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    Shin Kamen Rider First Apearance

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  • Thursday
    Never have I related more to a Manga Girl

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    My flavor of brainrot bullshit

    Idea: The gods that we currently known are not the eldest entities existing, before the Egyptian, Olympians and Aesirs, there were “gods before the gods” that thrived in Paleozoic and Mesozoic Era. However, these old gods were overthrown by new gods in Cenozoic, the old gods basically became the basis of Dragons, giants, and primordial deities in various mythologies.

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Oh, but the division 2 is not multiplayer you can play it solo or not and it’s pretty fun and has some pretty good lore.

Wait… why is your watch glowing red?

Yes. But I am a dinosaur. I stoped playing most Multiplayer after the decline of Halo in 2016 abd have been mostly a Boomer Shooter and Soulsborn Gamer when I have the time these days.

Excuse me but do you perhaps know of the division?

Thanks for the follow

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