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Things start to eat at us after a while. This group is for venting your frustration and seeking either support or empathy. Are you sick and tired of nothing but clop and smut making it to the feature box? Are you angry that your masterpiece hasn't gotten the attention it deserves? Do you have something going on outside the internet? Feel free to talk about it all.

Important rules

Don't use caps lock. It doesn't make me read your text any louder.
Don't abuse the comment box.
Censor yourself or find other adjectives to describe your feelings.

I will ban people I think are trolling or abusing this group just to be obnoxious.

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I don't get why people love it when evil wins and hate it when there is a good ending.

Like why???

O.K KO is getting bad ratings. The :yay:. Dead serious, what the :yay:ing :yay:? Their almost as bad as Powerpuff Girls 2016. :yay:ING POWERPUFF GIRLS 2016. I hope Christina :yay:ing Miller and who ever the :yay: makes the :yay:ing schedule gets fired.

Can I state for th record that I have no :yay:ing idea why Teen Titans Go is so popular. Just cancel the :yay: thing!

*screams incoherently for 12 full seconds*


I am so done with people on stories posting paragraphs of unsupported garbage telling me that my story sucks WHEN THEY HAVEN'T EVEN READ IT AND HATE ON IT JUST BECAUSE I FEATURES AN ACTUALLY ORIGINAL SPIN ON A CRAPPY TYPE OF CHARACTER HARASSING YOU ON YOUR STORY PAGE!!

Comment posted by Just another hoerse love deleted Apr 14th, 2015

Why can't I post on the forums?

I am so :fluttershyouch: done with all the :fluttershyouch: messing with my :fluttershyouch: every time I leave the :fluttershyouch: room! And all these people judging me without even trying to get to know me! And then there are all these :fluttershyouch: who try to shove their MLP views down my :fluttershyouch: throat! *insert angry yell here*

saw this group in a thread over in anti-depresion ponies, now i feel like a jerk for venting over there lol.

Sorry I'm late to saying this, but thank you for joining!

Oh my God, I saw this group and I instantly though, "I HAVE to join!"

Hey, why was my comment deleted?

So are you going to actually listen to everyones rants? That could be poisonous.

Comment posted by Melancholy Angel deleted Oct 18th, 2013


Sorry, I just couldn't help myself.
Continue venting, it does help.

Comment posted by TheWraithWriter deleted Oct 18th, 2013

I could do that, but that would take too long.



Yeah, if you could sum all these comments up in one nice big post

that would be great.

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