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Hello, Welcome to the Fanclub of Annoying ora....

Orange: Hey, Hey Foxfan, Hey Foxfan Hey...

Me: Not Now, Orange, Can't You See That I'm Trying to Introduce the People to My Fanclub of You

Orange: Fanclub?...

Pear: Orange, He's Making a Group to Support Both The Annoying Orange Fans and My Little Pony Fans

Me: That's Right Pear, It's Inspired Me from The Comic: and The Video Inspired by the Comic: []

Grandpa Lemon: Wow! That's Really... (Snores)

Little Apple: (Sighs) If There's One Thing We Need Less, It's Another Annoying Person...

Orange: What are you talking about, that girl finally spoke my language.

Marshmellow: I Hope She has rainbows and unicorns...

Me: (Clears his throat)

Grapefruit, Pear, Passion Fruit: Guys!!

Pear: Let Him Talk, Go Ahead FoxfanMLP...

Me: Thanks Guys, As I was saying before i was interrupted, Welcome to The Fanclub of The Annoying Orange...

Orange: Hey, Hey Foxfan...

Me: What is it?

Orange: Knife

Me: Huh? *Knife came in and cuts Foxfanmlp22 in Half.*

Orange: Whoa!

Pear and the Gang: *Screams in Disgust*

Orange: Man, Guess He Doesn't have any lucky tails *Does his traditional laugh* tails.

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Halloo back! :) I just turned 19! :3

Lol I love your funny group intro! :D

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