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The mark of a great writer is when he makes the perfect character... then kills it. So the contest for this week is a one-shot where one of the Mane Six dies by their own hoof, be it suicide or accidental, they just have to be six feet under at the end.

No more than 5,000 words.
Trolls welcome :pinkiesmile:

~The Music Man

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That is all. Equestria is ours.


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324872 no cable?? that sucks, jake. despite your reaction, i'm gonna call you jake.:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

325707 sounds like fun!:pinkiecrazy:

The bubble-gum.
I like my girlfriends like my legos- in tiny pieces beneath my bed.

A place where trolls are welcome...

You bring tears of happiness to my eyes.

Naw, if I did play I'm pretty sure I'd get addicted. I absolutely agree with you about the stolen suit design, but at least it looks cool. Luna is best (pony) princess

The least person who suggested that I should have some kind of pills is now in Orbit, and i don't mean the thing that's around Earth...

Have you ever played Halo?

I honestly think Pacific Rim stole their suit designs from Halo. It is so obvious yet no one says anything! Halo has been around for ten years anyone who claims otherwise is just a CSMFHB.


Have you ever stayed up till five???:twilightsheepish:

I just got back from high school retreat...I've stayed up for 4 days straight before, only to fall asleep during church (back when I still believed the lies of religion)

Question: Who is best princess? (And as much as you wanna say Jenkins, I'm afraid that's not an option)


The suits look kind of pacific rimish. I'm a huge legendary fan. (Pacific rim, the dark knight trilogy, clash of the titans, wrath of the titans, inception, 42, my favorite, Man of steel:twilightsmile:, they are also going to make 7th son and the new godzilla movie)
Its kind of scary I knew all of those off of the top of my head...

Meh. They made this

and this

aaaaaand this
supr linc
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand this

They're pretty awesome...


Some forgot to take their pills. :trixieshiftleft:

Nope, I've never heard of them (sigh, I'm hopeless arent I)
So your school has started I'm guessing? Or you have an insane job? Or both? I got lucky, my school starts in another 4 days, I have a friend who started like 2 weeks ago:pinkiesick:
Have you ever stayed up till five???:twilightsheepish:

Comedy: iron man(Robert downy jr)
Action: Hulk was good but I REALLY liked Tex from RvB (if she can be considered a hero) :pinkiehappy:
Emotion/psychology: Two Face/Harvey dent

I dunno I'm kinda tired, I've been up since 4 am and I have to wake up tomorrow at 5:pinkiesick:

Do you watch Roosterteeth?


Alas, I have no batman games (our gamestore closed before I got into comics, and the one we have now is SUCKY)
too bad you got banned, thats why I'm always logged in. And I do mean ALWAYS, my tablet has a link to my profile saved onto it.
QUESTION: favorite hero?:rainbowderp:

Have you played any of the Batman games? I have Arkham City but I hope to get Asylum soon.

My other account got banned for some reason so I'm using this account as a temporary fix.:rainbowwild:

I'm still talking to an admin about clearing stuff up.


I basically love gotham city in general (or at least batman, the robins, batgirl/oracle, batwoman is meh, poison ivy is awesome sauce, the joker is even better, bane is frightening, the royal flush game is fun, and most importantly THEY HAVE HARLEY QUINN!!!!!!)
DC is best comic book producer:trollestia::trollestia::yay:
Marvel has some great comics though, have you read any ever? (Astonishing X-men is pretty good, as well as runnaways)

Did you change your profile? Or are you a different pony altogether? Gummybear is confused.:pinkiehappy:


I've seen superman returns but not the original...favorite villain?

:raritydespair:IT'S BEEN SO LONG:raritydespair:

Umm, I guess it would be a toss up between...Venom, the yellow lantern corps, or mysterio.

Vermont because he can infect virtually anything, yellow lantern corps because they hold the devastating power of fear, and mysterio I like for the same reason as Sombra: because he is underdeveloped and you can give him any personality you want.


I love your rants!!! Seriously I totally agree with you about the death thing, overuse is just creepy. Anywho, I mostly agree with your could have been rant, but some things are like comparing a brony to a serial killer (not neccecarily a clopper)
As it pointed out in your anti pointless death rant, it's ok for there to be death, but not in every single friggin chapter!!! I also feel this way about clopfics.

I TOTALLY AGREE ABOUT MARVEL MESSIN UP ALL THEIR MOVIES!!!! I'm actually more of a dc fan... And of course I know who kingpin is!!! (He also appeared in runnaways briefly) I am a huge superfan. Seriously. Huge. Have you seen man of steel??? And who's your favorite supervillain (dc or marvel?) Mine is Harley quinn (smiles evilishly)

Mwahahahahahahaha!!!! We will steal all of your cookies!!!!!!:twilightsmile:

Mah supr rant. :raritywink:

Something I could've turned into a big ass rant but decided I was too tired.

What kind of stories do you like to read here? (tags?)

It seems every marvel movie severely fucks up the background and characters.

Plus, I've NEVER seen a good live action actor for Kingpin from Spiderman...there was one in Daredevil but he was black so I was like

That is all. Equestria is ours.


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