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Princess Celestia always thought she knew how her kingdom worked. The Unicorns used magic specialized to their jobs. Pegasi flew in the sky and handled the weather. And Earth ponies... Earth ponies... uhhmmm...
Huh. Maybe Princess Celestia didn't know everything about her ponies after all.
Princess Celestia realized this after Applejack came to speak with her about a tax unfair to Earth pony farmers. It was during their conversation that Celestia realized she needed help.
Huh, isn't that odd Princess Celestia has had to leave on emergency business, leaving Luna to raise and set the sun? And hey, is that a new pony living and working at Sweet Apple Acres? I think her name is Sunshine Meadow. Surely, it's just a coincidence. Surely.

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This is great! I think Celestia has the right amount of attitude towards this situation as does Applejack.
I'm interested to see what happens with Twilight as things go on, and hope that she can remain friends with Twiliht after returning to leading.

Looking forward to reading more chapters.

I'm glad to see this story alive and kicking!


Great going, this sets everything up nicely for the story. :pinkiehappy:

Sorry I didn't name the story. Just adopted it. Also I agree with you. Celestia even says she is not a god in this chapter.

The end reminded me of a comic I saw where Twilight has to write a letter without Spike and it comes out as an awful scrawl, but a brief search did not suffice to locate it to post with this comment.

Alive! Who Hoo!
Last time I read something like this was Sunny Skies. Nice to see another one.

I most certainly enjoy. I missed this fic.^_^

I agree with you fully. I did not write the first chapter and have nothing to do with that part of the story line. I adopted it once Celestia was turned into a Earth Pony I cannot comment on anything prior. As it is not my work and while I disagree I feel it disrespectful to change it.

It still amazes me how this story has been under the ownership of at least 3 different people

Therefore, after our talk, Applejack, I decided to fix that. I easily could have used an illusion charm to hide my wings and horn, and even to shrink myself, but that would be all it was; nothing but an illusion."

"Well, I don't trust him either. However, there is his one weakness..."

Some text seems to be missing here.

Hey! It's good to see this story still alive and kicking, so to speak.

I look forward to future chapters and what you do with this.

~ Super-Brony12

This chapter opens up a lot of interesting opportunities.

This is pretty good. It's a entertaining read.
There is even potential shipping for Celestia and Twilight or Big Mac.
I'm a little worried this will just die off though, with you history for updating this fic.

I will wait for the chapter where twilight figures out about celestia and freaks out :rainbowwild:

I just adopted this fic 3 weeks ago. I promise I will not let her die :twilightsmile:

I've said it to the last author, and I'll say it again, I'm going to enjoy this.

So will there be a chapter on how the three races interact?

“Cause there ain’t nothin’ else to it pretty much. Ah know fancy type chefs can combine stuff in amazing ways, but they always tend to think in terms of what to add. The more you add, the further you get away from what you start with. But fer us, simplicity is as much a virtue as a necessity.”

AJ for president. :ajsmug:

Eat too much and we would both be hippopotamuses rather than ponies.”
"Did you know the study of ponies is hippology?"
“Shucks!” Applejack grins. “An Ah thought hippology was the study of cake!”

Applejack made the single best joke in history.
Where is her golden space station?

Oh my Luna...
I couldn't help myself!

I've been waiting so long for this....I love it! 10/10 Pinkies

Great, now I've got another story to follow. :raritywink:

Love the new pic

Another interesting story to follow. :twilightsmile:

It's getting more interesting with every chapter :D I especially loved that part, when AJ talks about simplicity of the food. I like her theory and it was very true - when you add too much, you slowly forget about what is really important.

Hello, I had seen this story before, and thought of reading it, to many times stories like this have turned into disappointments, but this has been a pleasure to read, looking forward to more.

I just discovered this story (well, the cancelled one it was based on anyway) a few hours ago, and just now finished reading it. I don't think I've ever encountered a story quite like it and I hope to see it continued!

This is a great idea and well executed.

I had two thoughts near the end of "Dinner Time." One was "How good is Celestia's mouth-writing?" and the other was, "How is she planning to send that letter to Twilight?" I'd guess she's got some sort of plan for that, but it would be funny if she just had one of those, "D'oh!" moments, too. :facehoof:

Answer to question one. Ever seen the Equestria Girl movie?:facehoof: Answer to number two. She has her ways. :twilightsmile:

Seriously though, this is a really good idea and I really want to see what happens :P
Hopefully just a nice friendship fic, not enemies of darkness suddenly popping up

Please cite the original source of your image. You can find the space for that by clicking Edit on your story.

The original link is here: http://30minchallenge.tumblr.com/post/51492327455/sfw-3-3

Fixed thank you for the link.:twilightsmile:

Please continue this story -_-

What about Earth Pony magic? You know, the stuff that the writers keep flapping their lips about but never show?:trixieshiftright:

4578140 Well i mean... theoretically speaking, they have other holes to use besides their mouths.

This is going to be interesting.

Hm, what's the pairing gonna be?

Odd. It said this updated.

Glad to see this story up and running again. Where'd you go?

4760675 the chapter was rewritten

I beg to differ.

Earth ponies are as much infused with magic as are unicorns and pegasi. Case in point, they specialize in at least 4 types of magic: biomancy (accelerated growth, as we saw in "Hearths Warming Eve", when that shoot grew in AJ's hoof), geomancy (infusing nutrients into the soil, excavation), petromancy (Maud's abilities), and malliamancy ("hair" magic, I hope that's the right term, giving their manes and tails dexterity and the ability to grab objects, when they should by all means just hang limp, since the tail of a horse or pony is bone and muscle only for the first 6-8 inches from the rump, and the rest is hair).


the ground doesn’t bend to the skies or to magic.

Yes, it does. One reason why AJ was so adamant against Twilight using magic to clear a crop field of snow. Earth ponies would not only clear it, but also infuse it with growth magic.

The land gives its bounty on its terms alone.

AND that of Earth Ponies. How else would an apple orchard be able to grow in a DESERT like it does in Applealoosa?

but you can’t ever rush it

Repeating: the shoot that grew in AJ's hoof during the play. That wasn't a stage prop, but an actual demonstration of Earth Pony magic.

Sure, Celestia is out of touch, but the next chapter should be interesting. :ajsmug::ajsmug::ajsmug:

Cool. It's so much better now. I hope the next chapter will come out soon.

Oh don't worry was only a first lesson ^^

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