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I am a master of self-inserts and self proclaimed lover of Rainbow Dash, I'm also cringe as fu-


This story is a sequel to Without You

An alternate take on Without You.

Set in an anthro version of Without You, after all of the hardships presented to them during their time in a monster-filled city, Rainbow Dash and Dee find themselves faced with one final threat.

A part of the Snowverse

Disclaimer: I do not own anything except my OCs, any other OCs used in this work are used with permission from the original creators, so they're fair game.

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The unthinkable happens in the big city; millions are turned into ravenous monsters and flood the streets, devouring all in their path. Despite their advanced technology, the military can't stop them and survivors struggle with making it out alive.

Rainbow Dash is one of these survivors, and it is up to her and her ragtag group to try and turn back the tide of war.

Thanks to Rene9adeKni9ht for proofreading this sucker.

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During a convention in Baltimare, A.K. Yearling - or Daring Do - comes to a realization during a book signing - one about herself and the books she writes.

Podcast Feature

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Through a letter left for the Main Six, Anon says goodbye to everyone.

. . .
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This story is a sequel to Jacket

A jacket full of memories and a vaguely familiar feeling within her heart... yet despite these two things pestering her, Delta's been living the past week as best as she can—usually with a quick lay and a stiff drink.

And she's almost forgotten about the stallion that left the jacket at her place and a fond pain in her backside, but after a rough morning and a craving for smokes, she finds something under her bed that brings back memories of him.

The stallion with amber eyes.

Now With Fanfic Reading By Scarlett Blade

Massive thanks to P-Berry and NumberEight for proofreading, and massive thanks to Shinodage for making the cover art for this fic.

This story is based around Shinodage's askblog, Delta Vee's Junkyard. Needless to say, he owns the characters, universe, and so on, I was just given permission to fuck around in it.

I just own the mysterious stallion.

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It's a horrible city filled with monsters, horrible and deadly monsters. And an unlikely duo by the name of Dustin and Rainbow Dash will have to come together if they want to get out alive and escape this hell, known as Raccoon City.

As these two try to escape... one question rings through our heroes' minds.

Why me?

Part of the Snowverse

Huge thanks to Alex_ for the coverart :heart: Thank you so much buddy!
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Here it is, since early 2014, it's finally been set free. Honestly, this story is... something important to me, something cathartic if you will, something I needed to get done, something that I should have gotten done years ago but let my own problems with self loathing and just general disregard for shit get in the way. Regardless... here it is, I hope you all enjoy.

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It's Hearth's Warming Eve, the time for spending time with family, singing songs, loving one another, and maybe even giving gifts. For one pony who's returned to Ponyville after so long... she'll have to do more then sing a heartfelt song if she wants to spend one night with a sister she had long abandoned...

A short fic for the holidays.
Big thanks to Not Enough Coffee for editing this.

Also, to clarify, this has nothing in relation to Ponky's Story, this is just a funny coincidence, hehe.

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The chase had been going on for an hour for Apple County Police Officers Spitfire and Soarin, and the chase has ended with them joining King County police officers in setting up a barricade on Highway 18 to stop not only the robbers from Canterlot, but other armed suspects from Linden County.

Hopefully they'll end this without any bloodshed.

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After a tragic experience with a dare, Rainbow makes a hasty trip to Wall-Mart, more specifically, to the oral hygiene aisle.

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His name is Dustin, but he tends to go by either Dee or Dustchu. He's a somewhat regular guy, loves to write fanfiction and daydream constantly instead of actually doing anything worthwhile with his life. But there comes a day in everyone's life that changes everything. Maybe it's meeting the love of your life, getting that job promotion you wanted so badly, or actually managing to go to another country and experience what little life has to offer you.

For our hero, Dee, it's being torn from his own world somehow and thrown into a world filled with magic, fantasy, and fuckin' rainbows in every direction. It seems like a world that is too good to be true, a world he had loved for five, almost six years.

But if he's learned anything by now, it's that beneath all of the glamor and sunshine... there's a whole heaping mess of darkness. Our hero's new life in this world isn't always going to be sunshine and rainbows. But, before he gets into the nitty gritty of Equestria proper, he decides to go on the adventure of a lifetime! Instead of... ya know, going right there lickity split and shits. Follow Dee on his adventure throughout the vast world of Equus, as he tries to survive the fantasy world where darkness lurks around every corner just waiting to capture him in its icy cold talons.

Note: This story is a self-insert and it is written entirely for fun. And if you call the MC a Mary Sue, well I'll just take that as a compliment and assume you're telling me I'm perfect :heart: Enjoy friends!

Othernote: Coverart may change when something better is obtained.

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