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Midnight Musashy



Got bored with waiting. So I've decided to write a one shot. No promises for anything but chaos and Nightmare night.
The CMC walk home after a long nightmare night, some comical stuff happens. Y'know the usual, colts, candy and carelessness.

Oh. Art stolen from here

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Some rough capitalization here and there, but otherwise, I loved it! So many da'wws, you succeeded in your want to brighten our day (night).
9/10 twists, because there are never enough twists. Bonus spike for SweetieMash.

5175567 spelling and grammar were admittadley rough, the grammar was kinda intentional (I suck at third person narrative, usually.) I'm kinda upset I was too lazy to fix those easy spelling mistakes, I'll talk to some of my friends, get one of then to edit it, or do it myself and fix those under case. Glad you liked it. Expect more in the future, one for every holiday as it comes. Including my birthday in early January.

5175567 I agree, twist is the best!:twistnerd:

5176407 this story was definitely...New?:derpyderp1: I gotta be honest (don't I always?) I was able to read the first half with no hiccups; however, you lost me with Derps entry. Was she with Octavia or...oooooh! Now I see what you did there. :raritywink:good one.
Still, some sentences need more work dun, but it did make me smile:twilightsmile: thanks for it. I hope this practice is helping you to improve. If anything, it can make you more impervious to hate comments.:trollestia: you know, sense you already new it wasn't perfect.

5176776 Thanks. I try to make things like this confusing, makes it more fun. Expect something like this for the next few holidays coming up. The grammar was partially intentional, because I have a weird thought process, but the spelling and capitalization were just laziness.

5176944 hmm, yes, I look forward to the randomness.
Here comes the...chocolate, heehehe,:pinkiecrazy:

5178538 Pinkie, why is this chocolate crimson?

It's pretty good. Some mistakes, but still pretty good

6212511 i wrote it in two hours, and my grammar nazi was lazy that day.
written purely for reader enjoyment and boredom killing.
stilll, im glad you liked it.

6212519 Yep, you're welcome.
You're that guy Scoots was talking to, and who forgot about timezonzes

6212532 i cant forget about time zones. (winces) i was practicing my dry humor.

6212538 Ah, sorry for this understanding

6212544 i didnt exactly make it obvious. thats why its dry.wet hunor is too gooey.

6212581 Um... okay then

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