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Hello and welcome to the AT4W group where bad fanfics burn! This is a group dedicated to the greatest comic reviewer ever! Linkara and AT4W!

Here's his MLP Comic review!

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399456 Well thanks to me you got it!

Aw cool I had no idea there was a group like this on the site!

381262 Oh my God, we both joined this group on the same day! I guess that moral from Cutie Mark Chronicles WASN'T complete BS! :D

381262 Of course! Don't you know anything about FimFiction? I kid.

Our magnificent comic defender is here!
Congratulations! This group is being featured in New Groups.

In the judgement of the groups that took place today, this group beat a vast majority of the groups on Fimfiction with its freshness, earning it a spot in the Groups of New.

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