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I am the culmination of self-inserts.


His name is Dustin, but he tends to go by either Dee or Dustchu. He's a somewhat regular guy, loves to write fanfiction and daydream constantly instead of actually doing anything worthwhile with his life. But there comes a day in everyone's life that changes everything. Maybe it's meeting the love of your life, getting that job promotion you wanted so badly, or actually managing to go to another country and experience what little life has to offer you.

For our hero, Dee, it's being torn from his own world somehow and thrown into a world filled with magic, fantasy, and fuckin' rainbows in every direction. It seems like a world that is too good to be true, a world he had loved for five, almost six years.

But if he's learned anything by now, it's that beneath all of the glamor and sunshine... there's a whole heaping mess of darkness. Our hero's new life in this world isn't always going to be sunshine and rainbows. But, before he gets into the nitty gritty of Equestria proper, he decides to go on the adventure of a lifetime! Instead of... ya know, going right there lickity split and shits. Follow Dee on his adventure throughout the vast world of Equus, as he tries to survive the fantasy world where darkness lurks around every corner just waiting to capture him in its icy cold talons.

Note: This story is a self-insert and it is written entirely for fun. And if you call the MC a Mary Sue, well I'll just take that as a compliment and assume you're telling me I'm perfect :heart: Enjoy friends!

Othernote: Coverart may change when something better is obtained.

Hit the Front Page 7/8/2017


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I'm loving this so far, it seems super cool!

Well then, this looks interesting

Faved because I know where your avatar comes from, plus I like stories loosely based on their authors (I'm guilty. Sue me) Plus, I made the feature box too!

The adventures of Captain heart, guts and nutsack.

Chapter 1:
The perils of the demon testicle.

Looking forward to the next chapter!

so basically

Guy 1:hey guys do you think its funny if we just shit out this random guy right here into another land for no reason other than a power fantasy?
all: yeet
Guy 1: k *five minutes of straining later*
all: welcome to memequestria, go suck a dick faggot
author: why is this person so disturbed
me: because its funny, that's why


That feel when I thought someone had put you in a HiE story.

Also, apparently "Alex" was a popular name in these fics for a while, so I know the feel.

Protip: ironically pointing out that your story is cliche and boring... doesn't change the fact that it's cliche and boring.

daydream constantly instead of actually doing anything worthwhile with his life.

sounds more like me now that I think about it

And if you call the MC a Mary Sue, well I'll just take that as a compliment and assume you're telling me I'm perfect.

I just gonna leave this here and you can tell me what's wrong with this.

Can we take a moment and admire the profound stupidity of Daring Do trusting an apocalyptic MacGuffin in the hands of some random stranger in a shady saloon in the middle of nowhere?

You forgot the self-insert tag.

Comment posted by DeletedAccount555 deleted Jul 9th, 2017

Just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for commenting on my story, we've hit the front page! I'm honestly really happy about that, cause... you know... I didn't have to write porn to achieve feature status :trollestia: Anywho, thank you all so much for reading, lovers or haters or just a random passerby who saw this, I appreciate every comment you throw at me :heart:

Danke, glad you think it's interesting~

:trollestia: how does it feel to be me?

Hahaha, nice! Thanks for reading!

:trollestia: Dem Demon Testies tho




Protip: ironically pointing out that your story is cliche and boring... doesn't change the fact that it's cliche and boring.

Just like your sex life? :trollestia:
Just kidding, thank you so much for commenting, Jake~ :heart: If you don't like it, well, I still appreciate that you read till the end and gave it a chance

Hehehehe, really now?

Mmm... nope, don't see a thing :trollestia: perhaps you be mistaken~

He's got a good point folks! :pinkiegasp: profound stupidity indeed.

Whoop, thanks for pointing that out! I shall reward you with cookies! :heart:

Glad to hear!

Sure! I've seen your story floating around before, I'll give it a read through.
And thanks for reading!

Stick around till this Saturday! And chapter two will be released, and the adventure continues!

You're welcome. Nice avatar of Lyra by the way

Comment posted by Dustchu deleted Jul 9th, 2017

hoo boy you can smell the autism coming off of this one a mile away,but what could you expect from someone called sonich- I mean dustchu

Y-you can smell the autism? I thought I put enough Autism-off on me :raritydespair:

Interesting fic so far, i shall follow it.

Glad to hear, and I hope you and everyone else enjoys the new chapter on Satruday! <3


Until I realized that this was a self insert I thought that a Meme-Lord had been brought to Equestria.... Daring Do either assessed that you were a harmless idiot and left the Satan Testicle in your hands because she needed a diversion, and your life was an expendable resource.

Or she confused you for someone else, and thought that you could somehow get Satan Testicle to a safe location.

Fuck it, I'm reading. :pinkiecrazy:

nice story

hopefully more in the future

Hehehe, glad you're reading and I hope you stick around till this Saturday~

You shall all get more! :heart: no worries

kinda figured it was daring after the wings were shown but i did guess it when you told us her coat and eye color. Her wings lust confirmed it


p.s. i loved this opener :pinkiehappy:

Hehehe, yeaaah, easy to figure out I suppose, kek!

And yep! He shall burn in hell! Maybe... idk >v>

Thanks for reading!~

8291283 Truth is most humans would see her as a darker mustard shade I'm slightly colorblind so i see her as brushed gold. Also when is there going to be more and can my oc join in at some point?:pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

I see Daring as gold actually, fits in with her treasure hunting background, :rainbowdetermined2:
And a brand new chapter will be posted this Saturday at 12:00-PM Central Standard Time, hehehe.

8291472 forgot that you said you would post every Saturday :twilightblush::twilightsheepish::facehoof: Also can my oc join in? her name is tempest flare and she's a unicorn kirin and a brutal fighter. Maybe as a pony Daring had met earlier and had helped her steal the demon key in the first place but left Daring as a distraction to draw most of the caribou guarding the thing away. This would have to of taken place after Daring had met Dash and the realization that she would need help every now and again. and if the caribou are there it would fit if your going by the main fall of Equestria timeline which i don't think you are but it may still fit.:pinkiehappy: my profile pic is one i found of Twilight but Tempest has a similar but darker color scheme and a lunar eclipse as her cutie mark.

p.s. if you already have the chapters written out then just forget my request no biggie:scootangel:

As interesting a character you have, fraid I can't include her for various reasons, kek. And yes I do have many chapters written out, six weeks = six chapters until I finished up the others, then you guys get more.

Sorry~ Dx

"Wohin möchten Sie heute gehen?"

I blinked a couple of times at the out of nowhere language change, holding up a finger as my mind slowly realized he was speaking German of all things

The humans speak German, and think they're superior?... I cannazi how this will turn out. Let's just hope everything's alreich in this world.

Well, Daring do is an adventurer, so it dosen't surprise me she's a good fighter. You need more than that to impress someone like her.

Hmmm... german...live across the ocean....everyone hates them...... am i the only one geting a Nazi vibe from this?:trixieshiftright:

I don't need any help, especially from one of your kind.

Once I was there I saw a peppy looking minotaur look at me, and he gave me a slight smile. An actual welcome sight for once. "Ahh, a human? Haven't seen one of you in quite some time!" He chuckled and then, to my utter shock, said, "Wohin möchten Sie heute gehen?"

German!? :pinkiegasp: But why!? :rainbowderp:

Wait Daring also has a personal history against Humans. And these humans seem to have a nasty reputation, even if there are some that bother to know their language. And all humans speak German in this Equestria.......


It isn't possible.

It can't be....



Somehow the fucking Nazi's built themselves a portal to Equestria back the 40's! Motherfucker! Damn Nazi super PULP MAGAZINE SCIENCE!!!! :facehoof: :raritydespair:

Wow Daring, prejudice much? Pulling everyone of one species over one edge because of a bad misshap or several ain't the pony way, where's the love, harmony and understanding gurl?

Good to know im not the only one geting a Nazi vibe from this:moustache:

u know exactly what i said

dont feign ignorance


wait sec your not even the person i told to put jello in their panties

get outta here


Probably somewhere in Zebrica with the corpses of those that have betrayed her. Probably.

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