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317893 …Well then.

I probably should just go to b

317891 Uncle Iroh is best pony.

Toph takes best female pony and all "best positive female"-related titles like most awesome female pony.

Am I rambling?

317890 Sure :trollestia: whatever doesn't matter enjoy life live long and prosper!

317889 Zuko's got nothin' on Toph.

…But the two combined have got almost nothin' on Uncle Iroh.

317888 As cool as she may be Zuko is equally aweome

317887 Walk with the Toph.

She will guide you.

317886 :fluttercry: I am so confused I don't know what to believe

317885 Nah, broski, that show must be telling you lies. That's why you gotta stick with shows that have simpler names.

They immediately give the message that they are simple, and aren't out to enslave us all.

317883 Yooou'rrrree LYING TO ME :flutterrage: !!!!!!! It's all lies :fluttershbad:.

317882 I mean, what's up with the name? It's so unoriginal compared to Pretty Pretty Pegasus.

PPP doesn't need such a long name to tell what the show is about. It's originality lies in its simplicity.

317880 Sounds like a pretentious parody of Pretty Pretty Pegasus.

317879 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

317877 Well, this is Pretty Pretty Pegasus.

I have no idea what this "MLP:FiM" is.

317874 That's like the whole point of the site to post fan fics in other words stories you write using characters from mlp: fim :rainbowhuh:

317778 You rock.

317854 Uh, there are stories here on Fimfic? :rainbowderp:

I shall join but what about stories?


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