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After not writing since high school i'm very grateful for mlp and the brony fandom for inspiring me to be creative again. Currently working full time, I write when I can.

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Chapter update · 7:19am Feb 16th, 2016

Just an update on the progress of chapter nine. What is it? None :raritycry:

Well that's a lie, I had to start over what I had and tweak what I had planned so basically I'm starting from scratch. I'm working on it but I have jury duty in addition to other responsibility so progress is slow. I can at least share a title (Subject to change)

Chapter nine: The one where Sonata Dusk knows

And no that does not mean what you think it means. talk at ya latter.

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Well... this is awkward. I've kinda left the site, but now I need to use your story Bruce Wayne, welcome to Ponyville, as a reference on FanFiction.net in order to try to make my case more compelling to the person who I am currently trying to be the co-author for. So, are you cool with this? Let me know as soon as possible.

1944014 *hides skull behind back* well-I Uhhh can explan that....Uhhhh YOU SAW NOTHING!

1943893 *Sees the human skull your nibbling on and freaks out* Hello!

*grabs you and starts shaking you* HELLO!

Wow! It's completely empty here. You should see my user page! There are a billion comments!

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