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"Magic is as Magic does."
The strength of the family is the most important lesson any Unicorn knows. Even if that 'strength' disgusts and horrifies them.
No matter what every Unicorn must adhere to their family.
No matter what every Unicorn is destined to do the families will.
No matter what every Unicorn must do what must be done.
Even if they are the secret buried down below the deepest depths of despair.
'For every Unicorn of every family. Owed their gift to unwilling avail.'
'For every omnipotent mastery. Is numerous hellacious expiry.'

What lies within the passage of time? What has been forgotten? What has wanted to be forgotten?

"An to think this entire exposition started within the Crystal Empire. I feels like that was a long time ago... I wish we had never left..." - Twilight Sparkle

Do you wish to discover the truth behind the Unicorn's Magic? The truth behind Crystals? Enter if you wish but be warned, the truth may be too unspeakable to bear.

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