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Midnight Musashy

I don't remember... why remember~ YOU?!

Stuff about me.

I really don't know where to start,
whenever I talk about myself I feel like an attention wh[redacted]
I mean, honestly, I've been through a lot, emotionally,
physically? eh, the usual bullcrap.
I'm a guitarist, and while I'm not the best in the world, or even really good, I am at least decent with the instrument. I wish to drum, it has been a dream for me for a few years now, but circumstances prevent me from doing so, I'm working on it though. I also have a digital piano, but that's more a just to have thing, I need to spend more time on it because synthesizing.
Obviously, I love music, primarly forms of rock, alternative is my favorite, but I'll listen to anything in the range from classic rock to heavy metal, just don't like what I call 'death metal' or Avenged sevenfold and the like.
beyond that, pop annoys me to no end, country has potential but in the end is consistent in being annoying AF, rap is just a no. everything else it kinda varies, like EDM and crap, some of it I like just because it sounds really good, but I don't like the genre as a whole.
I'm a quiet, introverted person, that gets all of their social contact over this and google hangouts,
(I host a bar on Ghangouts, feel free to ask to join. I'm not sorry.)
I am thoroughly disenfranchised with life and am a terrible, cynical pessimistic ass when it comes to politics and the like, just, seen too much of the bad side of all of that.


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The stories I like the most.

Hello Everypony!

I Am Musashi!
or Midnight Muse.
my friends call me Muse.
or Scootaloo,
or Midnight,
or (K)nighty,
or whatever really, feel free to call me just about anything. (note. rude names will be ignored, embarrassing, affectionate nicknames are just fine with me.)
I like reading. especially the longer, more thought out stories on here, such as....
Background pony (shortskitsandexplosions)
The Chase (Kudzuhaiku)
Fallout: Equestria (Do I even have to--- fine. Kkat)
Antipodes (PK)
and pretty much anything else I actually take the time to read, as long as they're smart, and have grammar.
So... a select few. I think I've read a total of three-four hundred stories on here.
I also like simple short stories, and my favorites are romance novels and sad stories.
I don't currently wrte but I plan to start writing here soon. Pop out a few shorts as my contribution to this site.

Things I managed to write:

This is the list of people I plan to spare when I start the nuclear holocaust:

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Oh, you know~ Same old, same old. Just got up and enjoying the 1st April.

Ohai, Mushi! ^_^

Thanks for following~ :twilightblush:

2337858 no probs, ya deserve it, responding to all those comments.

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