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It all began in that one fateful dungeon...

^Go to 1:23 for war cry^

The body and blood of our Lord Jenkins may crumble,
They may turn to ash and naut in the sand of time,
His essence scattered and faded throughout the seven and a half corners of the universe,
But there will come a day,
A day when a phoenix of majesty and vengeance will rise,
It will fulfill its vendetta and viciously devour all who have wronged him,
Like a dragon awoken from slumber,
Our Overlord will be wreathed in garbs of flame,
And He will come again.
He is Jenkins and He will have his Revenge...

That is all. Equestria is ours.


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Is this a Leeroy group? (To which I will join anyway)
Or is this a JenkinsRevenge group?

I need to know dammit!!! :flutterrage:

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