It's a bright sunny day in Ponyville. Ponies talk, ponies laugh, and then there's the huge black death sphere that sucks up all matter in its path.

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I havent read it yet But im sure its awesome.

Only the titles make me laugh. :rainbowlaugh:
Cannot imagine the actual chapters :rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy:

Yeah... this looks like it will be a complete overdose of awesomness!

... sooo, I read it.

... I still have no idea what I just read. :pinkiecrazy:

This is proof that you can write anything, even if the idea is completely ridiculous, and it'll be good. Weird, but good.

I have to say that I saw this coming a mile away.


I can only hope this was as painful to write as it was to read.:facehoof:
I'd like my thirty minutes back, please.

Big dumb object? For such an amazing author, this sounds like it's going to be a mediocre story... I'll probably love it anyway.

EDIT: What? I don't really know what I just read. What's with the big, black ball that sounds like gravel? I don't get it, but this story so far sounds pretty good. Weird how it's not tragic or sad, but I guess it's a good change. I can also see why that random tag is there now.

I wonder sometimes if Pinky Pie is ever aware of the things she says...

How the heck do you get featured with 28 likes? How many favourites has this gotten?

I'm not saying it's bad, I found it quite amusing, but feature box worthy? No. Not yet anyway.

all my wat, but can't wait for more :rainbowlaugh:

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: Nice deviation from all the stories tempting me to commit suicide! Not that I didn't love those too. This, on the other hand, makes me want to eat scrambled eggs and bacon.


plus your minutes of writing that, posting it and now reading this :trollestia:

Hah! You actually wrote it! :rainbowlaugh:
Bravo good sir, bravo.

Indeed. You just keep digging you own graves, do you? :twilightsmile:

wasting more minutes now by writing that comment and reading this :trollestia: :rainbowwild: x3

i have no idea
here,have some ib so people get the idea of a ib crossover

A three dimensional black hole... Interesting.

I think we found our one dislike.

I, on the other hand, have not read this yet. Probably won't. It's on that ever-growing list there at the top that mocks me with that silly number "52" like "52 reasons to go play league of legends instead."

Fuckin' A I'm bitter that I can't get featured like this >.>

1663248 Write a shipping comedy with rarely used characters, I bet you would get instantly featured.

Maybe it's just me but the humor fell flat and the giant death ball seemed pointless.

Nope, that dislike isn't me. I didn't give a thumb at all.

This is glorious. Glorious dubya tee eff, just all inside my thinkpan. We love you skirts.

1663240And posting that video.Tick Tok.

Only you can pull off being completely crazy yet writing some of the best fics out there.
SS&e, I salute you!
(haha, you thought I was going to put in the saluting picture of Dash, didn'y you all?)

I like your chapter titles so far :derpytongue2:

Oh I know I'm gonna love this and I haven't even opened it yet.

I got about to the middle of the first chapter before I stopped reading. It just felt utterly meaningless to me, devoid of any reason to continue reading.

Oh Celestia, he actually wrote it...
First chapter was great, references and jabs at the show, who could ask for more? On to chapter 2!

Obviously the most developed character there was the BDO. Every other character was like a cardboard cutout in comparison.

SS&E, what is this i dont even

Rainbow Dash raised her eyebrow. "You two painting a boat or what?"

Is this some kind of allusion to shipping?
Oh man, SS&E is writing Random Comedy, the apocalypse just might be next...

1663486 Funny that you mention that
cuz hopefully shortskirts will continue End of Ponies
sometime this century . . . :trixieshiftright:

Some great banter and a few good one-liners, if not stretching the characters to their canonical limits and beyond, especially in the second chapter. Otherwise it's just sorta 'meh,' despite the meta humor of the thing. Potential for it to get really funny, though.

I get in trouble with IJAB if I write one of these.:applecry:

He said that he needs to give it a full reread before he can...He also said that he's kind of a slow reader,and it's like 560K so...

Derpy gets all my d'aww.
Great job, SS&E.

1663576 Like I said
sometime this century



1663540 Don't let him rule you, he's an ass. :pinkiehappy:

Twilight smiled back, her silken bangs shimmering in the sunlight from the window. Dust particles danced over her streaked mane like cosmic trails behind a violet comet. The sheen of her coat was overwhelmingly shiny, like a sheet of silk stretched over yadda yadda yadda; Lyra's totally crushing on Twilight, mmkay?

You know, I'd always found it odd how Lyra had started out in Canterlot in the first episode, only to show up and stay in Ponyville at the same time that Twilight moved there... :duck:

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