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forgetting to exist since 2013. they/them.


"time is brain"

Good Quotes From Previous Inhabitant

"Creativity is not about where your ideas come from, it's about the twist you put on them."

"Thoughts are a language, from which any translation has inevitable imperfections."

"Canon is just a box that people tend to think in. I like to think my way out of the box, stomp on it, tear apart the pieces, take pieces of other boxes, and put them together back into a new box and doodle all over it."

"To be a true artist, you need to do things just a little bit different from everyone else-- especially yourself."

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2760884 wouldn't count on it

Think you'll come back?

2167589 Nîajanuq. :raritywink:

Uh, thanks for watching me, even though I haven't really done much here aside from reading and commenting the past two years :P

2145780 contest is the only way I'd do it at this point because I've got too many fics in progress that I want to complete. I can wait til Sunday:twilightsmile:

2145590 well you can still write it, you just won't be able to submit it to the contest :derpytongue2:

Next one is announced Sunday

2145582 I think that the main thing that sucks is that an idea popped into mind for the word but it's way too late to start now

2145537 no problem :twilightsmile:

2145535 Awww u found it :raritycry:

I suppose there is always next week...thanks for the follow btw and for tagging me in this thingie so I would be reminded about it because so much has been going on lately I forgot :twilightsheepish:

2145532 I have good eyes


Don't worry though, there's always next week!


Bet you can't find the 'C'

2145527 well I announced it on Sunday, so... basically, yeah

2145517 oh noes! its been a week already?!

2138724 I'm not sure if you noticed but the first challenge is up and running. And um, technically due tomorrow morning :twilightsheepish:

2138724 according to the current results of the poll, it should be starting Sunday. Tuesday at the latest.

Patiently waiting for the Word of the Week challenge thingy to take off :twilightoops:

I proofread as well, so if you need anyone...you know where to find me:trixieshiftright:

I'm trying. Let's see how it goes!

that profile picture though:rainbowkiss:

Following for the sake of Tenant

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