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A short chose your own adventure story where you try and help Derpy get muffins. You get to make the choices, so if Derpy fails, its on you. The story has 12 possible endings. Pages now linked for easy navigation!

This was an experiment for another project I hope to eventually work on. Made in about nine hours on one day, so let me know of any errors you find.

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That was surprisingly easy

Awe, I got chapter 11 as my ending :fluttercry:

This is far to easy story's like this are only so posed to have a single good turnout

5846599 Well, I was keeping it to the spirit MLP. And as I mentioned in the description this was just a test. I have never come close to writing anything like this before and I wanted some practice before I started working on another project I'm considering (Which will probably take me at least a month of writing, not to mention organizing). Anyway, it was never meant to be 'hard'. Plus there is only one 'true' ending.

What page do I turn to for the "Go to Equestria and give Derpy a muffin" option?

5846633 Shucks, I knew I forgot an option!

This was cool! Very different from the norm.

On page 57 its missing a page number for the 2nd choice

5846826 Thanks for that find, the page number and page were entirely missing. Should be fixed now.

5846796 Glad you appreciated it. I wasn't sure how many of these were around here.

I should have swept in when I had the chance.:fluttercry:

5846875 Theres always next time :derpytongue2:

Why not instead of us having to go through each chapter to find the page we are looking for, put links to each page to make it easier for us viewers?:twilightsmile:

5846867 There does indeed seem to be a shortage of CYOA stories and only the shorter ones tend to be completed. I found one group http://www.fimfiction.net/group/670/choose-your-own-story-group though I have no clue when it was last updated.

Yay! Finally!:pinkiehappy: this took me 3 tries. :ajsmug:

5846906 I did not know that was a option, Or at least I had not considered it. It will probably take some time to do but I'll see about adding that in. Thanks for the input.

5846939 I'm not really surprised. This one was pretty short and simple and took 9 hours. Ones that are longer and more complex could easily take months. Most people don't have the time a patience to write a long linear story, let alone one with a branching plot.

5846951 Can't tell if sarcasm... XD


NUUUUUU!!! I SCREWED UP!:raritycry:

:moustache: I did it on my second try. I'm amazing.

:moustache: I did it again. I'm still amazing.

5847004 This is my favorite screw up :twilightsmile:

Pg 40 options aren't linked?

5847144 You must have been going through as I was adding them :derpytongue2:
All the links should be done now. Thanks for reporting though.

Noticed that the links weren't originally there to begin with when lookin through the comments :twilightsheepish:
Really fun read all the same tho

Sad face failed?

Rainbow Dash's heart is carved from the coldest of stone.

5847200 Glad you like it, and it was a great idea BestTitanosaurus had to all the links.


page 9 links back to the main story, instead of page 19.

Wow first try! No really, I guess muffins ARE my special talent after all. :derpytongue2:

Is this chapter the good ending?

Aldo, thanks for adding those links!

5847428 It's not what would be considered the 'true' ending. But you got a muffin! :derpytongue2:
You'll know the true ending when you get it.


It's not so much about having more than one good ending. It's about there being a best ending. There must just be one ending that is the ideal scenario. In this case, it'd be the ending where Derpy gets all of the muffins! :derpytongue2:

5847502 there's actually an ending that's considered better then that one.

I was kind of hoping that by making the right choices Derpy would end up on some epic quest for the ultimate muffin and end up finding it in the temple of the muffin god and having to defeat a group of specially trained muffin temple guards in order to get to the room the ultimate muffin is kept in while having to evade traps before having to flee from a giant stale muffin threatening to flatten her. Essentially I wanted a muffin themed Indiana Jones and the Ark of the Covenant ending. I am slightly disappointed there wasn't.

Not to say that this story/muffin adventure was bad though, quite the opposite in fact.

2nd one, and come on.

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