one and only~)

[x] Reach a 100 Story Views

[x] Reach 500 Story Views

[x] Reach a 1,000 Story Views

[x] Reach 2,500 Story Views

[x] Reach 5,000 Story Views

[x] Reach 10,000 Story Views - 11/6/2015

[x] Reach 25,000 Story Views

[x] Reach 50,000 Story Views

[ ] Reach 100,000

[X] Have a Story reach a 1000 views : http://www.fimfiction.net/story/254322/a-night-with-rainbow-dash

[x] Reach 10 Watchers

[x] Reach 25 Watchers

[x] Reach 50 Watchers - 9/2/2015

[x] Reach 100 Watchers - Tavern of the Goobs is Built - 12/9/2015

[x] Reach 250 Watchers

[x] Reach 300 Watchers

[x] Reach 500 Watchers - 1/27/2018

[ ] Reach 750 Watchers

[ ] Reach 1000 Watchers

[ ] Reach 1500 Watchers


[X] Become Well Known

[X] Become Mildly Famous

[ ] Become Famous


[X] Write a story that hits the Popular Stories List

[X] Write a story that hits the front page

[ ] Write a story Worthy of Becoming One of 'The Big Ones'


[ ] Get Interviewed by someone

[ ] Get Interviewed by Someone On the Site

[ ] Get interviewed for a story


[X] Get Fan Art for a story: Achived, but I lost the links.

[X] Get cover art drawn for a story: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/266383/vengeance
Thanks again to the artist for drawing that, you beautiful person you! :D


[ ] Create a Universe that becomes popular

[ ] Read a story someone wrote for my universe

[X] Create a Group for said Universe


[X] Wonder why I wrote this crap

[X] Keeps it up anyway

[X] Smoke Weed Erryday

Dustchu's Front Page

Even More Favorites! Because Orgasms... eue

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Damn straight boi :trollestia:

And so are you :heart:

You're a shark loving faggot <3

Hehehe, I'll be sure too :rainbowkiss: And yee, next year is gonna be lit af :yay:


If you wanna see community guests at next year's con you should mention that to con staff ;) *Self plug done!*

I was lucky to have Sophie, didn't even know if she was gonna be there or not. I'm glad we made it special for you. :)

I guess I'll do my best to keep it up.

This year was actually my first time meeting you and Spitfire, and my first ever Trotcon/Convention ever, it was awesome meeting both of you guys and I hope to see you guys again next year! :yay:

As for the story, I'll definitely give it a read when I can, it looks pretty entertaining and I do love anything related to Fallout: Equestria! I'll be sure to point out stuff if I do happen to find anything, hehe.

I shall, and keep up the good work! :rainbowkiss:

  • Viewing 593 - 597 of 597
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