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    It is October 31'st

    It is Halloween, Hallows Eve, and All Souls Day...


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  • Wednesday
    A Facet of Dracula no one ever talks about.

    It is true. Dracula's shapeshifting, flight, changing of the weather, summoning of animals, and other powers other than his enhanced strength, speed, and longevity are due to Dracula actually being a powerful warlock and are not available to other vampires. Basically, Dracula's centuries of life allowed him the privilege to study knowledge impossible to obtain by ordinary people and that gave him access to powers seldom found in the use of common men in the past and almost unheard of in Barn

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  • 1 week
    The Cursed Catgirl V Tuber

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Well, feel more than free to contribute.

Joined because I found the tittle fun. I am also an irreverent madman with no problems in pushing boundaries.

Welcome to The Devil Made Me Do It!

Thanks for adding A long road back.

Thank you so, so much for following me! It's greatly appreciated :twilightsmile:

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